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I’ve had some fun things in the mail lately.  I’ve had a couple get well cards from blog readers….WOW.  Thanks.  I’m feeling better…at least at the time I’m writing this I am.  Lately it’s a day by day thing.  My childcare kiddos were sick last week so I’m always waiting for the next bug to hit.

Speaking on bugs a week or two ago when I went to the doctor, blog reader Ila messaged me saying – “I’m at a quilt shop going out of business sale.  There are batiks.  What do you need?  My treat.”  Oh Ila.  How sweet.

I explained to her that I wasn’t feeling good and this was an especially nice treat on a day when I felt terrible.

What’s a girl so say when Ila sends pictures like this???

She sent three other pictures and then said-  Give me an idea.  I know Ila by now and there is no stopping her when she’s on a mission.  I finally said, neutrals or purples.

She said they were all half yard cuts…she also teased that I needed to wrap myself in bubble wrap to stay germ free around the childcare kids….

So just a couple days later this came in the mail…purples and neutrals.  PERFECT!!  I couldn’t have pick better had I been there!!

Also in the box were three giant oranges and BUBBLE WRAP!  I don’t know if the bubble wrap was intentional after she joked I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap to stay away from the kiddos germs or if she meant it truly as packing.  Either way, Hubby and I got a great laugh from it….especially as the wrap would have only covered one arm!! The oranges were giant and WONDERFUL!  I had one every day for the next three days.  YUM.

I decided to “pass it forward” and cut all the half yard cuts into fat quarters and shared with Kelli.  She was super excited and needed a pick me up.  Thanks so much Ila…you made us both happy.

Also in the mail a Valentines card from Mary at Country Threads.  I’m so glad I connected up with her all those years ago.  She’s golden.
I also got a card from Cheryl in Dallas.  She always makes the best cards.  I sometimes wish I made cards…it’s a time thing.  I have to remind myself of this all the time.  I really enjoy getting them.  Cheryl also sent money to help support the postage fund for charity quilts.  Oh me, oh my, postage is terrible.  The donation was greatly appreciated.

I haven’t known the people I mentioned in the blog today for a very long time.  It always amazes me the connections that the blog has afforded me.  I very much enjoy the friendship you all send my way.  The kind thoughts, words and sentiments mean so much to me.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. What a generous and thoughtful gift!! Bubble wrap and oranges? TOO funny!! LOVE that you shared your bounty with your daughter. That was SEW sweet! Perhaps, the two of you should do a challenge together or maybe the Mystery over at Life on the Hill where 2 FQs will be all you need for four 8″ blocks.

  2. Jo Anne Schnebly

    I shopped at that “going out of business” shop a few weeks ago when visiting my sister in Chicagoland! They sell individual 2 1/2″ strips cut from their end of bolt pieces. Other shop owners take note.

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