In My Mail…

I got more things in the mail and I’m sharing them with you today.

Backing fabric came from Linda J.  I put this in a box with the community quilts in the garage.  If a finisher needs backing fabric, I will send this along with tops.  It’s wonderful to get backing fabric in.

In fact, before I got the fabric to the garage, a quilt finisher contacted me saying she needed backing fabric and some went straight to her.

So many of the finishers provide backing fabric from their own stash or use their own money to provide it.  Many thanks to anyone who sends backing fabric on to the finishers.

Marie sent a box filled with fabric and tops.  My gals that quilt for Lutheran World Relief have been needing tops and I think these will be sent to them.  I currently have two groups that work with Lutheran World Relief.

Typically these tops are tied and distributed overseas to those in need.  It’s a wonderful cause and I’m so happy some tops will be headed to those two groups.

The Cresco Ladies were by and dropped off LOTS more quilt tops.

This box they gave to me and told me they made these with… Jazz in mind.  All of the tops are baby-sized and flannel…just what Jazz loves.

They also brought these three bags of quilt tops.

Happily I got them all sorted through and a new person volunteered to take tops.  YAHOO!!!  Some went to her but there are plenty left.  If you would like to finish some and donate them to your local charitable groups, please let me know.  I’ll happily send some to you.  If you previously sent a request and I didn’t get to you, send another request, please.  Here is my email.

Sarah sent a box of goodies…

The tops she sent are lovely.  She said she has a longarm but her passion is making tops.  That’s great.  We can find someone to finish these and pass them on to worthy charities.

I got several valentines and cards in the mail.

Two had quilted valentines attached.  I didn’t want them to sit so I plucked them off and added them to my decor…

So cute…and so appreciated.

Lynn sent a card and goodies.  She was downsizing and decided to share these with me.  So sweet!!

Debby in NY sent a bunch of vintage string blocks.  Don’t you just love those old vintage fabrics?  I know I sure do!!

This box of fun goodies was sent to me…I have to apologize because I am not sure who sent it.  There was a note inside and the person signed their name but I’m not sure…Caryn is my guess but it could be Carry.  Do you think Caryn?

The goodies are appreciated and I will be sure to pass them on…

There were LOTS of goodies.

The mail has picked up lately.  I did a mail post just two weeks ago and I already have another one.

I have to laugh when I go to the post office and drop off packages.  Last week alone I shipped out 10 packages.  All things were sent to quilt finishers.  I always make sure I use our local hometown post office.  I have it in my head that somehow, the number of hours that are allotted to our post office is determined by the amount of mail that goes through our office.  I want to keep our post office open so I make sure that packages I mail always get mailed through our hometown office.  Right now, our office is only open from 7:30 am to 11 am.  I’d love to keep those hours.

One day I asked the sub-mail carrier if I probably get the most packages in town.  He laughed and said, “YA!”.

So, thanks to all of you who are sending goodies and keeping our post office open!!

14 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Yes be aware everyone: it’s important to use your local Post Office because they keep track of volume. The way things are, it might be “use it or lose it” and that’d be sad.

  2. Such a fun bunch of stuff. The valentine items were really cute. I prefer using the post office in our village (pop 650) because there’s never a wait!

  3. Jo you received so many quilts and goodies. Lots of generous people. I too finished a Comfort quilt to take to our Guild. It is given to anyone who is in need.

  4. Lol had to laugh- my job is making us sell candy bars out of an Easter basket. The district manager said whoever gets the most sold they will allot more hours to the workers….lol…small towns USA – gotta love it. We have no Walmart here and under 4,000 people live here but I so Love a small town.

  5. Ooo! An un-boxing from Jo is just as good as the ones folks show on YouTube! Thanks for sharing, everyone. I love the Snowmen-Valentine decorations. A nice way to brighten the house between Christmas and Easter. Now, where is that old wooden box I appropriated from the DH’s shop?

  6. Lovely stuff from such generous people.
    Hope you have another online auction and include those vintage string blocks. My relative in Utah can bid for me.
    Regards from cold , wet, dree England.

  7. My sister used to work at a small post office close to her. It is definitely the number of packages of shipped from the office that is used to decide the number of hours the post office is open and even if the office stays open or closed!

  8. That’s a nice bunch of mail for sure. For someone who’s asked that mail go directly to those people who are listed as your helpers, you still get a lot of mail. Perhaps it’s time you sent out a reminder in your blog that you aren’t a passthrough any more as you really don’t have time/space/money to do that? I know you really don’t want to hurt anyone who might want to donate, but there are lots of places listed on your web to send to in your name.
    Thanks so much for all you do, but I don’t think you retired to take on more mail. :)
    Prayers for you and your family.

  9. Hi Jo, it’s Caryn. I thought Kayla might enjoy the crochet items and you might enjoy the other things. It’s fun to see all the other items people send.

  10. So glad to see that so many people are being generous and donating to good causes – people in need. It would have been easier if they were sent to the helpers, but since they sent them to you, thank you for sharing! I love to open a box of goodies!
    Thanks so much for all that you do and all of the charities that you help!

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