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I’ve had a busy mailbox throughout the month of January.  I’m finally just now getting to writing about it.

I was super surprised to get this box.  In it were two different types of dried fruit that I have not seen, pineapple and strawberry/banana.  That was fun to try something new.  You can see there were other goodies too.

This box came from Kim.  Her card said for TN…but there was a Minnesota cookbook that was sent to me in Iowa.  FUN!!

The little dolls in the box are so cute.  Kim suggested the childcare kiddos play with them.  I ended up setting them aside and will let the big kiddos play with them when the little ones can’t goober them up.  They are just too cute.

Mary sent the next box.  Oh my…Check out the beautiful stitched card and there quilt tops too!!
Mary included money that I was going to put in the postage fund.  I sat down to write a thank you and UGH.  The box had already been recycled and I had no address.  I’m so sorry Mary.  I wanted to send you a personal thank you card but now I can’t.  Let me just say thank you here and let you know I very much appreciate your support of the community quilt fund.

Kathy sent a box of quilt tops…

These are baby-sized so I sent them directly to Jazz.  She was happy to get them as long as I understood that she likely won’t have them done immediately.  There is never a hurry for finishers.  I encourage everyone to work at their own pace.

Barb sent the next package.  It was loaded with cookbooks and quilting books.

I love that some of the recipes have check mark or notes.  I know which ones to try first!

The quilt books were awesome…they can keep me busy for a while.

This box came annonymously.

There was fabric that I already passed on to a finisher…

LOTS of magazines too.  I looked through all of these when I was stuck on the couch in rest mode last month.

These came and greeted me the week after I was home from the hospital.  What a special surprise!  I’m a real Pioneer Woman lover.  Anything Pioneer Woman makes me smile.
I love these mini scrappers.  Where were these all of my life and why didn’t I buy any before??  They are so handy.  I just love them.  THANK YOU BUNCHES!!

Linda sent this…so sweet.

This is so sweet to include in a card.  I have this displayed with my cross stitch wall stuff.  I love it so much.

This package came while I was recooping in January.  The cross stitch magazine kept me busy one afternoon.

I love this little first aide box.  I have a stroller and I’ve thought that maybe I should have little first aide kit in the bottom of it.  This little kit went in the stroller ASAP.

Kathy sent a package of quilt tops.  They are all amazing.  They will be going for fundraisers.

Sue was at her Walmart looking for the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting that has our tulip quilt.  She ended up getting distracted by the discount fabric.  She ended up buying it and sending it my way.  It’s all John Deere fabric!!  WOW.  There is about 8 yards in each bundle.  I can see some tractor quilts happening in the future for the grandsons with this.  That was so sweet Sue.  THANKS.

The Cresco Ladies were by and dropped off three reuseable bags of quilt tops.  Does anyone need tops??  I have one taker that some of these will be going to but there are plenty if someone else needs some…and Sandra contacted me and said they have more.  So speak up if you want to finish some tops for your charity.  Drop me an email at
Thanks to the Cresco Ladies for all of your hard work!!

I’ve continued to get LOTS of cards.  Here are just three.  I can say I’ve been getting one or two day.  It’s so sweet of all of you to think of me.  How very blessed I am!!

I know how precious time is and know it’s hard to prioritize what to do and what to let slide.  I’m so blessed that so many of you take time to drop me a note, join in my charity quilt cause, or send little things my way.  I can’t tell you how much your kindnesses have meant to me.

…and with that, I think I’m caught up on the mail.  NOPE.  I’m not caught up. More came.

7 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Books & magazines can be mailed via media rate. It is cheaper than regular postage. But, ONLY books, magazines can be in the package. My Mother learned this and shared.

  2. If you have any tops 60 by 80 or that can be added to make that size, our Lutheran Church will accept them. Holy Trinity in Fort Walton Beach Fl made 160 quilts last year for LWR and other sources. Just send them to me. You might remind your readers to check with their local Lutheran Churches to see if they make quilts. Not all do, but many will.

  3. What wonderful mail you get and all those magazines to page through while you were recovering, sweet. Those Cresco ladies are amazing with all those tops!

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