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As I was writing this post I was reminded of how often I used to write mail posts…OFTEN.  I had this wild idea that once I got to the point that mail wasn’t coming in as often that I would have the mail under control.  HA!  Not true.  Now I have the opposite problem.

Mail comes in so seldom that it isn’t enough to write about to make a whole post.  Then it sits and notes still get mixed up or some comes to “help” me and sets things aside.

This is really about my first mail post since the big change and my request for you to mail directly to quilt finishers.  I realize this all can be a new problem now and have made a plan around here so that this mail mix up that I am currently writing about doesn’t happen again.

I’m apologizing in advance.  I’m sure I missed some things.  I’m sure I don’t have the right card with the right package.  Some of the cards got mixed with get well and Christmas cards…AGH!!!   Just note that I am so appreciative of the gifts even if I am a terrible secretary.

Here goes…

Carolyn was busy working her magic again.  She is the lady who makes all of the wonderful gowns for the baby kits for Lutheran World Relief.  In this installment, she made 57 gowns and 53 hats.

Look how cute these gowns are.   I’ve said it before and it’s so true. Carolyn has a talent for putting fabric together and making these gowns look great.

Here are the hats.  They are made with small leftover pieces from the gown fabric.  Aren’t they the cutest??

I delivered these and my friend happened to have another friend visiting.  She showed these off and both of them were so impressed.

Melissa sent goodies…
There were goodies for me and for the childcare kiddos by Melissa.  So fun.

Sorry, the picture ended up blurry.

There were so many things here that will keep me busy.  Your kindness is so appreciated.  I’m sure I’ll find a recipe from the cookbook to share with you all.

A box of linens came.  How fun.  There are different colors and different counts of linen.  I typically stitch on 40 count but Kelli stitches on 32ish so some of these I’ll be passing to her.  She was excited when I told her about the goodies.

There was a box of goodies I think that came from Cat.  The grandkids snagged the puppets and were off and running with them.

Bonnie sent a couple of gowns for the Lutheran World Relief baby kits and fabric that I already passed to Carolyn.  She’ll have more fabric to work with.  If anyone has t-shirt weight knit fabric that you want to get rid of, Carolyn is your girl.  You can find her HERE on the donation page.

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of you sent freeze dried fruit for me.  I took tons of it with me as I traveled and ate lots while I was on the diet.  It’s perfect for that and I really like it.

Happily Carver and Gannon love it too so I’ve been sharing.

Many thanks to all who sent some.  A shout out to Gloria and Gaylen who even delivered some to my door!!

Goodies for the baby care kits came in.  YAHOO!!  Check out all of these baby hats.  Oh my word.  They are just perfect and so precious.

I delivered these to Lana and she was so happy to get them.

There was even more for the baby care kits…

It makes me so happy to get these things.  I just can’t imagine being a mother and having only these items for a little one.

Gannon and Carver were over the mooon happy.  John Deere pillowcases and a mask.

Those two wanted these for their house and I let them take them.  It’s funny that even Gannon at 2 years old know John Deere.  He know Caterpillar and Carhartt too.  It’s about the only clothes those two wear.  They are all boy.

This HUGE box came from Marie.

The entire box was filled with quilt tops.  I passed these all to the lady from my church that coordinates quilting.  These will be sorted and will either be finished for comfort quilts or for Lutheran World Relief quilts.

They were happy to get them.

Yet another box came from Carolyn.  Oh my, that girl is busy.  It’s totally fine.  We love getting her amazing baby gowns.

My friend Doreen stopped by one day.  She’s so sweet to me.  She had scraps and fabrics for me to pass on.  I so admire people who have scraps that they just know they won’t use and can pass them on.  Doreen told me to do whatever I want with them. I plan to strip up a few of small batik pieces and toss them in with mine.  I am getting a nice collection of batik strips and am always happy to add a few more.  I did sort some out and have them in a bag to pass to the Cresco ladies.  Doreen have squares for Kayla to use in her classroom too.

Doreen spoils me!!

Speaking of spoiling.  Ila spoiled me too.  She sent me magazines…

..and these.  Aren’t they pretty picture frames??  I’m hoping one of my bigger cross stitch pieces might fit in one.  My plan is to measure them and compare them to the project I have I have on my “to stitch” list.  I’m so hoping one will fit as the frames are so pretty.

In another package, Ila sent me fruit.  It came at the perfect time for my diet.  I swear Ila is the best gift giver!!

Elizabeth sent me a wonderful Christmas box.

Check out this salt free set of spices.  The kids came over a couple different nights while I was on the diet and I was trying to cook something that I could eat that tasted semi normal to them.  The spices came in so handy!!  THANKS.  They really made the diet easier and I’m continuing using them.  It you’re on a low salt diet…these are great.

Cindy sent this great little fabric to make a road map for the kiddos.  I haven’t gotten to making it but it’s on my to do list.  I have lots of small construction vehicles so I do think the kids will like it.

Diane sent stickers and a gas gift card…so sweet and appreciated.

Ellie is another person who has spoiled me. In her downsizing she came across two cookbooks.  She thought of me and sent them my way.  YAHOO!!  One is from her sister’s church.  I’m going to make sure I find the her sister’s recipe and if it sounds like something we’d eat around here, I’m going to give it a try.  She also sent a gift of money with the hope I’ll use it to frame my cross stitch piece.  That was exciting!!  I keep hoping I’ll hear from the cross stitch shop and my Anniversaries of the Heart will be framed.  I plan to use the money towards framing.  THANKS Ellie!!

These are for the childcare kiddos.  I’m sure we’ll be cutting and playing post office.  They love it…I love it too.

Paper for the childcare kiddos too.

I love extra paper…they can scribble and I don’t worry about waste.

Downsizing seems to really be a thing as Mari sent a note along with these hoping I could use them for the childcare kids.  I sure can!!  Thanks for thinking of us.

Connie found these at the thrift store and picked them up with the hope I could use them.  Hmm.  Maybe.  I really like the squirrel on the one on the right.  That would be great to stitch for my dough bowl for the fall.

Joyce sent a pile of goodies that will be coming up for auction at some point.  There was lots of good stuff in her box.

This came from The Stitchery Nook.  A blog reader from Florida, I don’t know her name, had a gift certicate sent to me.  That was SO SWEET.

I think I’m about the most spoiled person ever.  Speaking of spoiled…

I have gotten a TON of cards.  Seriously…a so many.  I don’t think I’ve ever recieved so many get well cards.  A few have had a gift to help with traveling expenses while traveled to the doctor and that was appreciated.  Most were notes of encouragement and hope.  Some had personal notes and those have meant so much to me.  I love that you have shared your stories, told me about your family, shared your Christmas card, or simply wrote that you are praying for me.  Some sent beautiful homemade cards.  Some were on a piece of lined scrap paper.  No matter how they came, they were so appreciated.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read, “you don’t know me but…”.  Everytime I read those words, it really makes me smile.  I love getting to know you.  If I had a wish for the blog it would be that I would get to know you all better.  I am so very blessed to have so many supportive people near and far in my life.  Thanks for being my support.

I can’t thank you all enough for being so great and sending goodies directly to finishers.  I REALLY appreciate your work in sending items directly.  It has been what I needed and has freed up so much time and space in my home.  THANK YOU!


8 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

      1. Judith Fairchild

        Yes, we love you Jo and want the best for you. So glad the treatment went well. Continued prayers for you and your family.

  1. Great mail!! Those baby gowns and hats are so professional looking and adorable, and what a wonderful thing for Carolyn to donate her services for such a worthy cause. Thanks for sharing all your mail goodies.

  2. Glad you got a lot of cards to cheer you, Jo, and help with the gas money for doctor visits! I remember what a blessing those things were when DS2 was in the hospital. Hard to believe that was nearly 9 years ago!

  3. Kristy Wilkinson

    So glad to hear your change with donations is actually working! We don’t want you to be overwhelmed and stressed. You do far too much good around there to be worried about too much stuff from people trying to help you do good. Glad to hear you are home and on the mend. We do love you and the post from Buck was too adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your whole family with us. You are one special gal. K-

  4. You have blessed us so much with your blog, free patterns, and just being you. Blessing you seems like so little as a way of saying thank you – we do love you.
    Love and prayers

  5. Jo, we love you and our prayers for health and healing continue. I must admit that all those cute baby onesie and adorable hats had me smiling, think of all the wonderful parents who will get to snuggle with their baby while wearing one of them. So sweet and generous of you all. You still get the best mail of anyone I know, and I love that you share it with us all.

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