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Oh my…the mail has been a daily event as of late.  The same day Kayla brought the back end of her car filled with goodies from Ila and Barb, five boxes came in the mail.  I already showed you the goodies from Ila and Barb.  Now I’m showing you the other goodies.

Check out this…I had no idea who sent it.  Then later I got and email from Karen.  She’s the sweetie that sent them!!  It came in a Carter’s package.  These are all the non-footed pajamas that are needed for Lutheran World Relief Layettes.  You can learn more about the kits HERE.

I know many of you enjoy thrifting and garage saling so I mentioned in a blog post that if you wanted to help my friend make more kits, you could look for the sleepers with no feet like these… Simple Joys by Carter's Girls' 3-Pack Cotton Sleeper Gown: ClothingYou all were great!!  This is the second shipment of them that has come in.  A great reader, Peggy, sent cash to help buy the items needed for the kits.  This is all so appreciated. I delivered the gowns to my friend and she was thrilled!!  You all really made her day!

I’ve gotten other mail too.  I’ve had several people sent cards with money for the postage fund in them.  THANKS SO MUCH.  I’ve had recipes, a sweet note from my Aunt Vivian.  She is so thoughtful.  There were many cards and I really appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness.

I had a box of great quilt tops that came anonymously.  Here is a rail-fence top.

Here is a fun scrappy one.  I love the greens and yellows.  Put some John Deere fabric on the back and most any farm boy would love it.  I know Carver would!

This is a great design for a charity quilt.  I’m wondering if it might be a 3-yard quilt.

Oh my…this is right up my alley.  I love this charm pack quilt.

This was a fun combo of 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ scrappy bricks.

Whoever made these has an eye for fun fabrics.  I like this one too…

…and this one.

This one was fun.  The childcare kiddos thought the zig-zag was cool.

I adore the colors in this next one…

I keep thinking it must have been a fabric line.  Does anyone know?  The colors are fabulous!!

Here is a nice quilt.  The prints are a little Christmas but not a screaming Christmas.  I love the stars.

There was a fun one.  I like the scrappy background.

This sewing machine flannel was also in the mix.  So fun!

Many thanks to the person who sent this.  I appreciate it so much.

The next package came from Carolyn.  I squealed when I saw this…Carolyn has messaged me telling me she was sending these.  I had told her about my friend that puts together layettes for Lutheran World Relief and Carolyn said she was going to sew some.  WOW.  How generous!!

I didn’t know how they would look as everyone’s definition of homemade is different.  Well, look!! WOW is all I can say.  These look AMAZING!!  These look store-bought and I’m so impressed.

I can’t wait to take these to my friend.  She is going to be so impressed too!

Carolyn said she’d like to make more but was at a standstill as she didn’t have more fabric.  I offered to open things up here on the blog and to see if anyone had any fabric they would like to share with Carolyn as she would happily make more gowns for layettes to share with my friend.

I told Carolyn to tell me specifically what she wanted and she wrote, “I need cotton knit with or without lycra, tee-shirt knit or interlock knit.  I cannot use polyester fabric.”

Do you have any?  Are you interested in parting with it for a good cause?  Carolyn provided her address and you are welcome to send it to her.

Carolyn Reed
4949 Indian Lakes Rd
Cedar Springs, MI  49319

I will be adding Carolyn’s information on the donation page so if you lose this post, you will still be able to find her contact info and send out fabric.  Carolyn also bought some gowns.  She said she had them shipped to me.  I’m betting they are in a box that I haven’t opened yet.  If so, they will be in the next mail post.

I’ve had people ask if there is anything else that is needed for these kits.  Here is a listing:

TWO lightweight cotton t-shirts (no Onesies ®)
TWO long- or short-sleeved gowns or sleepers
(without feet)
TWO receiving blankets, medium-weight cotton
or flannel, or crocheted or knitted with lightweight yarn,
between 36” and 52” square
FOUR cloth diapers, flat fold preferred
ONE jacket, sweater or sweatshirt with a hood,
or include a baby cap
TWO pairs of socks
ONE hand towel, dark color recommended
TWO or three bath-size bars of gentle soap
equaling 8 to 9 oz., any brand, in original wrapping;
no mini or hotel size bars
TWO diaper pins or large safety pins

Feel free to send any new or gently used items and I’ll pass them on to my friend.  When I helped Kelli we found several things we sent on that Georgia had used.

Another blog reader, Donna in AR, also blessed me with baby gowns for Lutheran World Relief.  I’m so thrilled people are helping out with gowns.  It means so my to my friend and me.

Check out the box…

WOW…what a lot of baby gowns!

Donna was also sweet and sent on recipes for cabbage.  Remember I had SO MUCH cabbage in the garden??  Also calendars for me to use with the kiddos.

… and fabric.  THANKS so much Donna.

These all came together from one blog reader.  Yep, three boxes worth.  Thanks,  Jane.

There were all sorts of goodies.

There were lots of knitting goodies.  I passed this on to Kayla.

There were UFOs that look like plenty to make into a quilt top.

Oh..and books.  I took these to bed.  The tops one on the left has me wanting to make a quilt that is in it.

Jane must have been a bag maker.  That’s something I never jumped into.  I sure like looking at them though.

There were scraps and another quilt kit.
There was a light box.  Now the childcare kiddos won’t have to fight over mine.  Two can play at the same time.

Sarah sent the next box…
There were lots of goodies.

The quilt tops are going to make great charity quilts.

Thie one is baseball-themed.  Can you see one of the blocks got turned?  I sent this to Ray hoping one of his helpers could fix the block and the top could be used for the guardian at Litem project he supports.  There was a great backing fabric with the top too…perfect.

Did you find the blocks?  It’s top middle.  I think we have all done this a time or two.

As long as I was sending the quilt top to Ray I added these too hoping his helpers could turn these into tops.  So pretty!!

I ended up keeping this one.  You all know how I love to have a charm square leader and ender project.  This is one I’ll be tackling down the road.  I’ll need to count the squares so I can make it as big as possible.

Here’s a fun top made with larger print fabric.

Sarah also sent me some Ranch packets that are made locally to her in Washington State.  I’m eager to try them but just before they came I had just mixed up a container of ranch so I’m patiently trying to use that up first.

These quilt tops were in the box too…

Here are closer pictures.

GREAT COLORS that I don’t often see.  THANKS Sarah.

The next package that came is a complete mystery to me as to who sent it.  Maybe it was sent anonymously.  I can’t find a card. I don’t know who to credit for the wonderful donation.

Look at all the fun colors.  LOTS of pink and brights.

I loved this combo of fabric…very earthy.

A top that was machine quilted and only needed to be bound was in the mix.  I did bind it already and will be showing it to you soon.

I loved the soft patriotic colors of this.  So pretty.

Thanks so much for your gift.

Here’s another package from Gayla.  There is a wonderful array of scraps there…some coordinate so I kept them all together.

There was shirt fabric too.  THANK SO MUCH!

The last thing I have to show you is a new cookbook.  I was so happy to get it.  It was sitting on the island in the kitchen and I had looked at it several times over the last few days.  Craig happend to be here for supper and I was prepping everything he read the cookbook.  As he paged through he would say, “This sounds good” or “You make an Apple Cake don’t you?”.

He lost the card that was in the book but I found it!  Yahoo.  My cookbook is from Terry.  She was traveling and thought of me.  Isn’t that sweet?

Craig has a few things bookmarked for me to try, so you’ll see this recipe again.  I’m so excited to be cooking for someone!

Many, many thanks for your patience…many, many thanks for all of the gifts and donations.  It is so appreciated.  Your gifts brighten the days of me and the many to who I pass these things on to.

8 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Oh my what a great number of quilt tops and other assortment of items. The quilt tops will be so pretty when a quilter adds his or her magic to them. How generous these people are. The nighties are so useful for a new mom. I am sure these will give your friend a big lift when she receives them. Thank you all you generous people!!

  2. I believe the quilt made with charms & has stars – I think it’s Pat Sloan’s Oh My Stars. A free pattern.

  3. Blessings to all who donated gowns for LWR, to those who donated quilt fabrics and tops, to those who sew, quilt, and finish, and to Jo for arranging the distribution of supplies. Your kindness and generosity will bring comfort and hope to folks here in the U.S. and to new moms and babies around the world.

  4. I always have a container of Uncle Dan’s Ranch dip in the refrigerator. I mix it up with half mayonnaise and half sour cream. One of our favourite summer meals is boneless chicken bites, veggies & dip … the dip is great for both! Hope you try it and enjoy it!

  5. What a happy mailbox, Jo!! I’ve had a happy mailbox lately, as well. I’m doing a Block Drive for Preeti’s Positivity QAL to benefit Mercyful Quilts. A good number of blocks have been pouring in.

  6. The quilt that you said you like the colors of is an Art Gallery fabric line by Maureen Cracknell called Fleet & Flourish. It came out a few years ago. I love the colors too!

  7. Anita L Jackson

    OMyGosh, I love the Amish cookbook I picked up while working in Maryland. So many Yummy — And quite simple recipes! Have fun experimenting!

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