In My Mail…

My mailbox is booming.  I had two packages one day…on the next and them more and more.

The first package was from Pauline.  When I felt the package my immediate thought was that I didn’t order a book.  Then when I opened it I saw that sweet blog reader Pauline thought of me and sent me a phone book.  I’ll be using that to sew some string blocks.  THANKS!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I use telephone books as foundation papers for making string blocks.  They are excellent for that.

The next package came from Julie.  It’s a full quilt kit.

I think this will be added to the postage auction that I hope will be happening soon.  Those blog posts take a lot of time for me to write so they are easy to put off writing.  Soon though…soon.  THANKS so much for this.

Next up was…a box of awesome fabrics that came from Salem, OR.  I didn’t find a name or note from who sent them.

These are great pieces as they are mostly one-yard cuts or larger.  They are so useful…especially the neutrals.  It seems we are always short of neutrals.

The next package came from “T”.  There really wasn’t more of a name than that.  What a lot of goodies!!

There was yarn and trims.  I saved the trims.  I’m guessing as Grandma I’ll be making a doll dress or two at some point.

There was an embroidery pattern.  I plan to save that and use it with the lightbox.  I think the kids will enjoy it.

There were lots of scraps.  I saved the four patches for now and hope to make a charity quilt with them.  I’m so excited.

Check out the goodies below…I have this set-aside and will pass it on to a gal I know that makes Quilts of Valor.

These blocks I also set aside for now.  I’m going to do some investigation and see if the four patches are the same size that was used in these quilt blocks.  Right now they are all sitting on my kitchen island waiting for me to take time to play with them.  I’d love to put these together for a charity quilt.  SQUEAL!!

A variety of fabrics were included too.

There was flannel that I’m passing on to my friend that makes layettes for Lutheran World Relief.

This pretty top was included too.

The next box came from Joyce.

This top was included.

There were fabrics too.  The yellow at the bottom of the picture is a heavier-weight fabric.  I’ll be passing that along to a group of ladies who make bags for Lutheran World Relief school bags.

I recognize those pieced blocks.  They are for making Bonnie Hunter’s Perkimon Daydreams quilt.

These pretty yellow blocks are going to the Cresco ladies.  I can’t wait to see what they do with them.

The next box came from Diane.

There were all sorts of goodies included.

There were fun bags of scraps…

orphan blocks and even goodies for the childcare kiddos.

This amazing appliques UFO was included too.  That is currently for sale at the auction that I’m hosting here on the blog.  If you missed the auction, HERE is the link.

I think it is so pretty.

I’ve gotten lots of letters in the mail.  Some share a recipe.  Some share a pattern, words of cheer, and even money for the postage fund.  All are so appreciated.

The cross stitch card includes the pattern to stitch the cross stitch piece.  So sweet.

That was a lot of mail!  There were so many goodies.  Many thanks to all who donated.  Many of us from me, to the childcare kids, to those to who I will pass on goodies to, to the people who will eventually get the quilts made by these gifts…we all thank you!

10 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Wow! Such exciting packages. Many pretty fabric pieces. The flower blocks are beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  2. That has got to be so overwhelming at times with all the stuff that needs to be gone through and passed along. I really admire you taking all that on, having a network to work with along with everything else you do. Your team really accomplishes a lot!

  3. I love your mail posts! They are so interesting. I hope you write a pattern for those 4 patches. That would be so much fun and I’m trying to figure out what to do with all the 2 1/2″ squares I’ve cut.

  4. Sally A Marshall

    The box from Salem Oregon was me! Glad you rec’d it. I had it all tape and remember I didn’t note inside. Thanks for everything you do. Sally M

  5. Pamela Dempsey

    I love the Melon Patch quilt pattern but am having trouble finding it. Does it come from McCalls quilting?

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Jo, I love seeing the many treasures your blog readers send you and thanks for the pictures and descriptions of them.

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