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Mail is flooded in and covering my kitchen and entryway.  I’m eager to tell you about it and find homes so I can have my kitchen back.  HA!!

The first package was quilt tops and they were from Charlet.  She wrote, “Thanks so much for doing this!  I have more if these work out for you.  Just let me know.”

I’m sure they will work out and we always can find a home for quilt tops.  Here are the two tops Charlet sent.  This one is a polka dot paradise.  You can’t see the best in the picture but it’s mostly polka dot fabrics.  So fun!  Polka dots always make me smile.  It’s my favorite print of fabric!

The next one was also very nice.  This one is Christmas-themed.

The next box came from…
Kelli…(not my Kelli) a sweet blog reader named Kelli.

Kelli sent some wonderful homespuns…

…and fabric goodies.  I kept the bottom calico prints in the stack.  I don’t have many neutrals in my calico collection so these are going with my calico collection to make my “someday” quilt.

The next box was HUGE.  It came from Debbie.  She was so sweet and included postage money.  It’s so appreciated!

Check them out…

but wait…there are more!

There were all sorts of scraps.  There were binding leftovers that I will pass on to the Cresco quilters.  There were also lots of orphan blocks.  I know Sandra and the group enjoy getting them as they make for quick quilts.

There were lots of crumb-style blocks.  I think enough for a quilt!

The was another set of crumb-style blocks only in softer colors.

Debbie said these were quilt leftovers.

There were two packages.  There was a note with one package but I think they all could go together.

You can see the next package says “Bonnie Hunter Many Trips Around the World”.  There are blocks made and many started.

The last package in the box had these cute little crumb blocks that were 4 1/2″.  So cute.

Debbie’s package is the type of package I completely love.  The scrappy blocks make me happy.  I’m being honest though…I likely wouldn’t get to it now with all the busyness with the grandkids and life so I’m passing them on to someone who will finish them.  I did let myself keep one package of crumb blocks.  I’m giving myself until this year at this time.  If I haven’t used them into the donation box they go!

Sadly, I have to be realistic…but it’s so TEMPTING!!

The next box camer from Leslee.  Her card was beautiful!

The box had lots and lots of puppets inside.  The childcare kiddos are so blessed to have so many great puppets to play with.  I’m holding them back until summer so we have some great goodies to play with once the kids are here all day.

Here are the puppets all laid out.  They really are nice good quality puppets.  I’m excited for them.

Check out this cute one with the worm in the apple.

There was a lot of fabric too…

There were orphan blocks and rail fence blocks I will pass on to the Cresco ladies.

More calicos.  I did pull a couple for my collection…but honestly, I need to stop that.  My tote of calicos is full.  It’s time to make a quilt.  All I need now is TIME.

More goodies…a book, hardanger cloth and more rail fence blocks.

Here are the fabrics that were included.

Shirt fabrics…

There were super fun novelty prints.  These were so cute.  The bananas were my favorite!

WOW…What a big bunch of fun goodies.  Thanks Leslee!!

The next box came from…Connie.

There were all sorts of smaller fabric pieces.

There were larger cuts too.  I saved the larger print with the cows thinking I might use it for the backing for Kelli’s baby’s quilts.  Yep, I need to start them.  I do know I’m making so that’s a start.  I’ll tell you more soon.

There was a big bag of cross stitch goodies too…Oh my!

I loved this book.  It was so cute.  It’s filled with reproduction samplers from girls. I just might have to stitch one of these.

I loved sorting through all the cross stitch goodies.  There were punch needle things in the mix too.  I keep wanting to try punch needle again.  Some time, someday I hope.

Can you believe all of the mail??  I sure can’t.  WOW.  Thanks to everyone who sent goodies.  I appreciate your thinking of me, the childcare kiddos, and the community quilt program.  Your support and thoughtfulness means so much to me.

12 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. Jo, I have seen on several of your posts about postage money? What does that go for and how can we donate?

    1. Cyndi:
      All of the quilt tops that come to me have to be shipped out to people who are willing to finish them. I often send backing fabric with the tops so it gets to be quite a big expense. I also have some people who are happy to finish tops but don’t have the means to provide the batting, which is totally fine. I have bought batting and have had it shipped directly to them. I started calling it the postage fund but it has actually turned into the charity quilt fund. When there is extra money in the account, I buy extras that are needed like the batting…For a long time I foot the bill on my own. One month it was $300 in postage alone. Since my husband passed away, I don’t have the extra money I used to have so when readers donate money to the fund, I really appreciate it. Readers donate a number of ways…Paypal or via the postal system. Thanks for asking…Jo

  2. WOW! So much beautiful fabrics and quilt squares and more. This all should help to keep some creative quilters busy. The puppets are so cute – love the cow. The cross stitch book looks interesting – “charted, mistakes and all.”

  3. WHEW!! I’d be overwhelmed with just ONE batch of the mail you receive. I don’t know how you sort it all out and pass it on. It’s funny with that cross-stitch booklet that I had to look up the Psalms 39:11. I checked 3 translations and none of them said anything like the verse on the stitchery. I may have to research more and see where that verse came from. Strange…

  4. Judith fairchild

    So much fun in boxes doyou wish you were twins to handle it all?. The 1st box with thos great quilt tops and the one with the home spun fabrics were great. All the orphan blo ks were so inspiring. Thsnks for sharing your fun.

  5. Wow, you’ve turned into quite the clearinghouse! Those first 2 tops are fabulous! I immediately thought how to quilt them on my new longarm! If you don’t already have homes for them and want to hold them aside for me, i would love to play with em!! I am collecting scraps from all those community quilts you’ve sent me, and some of my own projects, to return back to you, and they would really help you get those pinwheels going!

  6. You have the mail we can only dream of. If by chance you have any batik scrapes or calicos crumbs you would like to part with… We have been sick with Covid but finally making it past the worst part. Soon we will move back to a small town in Tx where I’m sure some blankets would be appreciated. I just bought stencils so I can learn how to quilt on my own.
    Blessings to you and your new grand babies .

  7. Linda M White

    Oh, I saw lots of reds, whites and blacks in your boxes today. I am wanting to make a sampler in those colors so if they don’t have homes I’d love to have them. I won’t need backing as I use fleece on mine. That lets me not use batting too.
    I can use orphan blocks, scraps, and strips in those three colors. I’ll be going improv for pattern and design as I get fabrics collected.
    I would also love the improv blocks if no one has claimed them. I love making them, so I can just add them to mine to make either a bigger quilt or 2 smaller ones.
    These will be comfort quilts.
    Thanks, Linda

  8. Bonnie Lippincott

    Jo, I have to thank you for your “list” of those that would like donated fabric. My guild, Orange Grove Quilters Guild, in Garden Grove, California, has benefited greatly with fabric donated by those that saw my email address on there.

    We make quilts for our philanthropy projects. We donate to the local hospitals, foster children auxiliary, and the yearly picnic for the Marines at Camp Pendleton here in California. We also make pillowcases for the Children’s Hospital.

    You might want to mention this “list” again to remind your generous readers that it’s there.

    Thank you for all you do!

    p.s. I love all your posts, especially the ones with all your family and all the babies!

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