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Inger hit again!!

You might remember from last week that Inger had sent a couple boxes of fabric for me to send on to charities…well she sent two more.

Box #1 that I opened was FULL….

There were lots and lots of blues in the box.  I lifted to see if it was blues all through the box and it mostly was.

The second box was also large.  There was lots of green, purples and reds in this box.  It was fun as I could imagine Inger sorting the fabric color by color.The fabric came the day before I was expecting company so I had one of the kids carry the boxes upstairs and later after the company left, I sorted it to see if there were many pieces I could use for bindings or backings.  I ended up finding a few….but look at it all!!

Ruby tried to walk through it!!  Silly dog.  Most of it is moving on to other charities…..I contacted the lady from the group south of me and told her I had fabric.  We’re trying to find a day to get together.  We thought likely this week but I’m off to contact her.  I just got an email from a blog reader and she wants to send fabric so we might as well wait a week or two until it gets here.  This was we make the most of our gas money.

THANKS so-so much Inger.  There are SO many wonderful quilts that is going to be made with this fabric.  So many people will benefit from your generous donation.

As a reminder anyone is welcome to send fabric to me and I will get it where it needs to go but you can also send fabric directly to a charity of your choice as well.  If you don’t have a charity in mind, we have a listing of charities looking for fabric here.  I sent part of Inger’s goodies to Group #6 and the rest is going to Group #8 of what has come in the last month of so.  It’s great to get the fabric out to place who can use it.  They LOVE to get it.  The donations are just the charge the groups need to renew their spark to keep quilting!!

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  1. So wonderful to see and hear about all these awesome people that love to finish making quilts with left over fabric and then donate it. My church quilting group gives to a home for unwed mothers, LAMP (Luteran Association of Missionary’s & Pilots), Lutheran World Relief, Women’s Shelters, etc. We get donated fabric and love to turn it into wonderful quilts too. Ours are nowhere as fancy a yours though. Thank you for sharing.

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