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Boy has mail ever been flooding in.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had so much mail.  I’m thankful I had a little time off taking care of Georgia as I would not have been able to manage it all otherwise and honestly, I didn’t manage it the best.

Case in point, I don’t know who sent this box.  It could have been anonymous, it could have been Penni, it could have been any other person.  I don’t know.  I opened the box before the babies came home from the hospital on a regular childcare day.  Carver flipped out over this puzzle on the top of the box.

He immediately had to put it together and put it together MANY times since that first time.

The kids were sprinting away with the goodies faster than I could take pictures of it all.

There were goodies galore and they were on top of the world acting like it was Christmas.

Note pads, stickers, and envelopes…

Crafting goodies and puzzles…

Carver’s favorite puzzle and more games…

More artsy goodies and books…

They were especially excited over the markers.  I am a cheapskate and don’t buy them markers as often as they would like.  They aren’t the best at finding all the caps all the time so I bulk and don’t buy more immediately.  I’m “a meaner” and I know it!  So whoever sent this, you made their day by sending markers…and of course my two girls who squeal about anything little were saying “oww…baby markers” because they were the pipsqueaks sized ones.

There were puppets too!!

…so the puppet theater curtains came up and a play was put on.  It’s always something around here!!  They were all so happy.  THANKS for including them in the round of goodies.

There were cross stitch things too.  See the chart in the center.  I had that chart in the early 90s when I was stitching.  What a fun trip down memory lane.
There were some fun fabric scraps too!!

Well, I am just sitting down to write this blog post and it’s more than a week later-almost two.  Sadly, I don’t remember who sent it and I can’t find the note.  My life with the babies coming home, the puking grandkids, and Georgie staying with me all this time has completely blanked out my memory on who sent it.  All I can do is apologize and say thank you.  Your goodies were so appreciated and so loved.  Please forgive me.

Next, I got three boxes from the same person…well I am making that assumption.

Each of the boxes had a note like this in them…

So, it’s a safe bet they were all from the same person.  This is all of the goodies.

There were kits….

A variety of fabrics…

…some fun novelty prints.

There were scraps that were sorted.
What a great bunch of goodies.  Much of the fabric has been passed on aleady.   Thanks for the goodies!!

The next package made me smile…It came from Traci.  Here are shirts for Kelli’s boys.  They are big now but it will be so fun to them wearing these one day.

The next package came from Robin and I will admit to squealing when I saw these quilts.  First off, they are scrappy and I love scrappy!!  I love the simplicity of them.  Sometimes I like simple design quilts more than ones that are fancy.   The other reason I squealed.  We are ALWAYS in need of larger twin-sized quilts.  I think these from Robin will be good sized as they are but a border could also easily be added to them then for sure they will be big enough.

All of the quilts are the same 25 patch style.  There was a yellow one…

a green one…

a red too.

I took a close-up picture of the blocks.  Just look how fun they are.  As an adult I found myself looking through and imagining how fun it is to see all of the different prints.

These quilts are all real scrap busters.  This gray version was fun.

One might think that one made with neutrals might be a little boring…

NOPE!!  Check out how fun these blocks are!!  I adore the prints.

I ended up contacting Cheryl and Ray.  Cheryl took three of them.  I sent the other three to Ray.  Ray is working on getting quilts together for the guardian ad litem program.  They need kid-friendly quilts that are single bed sized.  These quilts are perfect for that as they quilts would be appropriate for kids of any age.  They are also not gendered specific.  That’s always helpful.  Thanks so much, Robin.

Tina sent the next package.  There were lots of goodies in this box.

There were magazines that I paged through.  I love old magazines.

There were some homespun prints…These would be great for making a simple square quilt like I made Karl.

There were lots of other prints here too.  I have some of the polka dots on the left.  I took that and will put it with the other.   That will get sent to someone who needs backing fabric.

I ended up snitching the red fat quarter that’s bottom center.  I am adding that to my reds for my Red Sampler Quilt along.

Tina didn’t specify that everything had to be used for charity and I’ve had an ongoing email relationship with Tina and was sure she wouldn’t mind.  Every time I see it, I’ll think of Tina.

The next box came from Jean.  Oh my, this box was FULL of goodies.  She was cleaning out the quilt tops she thought she wouldn’t get to.

Check out the quilt tops…

This one was fun…I like the unusual side borders.  It really sets the quilt.

This one was so fun…such pretty pastels.

Here is another beauty in pastel.  Again, I like the borders.

Nest is a great jelly roll quilt.  Anyone know the pattern name as I can see it would be great for charity quilters?

THis one made me smile.  I love the color placement of the squares with the red in one corner and purple in the other.

This one was a fun use of florals.

…and more florals!

This one was baby-sized. How bright and fun!!

There was a lot of piecing that went into this one.   This one was bigger.  I sent this on to LaNan that does quilts for a big quilt auction that happens to support a kid’s bible camp.  The quilts typically earn quite a bit of money.

I love this snowman one.  I probably could have sent this one to her too…but maybe there’s someone else who is part of a similar program that could finish this one.  If you have a benefit and would like to finish this for it. Drop me a note.

There was fabric in the mix too!!  Some were bigger and could be added to another piece to make a backing so I set them aside.

There were some fun precut squares.  I ended up keeping these and plan to make quilts with them.  I love having a simple charm square project as my leader and ender.  I have a batik one currently happening.

There were panels too!!

What a great box of goodies Jean sent!!

Thanks so much to the many of you who sent goodies.  It is very appreciated.  I have a little more mail here but that’s going to wait until next Saturday.  There were some nice quilts kits in the mix and I’m going to auction them off to raise some funds for the postage fund.  It’s running low.  I’ve gotten so many tops in lately and shipping them has depleted the account.  It’s totally okay…but it’s time to do something to replenish it.

11 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. Hi Jo-great mail! I believe the jelly roll quilt top pattern is Cheese & Crackers by Atkinson Designs

  2. Such wonderful quilt tops. I’m amazed at all these tops and the work it takes to make them. And that they are all donated. Thank you everyone.

    1. I agreed with you Hedy. I am always impressed at the beautiful quilts and how generous it is of the people who send them.

  3. Beautiful quilts! The puzzle looks like fun – hadn’t seen one like that before and yesterday I spent quite a bit of time playing with puzzles (nursery at MOPS), but so fun!

  4. I love looking at all the quilt tops that come in. Most of the patterns are simple, sometimes deceptively simple. Since there is such a range of types and patterns, I can look at them and respond, “Wow!” Or “Don’t like that one!” Or “Well, I can do better than that! “.

    I came back to quilting this fall, after finding a half finished Christmas sample quilt in my fabric drawers. I knew I couldn’t duplicate those patterns, even though I had sewn them originally. Now, after putting together four simple quilts for the grandkids, some of the muscle memory has come back and I remember how to solve different sewing problems. Plus I discovered your blog and you tube videos, and I’ve ventured into new techniques. I do enjoy this quilting thing!

  5. Shelley Freeman

    I believe the pattern you were wondering about is “Cheese and Crackers” by Atkinson Designs. :)

    1. Judith Fairchild

      oh such a bounty of goodies. There was something for every one. The panel of the trees and mountains is awesome it would make into a fabulous quilt.

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