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If you remember last week I told you I have a lot of mail.  I certainly did.  This is part two from last week.

MaryAnn sent some great quilt tops.  I contact Julie in Spring Valley and asked her if she would be interested in finishing them.  She was.  I’m going to get Kelli to drop them by on one of her visits to see the boys.  Spring Valley is right on the way to Rochester.

The rainbow design of this one is fun.

I looked at this one trying to figure out… if it was made from a pre-cut or how it was made.

This one is an explosion of brightness.  I love it.

Julie said if I had backing fabric that she would welcome it.  I dug through and I think I found a few things that will work.  There might need to be a little more fabric pieced together to the back to size but it’s a good start.  I’ve gotten more and more finishers requesting backing fabric.  With your help, I do the best I can for those who need it.

This top, also from MaryAnn, was bigger.  I decided I would send it to Lori who finishes quilts for Sharehouse.  If Lori needs it to be bigger, a border could be added to it.

I also sent this one to Lori.  It’s fairly big and is all sports-related.  I can see how I took the picture of the quilt upside down.  I didn’t realize the top was directional when I took the picture.  Oops.

Lori sends quilts to Sharehouse an organization that helps people deal with addiction.  For a bit, I thought maybe this quilt was young-looking and then I remembered there were teens from my high school that went through treatment so I’m sure they are helping teens too.  Besides, I can see an adult male liking this top.

This one was bigger too.  It’s a sampler block quilt.  I ended up sending this one to Cheryl in Dallas.  I didn’t want to overwhelm Lori and Cheryl also is always looking for larger tops.

This top came with some extra fabric that I’m sure Cheryl will use to expand a backing or use for binding.

What wonderful tops MaryAnn.

The next box came from Patti in San Diego.  It’s all batiks…

These were all bigger pieces.  I use that term loosely.  They were half a yard-ish…some larger.

This bunch was all smaller like fat quarter size.  They were so fun to pet and sort through.

Penni sent the next box.  She sent a nice letter with that I so appreciated getting the chance to read.  I love getting to know my blog readers.

Penni’s box all started a big ago when she sent an email wondering if I would be interested in the fabric in the background.

It is a Blackbird Designs fabric.  For those of you who don’t know, they do a lot of cross stitch designing and are very popular.  See how the fabric looks like cross stitch?

I’ve been wanting to make a project bag and this is perfect for it.
My hope if to get a project bag made in the next week or two.  There is going to be a Blackbird Design stitch along and I want to participate.  It would be fun to have a Blackbird bag for my project.  I so appreciate Penni thinking of me.

Penni ended up sending lots of other goodies too.

There were LOTS of goodies for the kiddos.  They love getting stuff.

The kids were here when I opened the box.  They squealed and grabbed these paints.  Everything stopped and they had me painting with them too.

Thanks for the art activity of the day Penni.  We love art supplies.

There were other fun things for the kids.  I’m planning on playing some Tic Tac Toe in the future.

Carver’s teacher just asked for envelopes, birthday cards, and such, so I’ll be sharing.  They are having a birthday party themed week.

WOW.  There really were a lot of goodies!!

There were a few quilt things too.  I’m wondering if I could make the stitched piece into a project bag…Hmm.

Thanks, Penni!

The next box came from Lynn in Texas.  She had made a miscut when making a quilt and lost steam.  I think we’ve all done that.

Kate sent a BIG box.

These were all sheets and pillowcases.  These are being passed on to the Cresco Ladies as Kate requested.

There were several novelty prints.  See the purple reproduction fabrics that are on the top of the second pile from the right?  I took those for Kelli.  She’s been wanting to make a quilt I designed years ago that we call Lilac Lane.  She won’t get to it soon, but when she does, she’ll have them.

There were more fabrics.  All of these were larger.  I kept everything bigger.  As I said more and more finishers are requesting backing fabric.  In fact, one of the pieces I sent with the other quilt tops to Julie.

There were books for the kiddos too…So fun.  THANKS!!

Diane sent a box of goodies.

Here is what was inside.

Quilt tops…isn’t this one cute?  This one went in the box for Julie.

This one did too.  I’m guessing this is a layer cake quilt.  I like it.

The next one I kept.  This one is fire-themed.  I’ll finish it for the fireman’s benefit next March.  I’m sure it will be a hit.

I’ve gotten cards and notes from readers.  This is just a sampling.  I get stickers, postage money, and sweet notes.  I so appreciate all the time you take to make my days brighter.

That wraps up the mail post.  Oh, my word.  I can’t believe all that has come in lately.  As of my writing this, I am caught up but I’m guessing there will be more mail here by the time this publishes.

Ooops.  I found one more box and the mailman just delivered two more.  Looks like those will wait until next week.

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  1. Wow! Lots of mail, how fun for those kiddos doing the art projects, god work. The quilts are beautiful! Thanks to all for sharing all these wonderful quilt tops.

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