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I am off for a week of writing blog posts about the mail and then I get overloaded with mail.  I had been doing good at keeping up and then with the birth of the twins, I got behind.  This is going to be a long post…

The first package for today came from “Longtime Blog Reader”.  That made me smile to see that in the return address!!

Inside was a UFO project.  I need to take a minute and see how these blocks go together.  I have a local lady who is in her 90s.  She loved finishing UFOs that are already made into blocks.  I think these will be passed on to her.

Gayle sent this box of goodies…

Gayle said to keep what I wanted and pass on or auction whatever I wanted.  These were the cutest prints.
I think they must have been samples from salesmen.  See the eyelets in the fox fabric below?  It makes me think they were a sample.

Here were some ufos and scraps.

This set is missing the fabric for block #1 but my plan is to pull some of my own fabric.  I think it will easily work.  I have a local lady I will pass this on to.

There were lots of fun fabrics…

along with a quilting T-shirt and some patterns.  Some of these will make their way into an upcoming postage auction.

There was also a quilt top that is in progress.  This one needs a finisher.  Any takers?
So many fun things…thanks so much!

The next box of goodies comes from Janet in Iowa.  She sent goodies for me, for Eli and Emmett the new grandbabies, and some goodies for the childcare kiddos.  I laughed when I saw the mug.  So cute.





I passed the receiving blankets to Kelli and she loved them.  She loved that they each had a different border so she could tell them apart.

Joyce in AR sent the next box…So many goodies!!

There were several orphan blocks.  I’ll pass them on to the Cresco ladies.  They regularly have “orphan block sew days”.  They collect orphan blocks and then one day sort and figure out what to do with them.  I kept the green fabric on the right.  I have someone who requested to finish tops but said they needed backing and binding.  The green would be good to match many quilts.

There were lots of little already cut pieces and all bagged up.  They will make a quick quilt.

Great scraps for sure!!

The next box came from Susan from Kentucky.  I love when I recognize the people that send boxes as commenters on the blog.  This was a huge box.  I think the outside of the box said 35 pounds.

Here it is all out on the table…

There was A LOT of fabric.  I kept the orange…again thinking of binding to pass along to a finisher.

The grouping is mostly novelty prints.  I LOVE the apron fabric.

I love sorting and grouping fabrics together.  Isn’t the blue in the middle such a pretty shade?

There was a lot of the novelty print with rabbits.  I think enough for a backing.  I loved the colors of the herb garden fabric.

Even more novelty prints…so fun.

There were solids and prints…some match the fabric in the middle.

These were mostly landscape prints or things that coordinated with them except the patriotic chickens on the left.  I saved these for Julie in Spring Valley wondering if they could be pillowcases or placemats.

There was a precut layer cake and other coordinating fabrics.

There was even yarn and notepads for the childcare kiddos.  I love having these notepads.  I never worry how much paper they use of these.  Carver is writing all the time now.  He’s been writing “LOOK”.  Then we challenge him to write rhyming words.  He uses up LOTS of paper doing it.
WOW.  That was BIG box!!

The next group of goodies came via special delivery.  Sandy, my contact lady from the Cresco quilters, ask if I could use up some food.  I always say yes to that…even if my cabinets are mostly full.  I passed the pancake mix on to Kelli.  They are supposed to be “extra protein” pancakes and she’s supposed to be eating extra as she’s nursing.  The jalapenos went to Karl and I kept everything else.

The last package I’m showing you today came from Donna in NY.  She was cleaning out and had different weights of thread along with needles.  I ended up passing a couple of the threads and the needles on Karl.  He has a hobby of making books and needs a heavier-weight thread.  I kept some of the darker colored ones and if I ever get back to punch needle again, I plan to use these with that.

Punchneedle is another one of those things I’d love to do but would have to give up cross-stitch time to do…so I collect supplies and think to myself, someday you will really retire.

Thanks so much for sending all the goodies.  If you sent something and you don’t see it in this post, no worries.  There was too much for one post so I split it into two posts.  Your goodies will be in the next post.


12 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Wow! So much good items and fun, beautiful prints. I am sure all this will go into very pretty quilts. Thanks to you donors!!

  2. The first bunch of blocks from Longtime Blog Reader look to be Hunters Star blocks. The diamonds in the corners form the stars.

  3. What a nice surprise for you to receive today. Lots of very pretty fabrics and blocks to look through and make decisions of how to use the things. I did notice some Halloween fabrics and I was thinking that you were making some using Halloween fabrics when I first started reading your blog. I enjoy reading your blogs and getting inspiration to get back to my sewing and hand sewing projects. You are certainly a very busy lady & always seem so cheerful.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      So many lovely fabrics, i especially the oranges, blues and greens they would make lovely sun rise quilts

  4. I always enjoy reading your In my mail posts. So many kind donors sending such interesting things your way. I’m intrigued by how you instantly know where to direct the different fabrics, notions etc. I thought the little fox samples were delightful, a great addition to I Spy quilts. The orange fabrics near the end of your post were lovely.

  5. What a terrific mail call! there are going to be some happy and surprised people that received the finished quilts from all of this fabric!
    Love and prayers

  6. be still my heart!! when I saw the dritz quilting needles I had to ask. I hand quilt and those are my very favorite size 9.. I have been searching for them and cannot locate a pack of just 9’s. so, anyway I will send you $5.00 for those if you still have them. I read your blog every day, and wish I lived in your town. You are my kind of person

  7. Just found your blog and I so enjoy reading it. Each morning I get a cup of coffee and sit back and read. It’s just like being with friends. Enjoy your busy day Jo,

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