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I did get as much mail as usual in the last week.  I’m not complaining…just saying that this post will be shorter than some of my typical mail posts.

Blog reader Elaine sent some beautiful tops.  I found a finisher and these are already at her house.  That was QUICK!

These are all great and closer to large lap-sized.

Rosie was doing her thing and really wanted to be involved it the taking of these pictures.  I’m wondering if Elaine had a dog and the quilts had dog smells.  Whatever it was, I couldn’t keep Rosie off of them.

Isn’t this one fun and BRIGHT??

I liked this batik one too.  I never think to make elongated nine-patches like these.

I loved this colorful baby quilt.  So cute.

Three boxes all came from the same blog reader.  They all came anonymously but the writing on the address label was the same so I’m going out on a limb and saying they were from the same person.

This was the first box…lots of scraps…these will be pasted on to area quilters.  I’m guessing lots of string quilts will get make with these.

Here is the second box…There was postage money included.  I’ve sent out a lot of packages lately including the tops from the previous donation so postage money is a big blessing.

Here’s what was in the box…More wonderful scraps.  I picked out six slivers of fabric to throw in my collection.  The rest I am passing on.

People often write and say it must be like Christmas to me to get all the packages.  In a way, it is but I keep very, very little.  I am collecting 30s prints so I occasionally keep a few of them…same with calicos.

Check out these printed foundation fabrics.  I haven’t seen these before… That was interesting.

This is the last box…

Many things in this box were packaged together…

including these fabric bundles.  I kept them together as the fabrics seemed to coordinate.

Thanks so much for these great fabrics.

A note came from a blog reader that asked to stay anonymous.  It had a nice note along with postage money.  So appreciated!!  THANKS.

A local gal that lives in the area gifted me a bag of fabric.  She told me that she knew I would find a home for it all…and I will.   Thanks for thinking of me Ann!

Some time ago Ann had donated fabric to us.  Kelli ended up using much of it to make masks last year.  Ann always has novelty prints in whatever she brings and that’s a type of fabric that I typically don’t buy so it’s a treat to see the fabrics.

A box came from a blog reader,  she had a quilt go bad…a miscut, and things didn’t match up.  She’s hoping that someone can make something of what’s left.

This happens to all of us at some point.  Rather than be frustrated, passing it on is a good option.  Something totally useable will be made with this!!

A bean recipe came from Margaret in Arkansas.  She remembered that I had said I had lots of beans on hand and was looking for recipes.  PERFECT.  I love soup so I am sure I’ll try this.

I’ll try this and let you know what I think once I get a few other leftovers out of the refrigerator.  I miss Karl taking all of the leftovers to work to eat.  Now I have to eat them!!  I’m learning to freeze things but it’s a new something to learn!!

That’s all of the mail I have for this week.  Thanks bunches, to all of you.  I appreciate not only the items you sent but the time and costs that it takes to send things my way.

12 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I tried to order one of your daughter’s tee shirts but the size was only in men sizes. I was disappointed. But I guess I will have to try again on another day.
    I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the photos of your family and the lovely quilts

    1. Hello: most times that is how we have to order T-Shirts. They fit better for people who don’t like their T-Shirts tight or form fitting. Even at many College bookstores, men shirts are better fit.

  2. Such pretty quilt tops and fabric! How fun. I’m sure it will all end up in some beautiful quilts. It is always so fun to the different patterns used in the quilts – not often any of the same. It amazes me the creativeness so many have along with their generosity.
    I, too, checked to see about getting a shirt, but the size I think I want isn’t available. I will check back again to see if they come available.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    The bean recipe sounds interesting! Maybe Karl could drop by and pick up leftovers and still have them for lunch! Surprise packages are always fun to receive.

  4. Love all your posts…but especially liked the next one about freezer clean out…(I could not leave a comment on that post) …I too am trying to use up things that have been in my freezer for awhile….looking forward to your ideas

  5. (I could not leave a post about the freezer either.) My husband and I have to turn to each other and promise OUT LOUD to JUST eat out of the refrigerator freezer for a few weeks. That helps us get on top of what is in there and helps us avoid simply buying more of the same thing we already have buried down in there somewhere!. For us, it works fine. I do know that some people keep a master list with a marker attached right on top of the freezer with what is in there with the date…Since you have two freezers, organizing according to purpose might help. For example, If you either cook for just yourself and eat/share the leftovers the next day, or cook for bigger family/kid groups, maybe you could stock one freezer for the smaller meals and the other for family events? Focusing on just that meal purpose, would give you a good idea of what is there and what is missing.

  6. Just get lots of plastic containers with lids and box up those leftovers and tell Karl to pick them up on the way to work. Or on the way home. Saves a lot of money and room in the fridge.

  7. Janice D. Simmons

    Beautiful quilts. I LOVE the “bright” one and will have to try piecing long rows. Also, loved the elongated 9 patch – great idea.
    Love hearing from you everyday. Thanks to everyone who helps you.

  8. Beagles aren’t always the easiest to train, but once they get something, they got it forever it seems. Rosie is taking her task as quilt and quilt top model very seriously. I like that she shows the quilt sizes and how cozy they are.

  9. When I taught sewing classes at a high school, fabric was occasionally donated! It was fun to go through it, to pet it and to find fabric my students could use. But often there were things included that we couldn’t use, so I found other homes for them or donated them. Sometimes the amount to deal with and the decisions to be made were overwhelming, but so worth it! Thank you Jo for being a willing receiver/distributer!

  10. I thought you said you didn’t get much in the mail, Jo? It still seems like SEW many wonderful things! Even better that you’ve already passed most of it along to your charity quilters. Keep up the good work!

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