In my Mail….

I wanted to share with you the goodies that have been coming to my mailbox.  The first actually came to my email.

You might remember Eve as the lady in France that was working on teaching others to quilt.

Eve writes:  “Thank you for relaying my request for our Charity quilts.  I received a very generous donation from Jeanne. The fabrics are beautiful and they make my heart sing.  We will start with 2 quilts: one queen size and one for kids.”

Wasn’t that a nice package to sent to Eve and her fellow quilters?  THANKS, Jeanne for supporting them.

Ray got goodies too.  He writes:
Wanted to share a pic with you of the contents of a BIG USPS box that came in the mail today from Colleen M. In Falcon Heights, MN. All of the fabrics will come in handy for backs. Some of them have enough yardage that the same cut can be pieced for a large quilt. My continued gratitude to you and your readers for their never-ending support in creating beautiful community quilts.”

WOW.  Thanks, Colleen.

I got two large boxes of things from Gloria.  She was so sweet.

That was box #1.  Filled with goodies including treats for Rosie.  She LOVED it!!  There was a present…I opened it!

Licorice.  I’m sure it was meant for the childcare kids and I promise to share.  But…did you know licorice is likely my favorite candy.  I can’t eat just one though.  I had two and then tucked them away before I ate three..and four.  I love licorice.

The box had LOTS of quilt tops.  Many were large so I’ll likely be passing them on to Cheryl or Lori.

Aren’t they pretty??

This one was extra long.  I love the sashing.  I’ll have to remember to try that in a quilt.

I love the colors that Gloria picked.  They aren’t my typical picks as I’m pretty plain…but I really like them.

I was thrilled to see these next ones.  I immediately called dibs on them.  The local animal shelter groups always ask for quilt donations and I don’t always have time to complete tops and donate them.  I am saving this top and will finish it for that benefit.

See?  Every block has a pet on it.  Perfect for the animal shelter benefit!

The next two are also both pet-related…they look similar but it’s two different quilts.

I saved back both of them as well.

There were Christmas prints…

There were orphan blocks…

I saved this project out for a new gal with the charity quilt project that asked to do some UFO sewing.  I figured this project qualified.

There were more goodies including these fabrics and wool hooking kit.  I always thought I would do wool hooking.  I saved this thinking maybe this is the motivation I need, something all kitted and ready to go.  We’ll see.

There were some John Deere goodies.  They are always popular.  I’m going to investigate these a little more.  I’ve had it in my head to make a John Deere quilt and donate it to a benefit as there are so many John Deere fans around here.  I hope that it would bring a good price as more men might bid on it.

This was box #2…

Another pretty quilt top…

..and lots of goodies.

I need to sort through this a little better to see if it’s leftovers or a UFO.  That will help me determine who to send it on to.

There were so many goodies…

Including all of this fabric!!

The X blocks were all kitty fabric.  I thought about keeping them for the animal shelter too.  I did keep the dinosaur fabric.  I have so many grandkids into dinosaurs right now.  I think I could make pillowcases for each of them for Christmas!  Bring on the dino fabric!!

Thanks so much for all of the goodies Gloria.  Your package made mine, Rosies, and the childcare kiddos day!!  I know there are going to be a lot of other happy people along the way who will also be so happy to get the goodies I pass on to them…and then there are the people who finally get the finished projects.  Your gift keeps giving!  I love it.

The next piece of mail came anonymously.  This was an article from the Mason City Iowa newspaper.  A reader clipped this out and sent it to me.  That was awesome.  I hadn’t had a chance to read it.  Can you see Kalissa in the picture?  She was one of the nurses interviewed for the story.

Thanks so much for sending the clip.

Julie in SC sent the next piece of mail…a cute beagle card with…

LINEN inside.  Oh, my word.  I love the card…I love the linen.  This was the perfect gift.  I’m so blessed.  Vintage Country Mocha is right on the top of my favorite linen list.  It’s so versatile and 40 count is my favorite too.  THANKS SO MUCH!

There were more boxes in the mail…

This all came in a GIANT heavy box from Lesley in MA.  It is the #2 box of 2 of 2 boxes that she sent.

Here are two quilt kits.  I had someone named Kelli contact me.  She previously did charity quilting and would like to get back into it.  She asked if I had projects if I’d send them her way.  This looks perfect to send to her!

There were some fat quarters…the middle ones all coordinate.

There were several flannels that I’ll pass of to Jazz.  She loves them for backing fabric.

There was a huge variety of prints from several different genres of fabric.  From novelty to Amy Butler to calico.  I pulled out a couple of pieces hoping that I can send them to a charity quilter that needs backing fabric.

Lesley must have cleaned out her stash of oriental-themed fabric as there were many.  I am passing these on to the Cresco ladies.  They have made some cute quilts with this style of fabric in the past.
Roxanne sent the next box.

It was jam-packed.  I think she would have needed a helper to get the tape down on it.

Check out the pretty homemade card…I love seeing the talents of others.

All of this was in the box!

I saved out the charm packs.  I have a friend and her daughter started sewing with a Bernina I passed on to them.  Giving her the precuts really made sewing easier for a beginner.

I often keep charm packs and precuts that are sent my way and then gift them to a beginning quilter along with some coordinating fabrics.

There were lots of bigger cuts of fabric.

See all of them?

I’m still having trouble believing it all fit in that box!!  WOW!

The next box came from Patricia.  There was a large assortment of goodies here.

Check out these vintage linens.

I love the stitching on the basket handle. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that stitch before.  Does anyone know what it is called.  The blue and white are almost wrapped around each other.

When I saw this one, I thought how sad.  It’s seen much better days.

Then I remembered this…Kalissa sent me this picture.  She was at a vintage shop and saw that someone had made and was selling masks from vintage linens.  I’m not a big fan of cutting up good linens, but with a piece like this where the center and edges are bad but the embroidery itself is good, I like the idea.
There were fabrics in the bunch.  I saved these I’ve said, I have a new person that volunteered to finish tops, but needs backing fabric.  Hopefully, some tops will come along that will match these.

I really don’t save a lot of fabric for myself.  So much comes and I can’t possibly sew it all.  These are the little things I save.  Simple scraps to add to my scrappy quilts.

I set these aside for a person who will does Quilts of Valor.

The variety of fabrics was big!

Isn’t that elephant fabric cute…and the giraffe.  I kept that for now.  I have an idea, but who knows if I’ll get to it.  If I don’t get to it in the next 6 months, I’ll pass it on.  I do that occasionally.  The good thing is I always know that there is someone to pass it all on to.

Pam was so sweet and found some play money for my cash register I bought at the thrift store.  PERFECT.  That was so sweet to think of me.

I got a note from a blog reader in Japan.  She wanted to support the charity quilt project so she sent a check to cover postage, batting, or whatever was needed.

She sent the note on February 24th and it got to me on March 16th.  I thought that wasn’t too bad.

Speaking of people sending postage money.  Several of the people who sent fabric also sent postage money.  That is so sweet and I really appreciate it.  The postage money that has been sent has been a huge blessing.  THANK YOU!

That was the mail that came in over the last week or so.  WOW…right?  We’ll see what comes this week!

22 thoughts on “In my Mail….”

  1. Jo, thank you so much for the flannels you sent me! I recognize the picture of them! One piece is already backing a quilt for a baby at one of the Harris County, Texas hospitals for indigent and uninsured patients in Houston.

    I use lots of flannel as backs for baby quilts, it seems like as soon as I get some, it’s used up immediately. I’m meeting the new coordinator of donations on Wednesday morning to drop off almost two dozen baby quilts I made. Some were made from fabrics and scraps donated by your devoted fans. (Love your fans!)

    Recently I got a call from one of the retirement homes I’ve sewn for. They would like me to resume supplying their residents with quilts again, and a quilting bee I used to meet with is preparing to hold meetings again. We sew quilts for kids, baby through teens, at an emergency shelter. I’m so glad that as more and more Houstonians are becoming vaccinated against COVID the quilters are organizing again to meet the unending need for charity quilts.

    1. Hi Jazz, Will you email some photos of the baby quilts you made to Jo so she can perhaps include them in a future post on her blog? That would be great. Sort of closing the circle?

      1. Jo has posted almost all the quilts going to the hospital this week. I send pictures of more as I finish them. There is only one in this collection to be dropped off I haven’t already sent her a picture of. It is waiting for another, similar one to be photographed that is not quite finished yet.

        I love making charity quilts, and Jo is faithful about sharing the pictures of them.

  2. Christina Coats

    Wow what an amazing amount of fabrics. Where do you store it all before it is sent on to other busy bees?
    Love how you can look and know almost immediately where and what it can be used for. Maybe i should try your mantra, if its not used in 6 months then pass it on. I have failed that for the past 4 years being an avid fabric collector! Jo can you pass on your address as i feel there’s a box being started with your name on.
    Love yo you and your talented family

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I don’t know how you know which pieces you send to who..
    I so enjoy seeing your mail come in. Such lovely materials asll to be used for ytho a e who have need of warm blankets.
    I’m adding my thanks to yours to everyone was who sends fabric and other things to you, praying for your daughterrs and other nurses as ho have battled Covid so long c and so hard.

  4. Cheryl in Dallas

    I have already received one of these quilt tops that Jo forwarded to me. Thank you, quilters, for donating the tops and fabrics and postage money!

    Jo, you seem to have yet another full-time job of receiving and distributing quilting supplies. It is a good problem to have. I wish I lived close to you so I could help with that as I love to pet fabric — and other quilters’ fabric always looks better than my own.

  5. I had a box of vintage linens from my Mom & Grandma so I ironed “wonder under” to the back of the pretty embroidered parts then cut around in a “cloud” shape. I bought new flour sack dish towels then ironed the embroidered piece to a corner. Last step was using a decorative stitch around the edge. I use them every day & think of my loved ones. If not familiar – “wonder under” is a 2 sided product to attach 2 fabric pieces together.

    1. Susan from Michigan

      Thank you for the idea NJ. I would like to try this. I have been saving vintage linens from relatives
      plus estate sales and this would get them out of the box.

  6. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I cannot imagine how many hundreds of yards of fabric arrived in those boxes this week. You have so many generous followers, Jo. How lovely that they gift the fabrics, quilt tops, orphan blocks etc. And isn’t it amazing how many people you know that you can pass them onto, knowing they will be turned into wonderful charity quilts. I do enjoy looking at all the fabrics. The elephant and the cheeky monkey fabrics really appealed to me.

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    It is so interesting to see what are in the boxes quilters send you!! And then you take time to show all of us. Thanks for doing that and to all who sent fabric, supplies, goodies and postage money. I love that you are encouraging young people to learn about sewing and making quilts is a perfect project.

  8. Oh, how wonderful to read about your own daughter’s service in the newspaper! Hmm, I’ll have to see if I can find the rest of the story online. You are receiving so much fabric, Jo!! Congratulations!

  9. I spotted a couple of quilt tops from patterns of one of my favorite designers, Gudrun Erla. The two that you said were similar, but different, was “Elvira”. She did this one as a free one-day quilt along during the early part of covid. No telling how many participated. Bonnie Hunter participated and was one of the guests on the YouTube show.
    Another G.E. Design is the one with the pretty sashing, “Wanda”. Gudrun also did this one as a sew along. When I first saw it, I thought the block was a nine patch, then turned sideways to cut a wonky nine patch. But it’s not. There is no waste using her technique. Both were really fun to make.
    Thought you might like to hear a little about them.

  10. You got a big haul! Glad you like red licorice. I’ll have to remember that for next time. . Thanks for all you do.

  11. Speaking of Twizzlers, I became smitten with the wonderful yellow, green, and white “Midwesty” tee-shirt I saw you wearing in one of your videos and ordered it. What a cute company with a fun marketing approach! Tucked inside the envelope was a package of Twizzlers!

  12. Pamela Roberts

    Hi Jo
    I think the basket handle on the vintage embroidered piece you showed is done by couching. It looks as if the embroiderer laid down the full six strands of floss and couched over it with the white. If you look up couching on the internet it will explain it better than I can. I have seen it done by couching over with gold thread but have never done it myself.
    Lovely to see the article about Kalissa where would we be without brave girls like her putting their lives on the line for others.
    On Thursday Jeff and I go for our second jab, hopefully things are easing here and I may soon be able to see my grandkids albeit at a distance.
    I am sure your army of helpers will make good use of all the lovely fabrics people send you so generously.

  13. OMG what a haul! I wanted to comment on your “meddling” blog but wasn’t able to. Kayla helped me get my blog up and running and even though I dont blog often, I appreciate what she did to get a 70 something woman into the computer age of blogging.

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