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My mail continues to be busy lately.  I’ve gotten in wide variety of things that are so fun to look at and sort through.

Laurie in WA sent a great box of goodies.  Check out all of the calico prints.  I ended up saving most of this for myself.  I have plans for it.  You’re probably going to have to wait a year before you see what I’m going to do…but I’m excited about it!!

Joann in CA sent two boxes of goodies.

There were two pieces of Minky backing.

Karl was so impressed with this, he had to show it off.  Check it out.  The orphan block is a book and it is Jane Austen titles in the fabric.  WOW.

There were four blocks in total.  I don’t know the pattern for the blocks and a pattern wasn’t included.  There are quite a bit of Fantastic Beasts pieces of fabric.  I saved this out wondering if there is anyone who makes a quilt for the library or school fundraiser that might appreciate getting this.  Let me know if you are interested.  I’d happily send it your way.

There were other fabric goodies too.  I pulled a few of these and will pass them on to Julie in Spring Valley.  There was a couple of Thanksgiving fabrics that I can imagine making great placemats for Meals on Wheels which is a cause Julie helps to support.

There were Christmas fabrics…

orphan blocks were included too.

My favorites of the bunch were these…isn’t that vintage pattern cover prints the best.  I love them!!

The next box was sent completely anonymously.  Every address associated with the box was mine.  There is no doubt it was meant to be sent to me and no doubt the person wanted to stay annonymous.

The box was loaded with goodies…

There were two table runners.

Both were very nice.

Novelty prints ruled!!  So fun…SO FUN!

Lots of 30’s prints were included.  I have been collecting them hoping to make a quilt with them.  To date, I’ve only ever made one 30’s print quilt.  That one was Kalissa’s when she was little.  I think I have another 30’s print quilt in me.  I’m collecting and waiting for the day a big-time inspiration hits.

I got a St. Patrick’s Day card from a friend…THANKS!

I was ready to close out this post but more mail came.  That always seems to happen.

The next package came from Jean.  There were lots of goodies inside.  Here are the odds and ends, a few patterns, some orphan blocks, trims and happily cross stitch linen.  Send me linen any day!!  All of the linen is white.  I might have to try my hand at dying linen.

Jean has lived in many places and her fabric has traveled with her, even overseas.  She was so impressed with the charity quilt program that she decided to let it go and donate it for someone to make community quilts with. Awesome.  I love hearing that. 
I also got a card and with postage money from Liz.  Check out what she did on the outside of the envelope.  So sweet…Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

You all are so very sweet to me.  I am so blessed to have you all in my life.  Thanks for the mail and happy thoughts you send my way for the charity quilt project and for our family.

15 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. What a bunch of great fabrics. The book blocks were so cute – had never seen those before. One can only imagine all the beautiful quilts that will come from all this fabric.

    1. Jo – I think I have the pattern for the books. It’s paper pieced and it’s a pattern from a designer here in Illinois. Let me find it and I will send it your way. It’s too fiddly for me, but a paper piecer will do just fine with it!

  2. I am currently making a quilt out of the math fabric in the books blocks for my daughter, the high school math teacher. The pattern I using is not as complicated as those books, I am doing something with HST. The fabric line is called STEM fabric. STEM translates to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I was excited that someone else thought the fabric was cute too. Jo you are generous with your talent and time, enjoy the little gifts you receive.

  3. Gloria Gleason

    I love how she wrote “Oh how we love”!! SO true! OUR best friend, sister, teacher, encouraged, and so much more!!

  4. Joy in NW iowa

    Oh man …. those crayon colors in the one fabric! I have some of that! Yikes! I make a lot of pillow cases for young people either family or the ones in need!

  5. I

    With additional borders, do you think the book blocks could be made into reading pillows? The local school is reopening and looking for cushions for the resource area. I think I could make it works with the additional fabrics. If you agree, send them my way. I am most grateful for the inspiration and you generosity. Thanks much

  6. Book blocks are Foundation Paper Pieced from a pattern available on Etsy from QuiltwithKate. $5 for three book patterns. I believe proceeds from the sale of the book patterns is donated to charity.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    so much fun reading your mail blogs. I agree with the postage envelope.
    I have started teaching a neighbor girl to sew. She has taken to it like a duckling to water. I am having so much fun teaching her. So much joy hides in our neighborhoods when you look for it.

  8. Ann Marie Drop

    Do you ever get aprons patterns? I am always looking for vintage patterns to make aprons for raffles and our parish Christmas Market. They are hard to come by but I would love to borrow them if you get and would be willing to loan me the patterns. I like to make only one of each pattern so people have a choice but also might find one they remember a family member using.

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