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I have stacks of mail to share with you all.  I am way behind on posting about it.  It seems mail goes in streaks.  I have a lot and then none.  After the Halloween fabric, there was no mail for a bit.  There was a box or two and I set them aside as there wasn’t enough to make a whole blog post.  Well, then I ended up opening the boxes and taking pictures.  I even had it all in a blog post but somehow that blog post that I started disappeared.  I went back and I think I found the photos, but I’m worried somethings didn’t get credited exactly like they were supposed to.  So, please forgive me if I’m wrong.  I really did try.

The first goodies came from Jacomina.  Check out the cute quilt.  It’s finished so this will go with the stack I have here going to the homeless shelter.  I like to send them bigger ones but sadly there are children that enter with their parents and there are those in wheelchairs that could use a little warmth.

Halloween prints were included too.

Check out the Irish Chain top…Backing fabric was included.

The next package came from a kind blog reader.  I was so excited about this package and cute card.

These colorful nine-patches are already in the hands of the next person on the community quilt chain.  I’m guessing before long we will see them in a finished quilt.

This was fun.  No note was with it but I’m making the assumption that this is fabric meant to be colored with these markers.  FUN.  I have some kiddos that will love this!  Thanks for thinking of us.

Sweet Debbie sent thread and asked me to send it along to the Cresco Quilting Ladies…They were so happy to get it.  It turns out the thread didn’t work with Debbie’s machine.  I’m sure they will use this for piecing.

This box from Barbara came at the perfect time.  I have a new community quilter that was looking for projects to finish!  These are perfect!!

There was a small quilt top in the box too.  Anyone interested in finishing it?  I have some tops here that need a finisher!

Edna sent the next box.  She’s been collecting scraps.

I dumped the box out and sorted out some of the reds for my next upcoming quilt that will be in American Patchwork and Quilting.

Here are the reds I found.  I need the variety.  THANKS!

Even more, goodies came.  This time Rosie was the recipient.

Kathy was so sweet and sent a set of embroidery floss.  I’ve been stitching a lot lately so your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Lesley sent the next box.  It was HUGE.  I was thrilled to get it as Julie who is doing some community sewing had used up most of the fabric I sent her.  These were bigger cuts and perfect for her to use to make pillowcases.  She makes lots of kids’ quilts to so a chunk of this I saved out and will deliver to her next time I’m that way.

Lesley asked if it was okay to send more my way.  YES.  It’s not only okay.  It’s fabulous.

There were so many fun fabrics that are going to go on to make so many great projects!

This was all flannel.  I saved a few pieces out for Jazz and will send them to her for backings for the baby quilts she makes.

All sorts of great prints!!

I saved a couple of these for Julie.  Remember the cute placemats that she made for the Meals on Wheels recipients in her area.  These I think will be great for that.

The back was seriously packed.

I sent these on to the Cresco ladies.  They use poly batts as well as cotton.  If you have a poly batting sitting around and don’t think you’ll use it, the ladies certainly will.

Check out all of these panels.  I passed these on to Julie too for the kids’ quilts she makes.

Lesley, you sent so many things I could pass on.  Everyone appreciates your donation.

Donna was so sweet.  She sent me an AWESOME larger cut of food fabric.  You all might remember I want to make another food quilt.   This mellon fabric is perfect.  Donna was hoping there might be enough for a backing or at least part of a backing depending on how big of a quilt I make.

Collen sent a great box of goodies.

There were a lot of vintage prints.  I love seeing them.

There were background prints.

This one I squealed about and grabbed up.  This is one of my all-time favorite reproduction background prints.  It’s the backing fabric of one of my quilts.  I was so sad when I used up the last bits of it.  Now it’s back.  YAHOO!!  I saved this piece for myself!!

This sweet card came from some quilters near Decorah that I passed goodies onto.  The card was signed by lots of ladies saying Thanks.  Sue my contact added a nice note telling about where the quilts they have been making have been donated.  I loved it!  The card is really a thanks to those of you who have gifted goodies.  THANKS.

Carol sent a nice box of upholstery fabric.  This will go to my friend who makes bags for walkers for people in the nursing home.  My friend prefers upholstery fabric for this.

Halloween fabric came from Dotti.  Connie sent some too.

Money for the postage fund came from Marybeth, Sue, and Teri.  Others added it to their packages.  You all have been generous with postage money so I ended up buying a roll of batting for both the Cresco Quilting Ladies and Ray.  This has made my heart so happy to have been able to do that!!  THANKS so much to every single person who has added to the Community Quilt Fund.

Joyce sent goodies…

These are all going to make some fun scrappy quilts!!

Laura sent a big box of goodies…

Many pieces were close to a finish.  I shipped those projects to Ray.  He has a church lady that helps him with projects like that.  

There were so many projects including the Cinderella panels and flannel.
There were quilt tops too.

WOW…this one is colorful!!

I love the prints in this one.

Fabrics too.

There were some surprises in the box too…a smart bracelet and a nice bag.  Karl is testing out the smart watch.

Sue in PA sent some goodies including a finished top. It’s so neat.

It is reversible.  I would have never thought to make a quilt like that.

Sue also picked up some projects after the ending sale of quilt quilt

This came with no return address…I loved these 30s prints!!  I’m collecting them so these stayed with me.

The next package came from Sue in TN.  She had some blocks she was gifted but didn’t want to mess with them.  These I’ll be saving for a postage auction coming up in March.

Aren’t this fun.  It’s color combos we likely wouldn’t put together but I love it!!

Julie sent the next package.  She is retiring from teaching and sent some goodies for Kayla…and for me.

I set these aside for Kayla.

There were fabrics.  I “stole” the John Deere fabric.  I’m guessing I’ll have to make some John Deere things before I’m done doing my grandma sewing.

I squealed over the doll and Barbie patterns.

These are my two favorites…why?  Some of the very first sewing I did was from the Barbie pattern on the left.  The pattern on the right was the pattern my sister used to make many of my clothes my doll had.  I can still tell you what kind of print each doll outfit was.  I ADORED playing with dolls and Barbies.

Thanks for the great memories Julie!!

Another package came from Missy.  It was shirt scraps that were awesome but I’ve lost the picture.  I’m so frustrated.  UGH.

That was A LOT…right??  Well, that’s about half of the things that have come lately.  I’ll have another mail post coming in the near future.

I hope I got everything right in this post.  The computer took my pictures and scrambled them.  This has not happened before so I hope it was just a fluke.  THANKS so much, everyone.  You’re so sweet to think of me, the childcare kids, Kayla, Karl, and the community quilt project.  I appreciate it all!

14 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Jo, I enjoy seeing all the goodies sent your way. You might want to delete the picture of the box that has Karen’s return address clearly visible

  2. Goodness, you have quite a haul there. It’s fun to see some fabrics that I’ve had over time as well. You will be well stocked for scrappy quilts for awhile. Happy sewing!!!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, that was only about half the quilts! After so little for so long. Your readers like to keep you busy. :)
    As to the tops and finished quilts. What a lovely set of finish or gift. They made my mouth water. That vivid one with pink in it. And that double-sided quilts were challenges got to try both. The double-sided quilt is a great idea.

  4. I like that pattern “five is enough”. I’m going to look for it!

    What a great batch of goodies. It’s like Christmas at your house all the time.

  5. In that picture of Rosie holding the new dog bone toy in her mouth, it looks like she doesn’t have a tail–then I found the white blur whipping back and forth so fast it could scarcely be seen in the picture! She was one happy dog at that moment!
    I have that Barbie doll pattern on the far right, 5356, and the baby clothes pattern 5947. I’ve used both and they are still in my pattern drawer. Can’t get rid of them yet.

  6. Wonderful treasures in the mail box. I have never seen that melon fabric and it would be a great backing for sure. It was nice to see all those Barbie patterns, brings back many fond memories of sewing them for our daughter. Rosie looks smitten with her new toy.

  7. Wow, quite the variety of things! I used that same Simplicity 7208 pattern a year ago to make view #6 for my nephew’s premie baby girl. I made 2 of them. They were so tiny, they both fit into a ziplock sandwich bag! They fit the baby perfectly, but not for long. That was the first thing I made during the pandemic. I don’t suppose I will forget that but it was nice to be reminded of it since everything turned out well for my nephew’s family.

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