In My Mail…

I am writing this all in one post…I probably should write two but I’m trying really hard to catch up again.  So grab a pop, fill your coffee cup, or whatever you need to do as this is going to be a long post.

My first box came anonymously.  It had goodies and some postage money…

The next package came from Carla.  She is a long time blog reader.  She sent postage money and goodies…

A letter came from Josephine in NY.  She sent postage money.  YAHOO!!  Thanks so much.  Your generosity is so appreciated.  There is so picture with this as there was nothing to take a picture of that didn’t include the person’s address.  MANY THANKS.

The next box came from Linda in WI…

There were batiks and patterns…

There were two packages that had unfinished projects in them.

I’ve been trying to decide if I should offer these to a finisher or put them on an auction.  What do you think?

This package also had cross stitch fabric that Kelli claimed right away.

The next package came from Tina in CA.  There were great goodies inside.  I’m hoping to add the charm packs to something I have here and make a charm pack quilt in the future as a charity quilt.  THANKS!!

The next package came from Dori.  She said she was gifted these two projects and haven’t done anything with them.  She decided to pass them and offer them to me to use for an upcoming postage auction.  WOW.  They are perfect.

There was a vintage quilt in the package too.

You likely don’t know but Dori was the person who donated that great quilt top that I finished for the animal shelter auction.  THANKS for the top and these precious goodies.

The next package came from Gayle in TN.  This was a big box and so fun.

Check out the precious card that she made…

There was great cross stitch goodies.

Check out the floss collection.  I’m loving this.

There were all sorts of fabrics.  I saved the red calico type one on the left for my house.  I used a similar piece for one of the charity quilts I recently did for border fabric and it worked really well.  I’m hoping if I need to do another quilt, this will be just what I need.

I recently contacted someone in southern Minnesota who is already doing a lot of charity type quilting.  She makes quilts for nursing home residents, makes placemats for Meals on Wheels, pillowcases and other things.  I put a box aside of goodies that will be passed to her.  She’s from Spring Valley, MN and I’ll be driving through there next month when I head back to the doctor to have my cancer stuff checked out again so I’ll drop it off then.

There were a couple of these blocks along with pieces to make more.

More scrappy goodies and a cat panel.

These were fun prints.

There were goodies for the kiddos in my life.  I think we’ll do the fans coming up in January when we’re past the holidays and need something fun.

This was a panel and matching fabric.

..and yes, even more, fun goodies.

Next came not one, not two, but THREE boxes from Susan in PA.

This was the contents of two of the boxes.

There were a couple of sheets along with some postage money.  YAHOO!!

In the box from Susan, there were several things grouped together as if they might be for a project.  There was this…notice how everything coordinates?

This set…

…and this one.

…and one more.  This one.  So cute!

There were a lot of John Deere prints.  I ended up keeping these.  When we had to make masks before, these were the most popular masks for little boys so I used up most of my stash of John Deere fabric.  I’m hoping I don’t have to make masks again and instead, these can be used for a quilt.

There were a few bigger pieces of fabric.  I ended up keeping a couple.

I had given away a big box of my backing fabric to the Cresco ladies as I hadn’t been finishing a lot of charity quilts.  I decided I’d rather have the fabric used than sit.  Well, then I needed to make the 6 charity quilts and didn’t have much of a selection for backings.

Saving a couple will help me out should that happen again.

I used to get so many backing fabrics at the thrift store but now I don’t go very often and now the fabric gets snapped up by the people who make masks.

So many cute fabrics!!

This was a pile of mostly batik scraps.

Then there was a charm pack and a bunch of flannels.

This was the third package from Susan in PA.

Fun prints.  I did snag the 30s print.  I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with them…I never really have and I feel like I missed out.

I received a great package that was filled with sheets asking that I pass them on to the Cresco ladies and also requesting that I don’t do an online recognition…but, I at least wanted to put a thank you right here.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The next box was HUGE!  It came from Valerie.

Look at it all!!

There were lots of neutrals….

Some batiks and a piece of a project that was fish/ocean themed.

There were all sorts of prints.  I believe these were mostly half yard cuts or more.

More fabric including this Bernina fabric.  I’ve not seen that before.

Here are smaller scraps.  Some look like they came from project leftovers.

Check out these pretty blocks…patterns too.

Lots of fall prints were in the bunch and bits and bobs (I’ve been watching too much British television.

The bag had a flannel project that was started.  There were novelty print and an open pack of charm squares.

There was so much in that box.  The Fed Ex man left it on the doorstep and it was about all I could do to wrangle it into the house.

A box came full of magazines and goodies from Karen.  THANKS!!

I also got two cards in the mail one from a friend in Lacrosse, WI and one from Des Plaines, IL.  Both sent money for the postage fund.  It’s very much appreciated as I sent out 9 packages last week!!  I think that might be a record number of packages.  That didn’t include any of the things from this mail call that will need to be sent out.

Thanks so much for all of you who so eagerly support the charity quilt project.  I really appreciate your kindnesses.

16 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Books & magazines can be shipped USPS media rate. It’s cheaper. Nothing else can be in the package. Might be cheaper to send two packages if there are several books/magazines.

  2. Y’all just keep on sending Jo all your fabric, supplies, and postage money! She distributes some of the fabrics to other charity sewists around the country to make quilts to be donated to facilities in their local areas. And we all are grateful!

  3. Love it!!! Such generosity – and faith that you will find good use for those fabrics, patterns, etc. Thanks for sharing your talents and organization, and for letting us enjoy the good will!

  4. A great variety of fabrics and patterns from very generous people. How fun, but it sure keeps you busy.
    Thank you for sharing all with us.

  5. You are a wonderful steward of the resources sent your way. Enjoy what you keep!

    I think you’ve got some great stuff for an auction. Everyone knows you need postage $ so auctions are such a wonderful way to share AND get what you need $ wise.

    Hugs to you.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Whoooeee talk about blessed girl you’re blessed so many beautiful pieces of fabric and semi finished projects you are going to have fun sorting and getting projects to go. Looks like Christmas came early for a lot of quilters and long armers. Thanks to all who have sent goodies.

  7. After watching both of you string videos today I went upstairs and sewed strings. I have a basket and a drawer full of them. I don’t usually like to work on strings because it makes a mess. I have 6 under my needle right now and did 4 others before dinner. It feel great to just sit and miindllessly sew these strips knowing something will come of them

  8. I am happy for you but I am surprised there are not local donation places, like quilt shops and sewing machine stores that will take fabric for charity sewing. Maybe it is just I who is blessed with such places. The sewing machine place even take books etc for their yard sale , then they use the money for postage and shipping expenses.

  9. I noticed the yellow bandanna print fabric in the third picture from the top – I have that in pink, then way down in the post I saw the red bandanna fabric as well. I liked the gingham in the flower garden hexies, but gingham is so fragile the hexie block would have to be backed with a solid white before it can be used in a quilt top. How do I know this….hmmm.
    I saw Beatrix Potter Fabric!! in the third box pic from Susan in PA!! How fun to see those little familiar creatures. Susan Branch, a writer at, considers Beatrix Potter her heroine for her life.
    Thank you for showing us all the Goodies! Best Wishes to all this Thanksgiving!

  10. What generous boxes in the mail and I loved seeing all those themed pieces. Kindness on so many levels is being shared. Nice long posts filled with kindness from others.

  11. So many wonderful fabrics for you and your fellow charity quilters! Wouldn’t I love to make a haul of all those neutral fabrics that came in those boxes!?! I’m also a scrappy type quilter & it’s always the neutrals that run out first! Just to be able to see and pet all those beautiful fabrics must be so much fun!

  12. Jo, aren’t people so kind and generous! And you in turn are the same.
    I so enjoy looking at the fabrics and almost get excited when I see some I have as well. Good to know these fabrics make their thready way around the world. Sewing room looking delightful even down to the little red watering can to make another cheery highlight.
    Cheers, stay safe, Dot

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