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I got to BIG STUFFED boxes in the mail.  They are from Inger in Marsing, ID.  My mail lady pulled up to the house and tried to carry the two boxes and my mail.  I saw her and hurried out to help.  The boxes were heavy.

There were all sorts of things in the boxes…piles of scraps…

…and these two big pieces on the left…that’s yardage of backing fabric.  The backing fabric I’m keeping here and will be using it finish some of the charity quilt tops that I have here.  What a blessing to have it.

There was a BIG pile of blocks that look like this…. Most of them are random pieces of fabric sewn together.  They would make great utility quilts for someone in need…and what fun it would be to check out all of the different fabrics in the finished quilts.

They are random sized.  Right now I have contacted a couple of my charity quilters to see if someone is interested in taking them and sewing them together for their charity organization.

See the pile of them…there are 67 blocks and most of them are pretty big.  I am certain several quilt tops could be made with them!!  They are so fun to look at!!  See….There were four blocks of these.  I am trying to find a home for them too.  If I don’t, I’m going to add some yellow borders to each of the blocks and make them into doll quilts for a group that makes them.
There was even a finished top with batting and backing included.  I’m adding this one to my pile of charity quilts that need to be quilted.  I have quite a few quilts in the pile right now.  If there is anyone who machine quilts for charity and could help me put a dent in the pile, please contact me…  I could easily send a few your way.  In return you could donate the finished quilts to a charity of your choice as long as you send us pictures of the finished quilts.

Inger has said there are more boxes to come…she is downsizing.  From the looks of it she’s gone through her neutral and yellow fabrics.  It’s going to be fun to get my mail for awhile for sure.

Inger said that she found the blog after buying a used Pfaff Grand Quilter and frame.  She had troubles with it and found the blog via her troubles as I often blogged about my troubles with mine.  She went on to ditch the frame and only use the machine which she loves….exactly what I did!  It always amazes to learn the story of how people find the blog.  There are so many stories out there.  It always humbles me to hear them….

Thanks a million Inger.  Your donations are going to go on and help many.  What I love most is that it doesn’t only help the person receiving the quilts.  It helps the people who are doing the work to get them made by providing support and often socializing opportunities.  Thanks in advance to the many hands who will make this fabric become quilts.

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  1. Jo, could you give more information about the paper you use for paper piecing. What $ store do you buy from: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc. You and your family are so busy, I am always amazed at how much you do. Cannot wait each day to see what you have to share with all of us. Thank you.

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