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Last week I did two blog posts back to back about what was in my mail.  I was so excited.  I thought I was caught up…NOT.  Six boxes and an envelope came last week!  So I’m writing mail posts again.  As I always say, it’s a good problem to have.

The mailman came just as I was pulling out of the house and had three packages.  He said one package was huge- 38 pounds.  They tease me a bit at the post office whether I get more packages or send out more packages.  Some weeks the race is pretty close.

This box came from Jean in WI.  It’s a big 38-pound box!  There was so much stuff.  Jean was cleaning out and getting rid of things that no longer were exciting to her.

There were lots and lots of patterns…

…including block of the month patterns.

…and more complex patterns with applique.

There were kits…let me know if anyone wants to buy them with the money going to the postage fund, or if anyone wants to finish them for a charity.

Here’s another project that is cut and ready to sew!

Check out the cute panels…

There were so many goodies in the box.  Do you see some calicos?  I spotted them right away.  I took them and put them in my collection.  I kept the charm pack too.  I often keep them and then if someone comes to me and says they want to learn to sew, I pull out the charm pack and away we go!  I also like having them as a leader and ender project making a simple charm square quilt that I donate to charity.

There were even more goodies.  There was a ziplock full of calico prints…some minke type fabric and some cute blocks that were hand pieced.  I am saving those out and they will go on an auction here on the blog to raise money for postage.

This is mostly 30’s prints including the charm pack and jelly roll.  I’ve been wanting to make a 30s print quilt.  I have a bucket that I’ve been saving fabric in and I think I’m going to save these for me.  Once I get my UFOs more caught up I really want to make a couple of quilts, one in calicos and one in 30s prints.

There was a lot of coordinating prints…I think these will go to the Cresco ladies.  They have been making 3-yard quilts and I think there might be enough here to make a couple.

There were lots of panel prints.  They all were so cute!!

As if all of the above goodies weren’t enough, there was more.  Quilt tops now…check them out…
What a cute way to use a panel!!

This one was pretty small and might need a couple of more borders to bring it to size.  I contacted Ray, the longarmer, and asked him if he would be interested.  He said yes.  He has a lady from his church that has been working with him to do some jobs like this.

I was so excited to hear that.

Here was another quilt.  There are more pieces and fabric with it.  I didn’t take the time to see how much is there.  Maybe enough for more blocks?

This was precious but also a little small…Borders could easily be added to it though.

This was so cute.  The blocks are panels and then this ombre fabric was used for the sashing.  It was very interesting.

Here is another that is done the same way.  I never know how to use those ombre fabrics so I loved seeing this idea.

I really like the fabrics in the next quilt.  The tropical type prints are awesome.

This was an interesting quilt.  I’d love to make something like this.  I reminded me a bit of that Gypsy Wife quilt.

This top was bigger…Rosie was being a trouble and wanted to lay on all of the quilts.

Rosie and I ended on compromising that she could stand by the quilts…just not lay on them.

There were two Christmasy tops.  I really liked this block.

This was a narrow project.  I’m guessing she lost interest and wanted to be done.  I think we can still make something usable from it.  Adding some borders on the sides only will square it up and make it into a useable quilt.  If you have strips of fabric that don’t match, making a quilt like this is an awesome way to use them up!!  I love the idea.

Now Rosie was pouting.  The poor dog.

I love the sashing in this quilt.

Even more pouting on Rosie’s part…

WOW…what a lot of tops.

Ray said to send it all his way!!  He was up for tackling these.  I ended up opening more mail, and as long as I had a box open and designated to send to Ray, I found a few more things to send his way.

The next thing that came my way was this Mickey Mouse hat.  Karl was so sweet and delivered some quilty goodies to a gal in Decorah who quilts with a group of friends.  She knew some of my grandkids were Mickey Mouse fans so she gave this hat to Karl to give to me.

I ended up putting it on and then face-timing the kids.  They thought it was funny!!

I hope I’m not wrong but I think this box was from Linda.  There was no note so I’m not positive.

She had some fun things in the box…

I kept the tractor fabrics.  Thinking I might have to make more masks at some point or Carver and Gannon might like quilts.

This fun project start was in there.  I love it.  I typically don’t see bargello style quilts in these colors.  So many are batik.

This top was big and I am sending it off to Lori who finishes quilts for Sharehouse.  There was some green matching fabric that went with it too.  So pretty!!

This fun one will be finished by Ray.

There were unfinished blocks too!!  The pile on the right had many in it!

Next in the mail was an envelope.  This came from Oregon.  That’s all I know.  A note on the outside of the envelope said “For future blog auction”.  This was inside…Check it out.  It’s a sugar sack.  At the time it was printed, a doll could have been made with the fabric.  How cute!!  I love it.
So watch for this on an upcoming auction.  THANKS, blog reader in Oregon!!

This box came from Kim.  She also sent postage money which is so appreciated.  I sent out about five packages last week and how many more to go out this week!

Here is what was in Kim’s box…

Check out all of the goodies…

This cute Minkee project was so plush.  I need to find a home for him.  I might put him on an auction and use the money towards postage.  Do you think would be a good idea?

There is a stack of these blocks.  If someone is interested let me know.  I put a note to someone but as of the writing of this, I haven’t heard back from them.

There were these blocks too.  There are 30ish of each so enough for a quilt top if some sashing were included.

I found a home for this cute piece.  A Quilt of Valor gal, Nancy of Wyoming Breezes blog said she’d happily take them.

I sent this stack of blocks her way too…

There was fun fabric too!!

This top is going with the things for Ray.  He has a gal that will finish the top and Ray will quilt it.

I sent the next two tops to Ray too.  This was fun and scrappy.

This one is totally my speed.  I love the colors.  There was extra fabric that could be used for a border, binding, or part of a backing…

I can’t wait to see what Ray does with them.

The next box came from Kathy in IL.

Kathy wrote a note and said she was passing one some novelty prints.  Oh, they are so cute!  Kathy also sent some postage money.  THANKS SO MUCH!!

This is batch one…

This is batch two…

There were also some other fun prints.  I love the farmer fabric and saved that one for me in a “someday pile”.

There were also a few started projects.  I’ve found homes for these already.  YAHOO!!  I did save out the fabric with screws on it.  I thought if I have to make masks for Carver again, I’ll use this fabric.

It was so sweet of you all to send goodies my way.  I’m passing most of it on to those you make quilts for charity and they will do wonderful things with it all.  How fun to be a part of such a wider network!!


Thank you for considering a donation to cover charity quilt shipping costs.

12 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. I have bonus triangles from snowballing corners on a quilt, they are small. They were only 2.5inch squares. Are these something someone would use or should they be tossed?
    I know I would not do something with that small of a HST but……
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I’d take the snowball(ish) blocks in the bright colors if no one else is interested. My guild makes quilts for the SNICU unit at UIHC and I think those would work well!

  3. So many beautiful quilts and quilt blocks, and so much fabric, how fun! Im so amazed how people can work so hard on making some of these quilts and then give them away. They are very generous people and many souls will be blessed by them. Thanks, Jo for all you do to coordinate the finishings.

  4. Wow, Jo! Beautiful quilts and blocks. I would love any blocks, kits or novelty fabric you want to pass along. Our Guild makes quilts for foster children.

  5. The fabrics from Kathy would be a great I Spy quilt. We donate lots of those. The kids love them and if you use a D9P pretty easy to make.

  6. What generous folks, those that send stuff and those that finish them off for others. I loved all those novelties fabrics that came your way. The feed sack doll is adorable. What beautiful quilt tops in the mail.

  7. The one you mentioned the tropical fabrics — that looks like a Sudoku quilt. There are nine 9-patches using 9 fabrics. Each fabric is placed in its 9-patch such that it’s not in the same row or column as another matching fabric. I have thought about doing a Sudoku quilt at some point. I’d definitely want to use 9 fabrics that I just loved and also that had some decent contrast.

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