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It’s another mail call day.  I’m trying to catch up.  One of the readers who send goodies recently wrote, “You probably don’t need another box of stuff to distribute, but here it is”.  That made me laugh.  I have become quilt the distributor and that’s okay with me.

This box came from Sue.

Inside were these blocks and more pieces to possibly make more blocks.  Oh, I loved the colors of this…funny thing is, Sue said they were not her colors and that’s why she was passing the project on.

The next box came from Rachel.  I’ve met Rachel as she was a Bonnie Hunter retreat attendee a couple of times.   Rachel said she inherited a project from someone and it’s not her style so she’s ready to pass it on.

Does anyone do this style of quilting?  It’s amazing and very beautiful but my style isn’t handwork.  If you’re interested in finishing this project, please let me know.

It really is pretty and from what I can see, the work that has been done on this is really nice.

These were in the box too.  Some log cabin blocks.  There aren’t a lot but enough to make a smaller top I think.  The colors are fun and scrappy.

Rachel also sent magazines.  I don’t get this magazine so these will be fun to page through.  I’m a bedtime reader so these are perfect.

I got a note and a cookbook from a blog reader.  The note wasn’t signed so I’m not sure who to credit.  I’ve spent a lot of time already paging through this.  She sent it as there were several different Whoopi Pie recipes in the book.  She read the blog and knew I was searching for a Whoopi Pie recipe.  I will for sure be trying these…

Yep, all of these and more recipes for Whoopi Pies.

I did try a different recipe in here for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.  I’ll write a blog post about them soon.  Let’s just say, Carver and Karl asked me to make more already.

There were two boxes from Kathi in TX.  They were fun ones.  Kathy wrote and said she sent boxes out to Ronda and Janet but saved back a few things she thought I might like….she was so right.  She was doing some of that quarantine cleaning many of us have been doing.  I want to thank Kathy for the donations to Ronda and Janet!!  Now onto the boxes.

Here are the goodies…You can see I had the boys here while I was taking photos…they were playing Legos at the other end of the table.

There were LOTS of patterns.  I will be checking these out for sure.  There are a couple of Country Threads patterns that I don’t have.

There were wonderful print and I kept most of them.  They are so pretty.

There were strip packs too…LOVE the reds…

Check out the charm packs.  I loved this fabric line but didn’t get any when it came out.  I saved these…So fun!!

Here are some Christmas fabrics.  Typically I’m not a Christmas fabric girl but I liked these…

Check out this kit…Oh my.  I love the blues.

The colors are great.  Oh my.  It took me a lot not to run and cut into these.

I was a little confused by the tag.  It says it’s a kit for a quilt in the book “Simple Comforts”.  But the pattern is here and not in a book….and there is no reference to a book that I see with the pattern.  So so the kit and pattern go together.  It sure looks like they could.

I think Kim Diehl has a book called Simple Comforts.  Hmm.  I’m confused.  I’ll l have to take the kit apart and compare it to the pattern.

Regardless, I love it all.  I feel like a friend when shopping for me and bought me all the things I would have picked out myself.  That was so sweet.

I’m feeling bad about this next box.  I can’t remember who it is from.  UGH.  I know one box that came lately came anonymously.  I don’t remember if this one was the one that did.  The boys were here as I was taking pictures and I wasn’t concentrating as much as I should have been.  I do love what it inside very much and more importantly, I already passed much of it on to the Cresco gals and their longarm was thrilled!!

Here is what was inside…

These are all bigger chunks of fabric.

You can see the note on this one…

There were some fun prints too…

You can see Gannon all excited about the truck fabric.  When he sees truck type things he says, “Whee-ow-Whee-ow-Whee-ow”.  You can see by the picture that he is saying that.  He carried that piece of fabric around the house for quite a while saying that.

..more great fabrics.

I loved this one.  I kept it and will swap it for something in my stash.  The dog isn’t all the way beagle looking but close enough for me to love it!

Oh my…these fun blocks were in there too.  Check out the giraffe and elephant.  I love the blocks!!

Thanks so much to the many who sent goodies.  Everything will be put to good use…as I said, the Cresco ladies were already here and picked up a couple of boxes of things.  They thank you as well.  What fun packages!!

Thank you for considering a donation to cover charity quilt shipping costs.

12 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. The bundle of fabric that is tied with blue ribbon is a kit for a quilt titled “Whirligigs” in Kim Diehl’s book titled “Simple Comforts”.

  2. The bundle of fabric that is tied with blue ribbon is a kit for a quilt titled “Whirligigs” in Kim Diehl’s book titled “Simple Comforts”.

  3. I found the Simple Comforts book on Amazon where you could look at some of the pages. The tag on the fabric you received said Whirligigs and there is a pattern by that name in the book. Hopefully that is the pattern that was included with your fabric.

  4. The blocks are Hawaiian applique blocks. Maybe you could add them to an auction.

    Love all the fabric. Glad you kept some. I think quilters who send goodies expect you to keep some. :)

  5. I would take that first project in a heartbeat!!! Those colors aren’t what I would buy if I was doing the shopping, but they speak to me when paired with each other. I know I say this every time, but what a good haul, Jo!

  6. You have the best mail and I so enjoy seeing what others pass on to you. How cute that Gannon played with the truck fabric all day. Those boys make me smile.

  7. So many beautiful gifts of fabric. I know you would will be making many quilts with it and passing on what you feel you should share. What do you have in mind for the giraffe and elephant? I can’t wait to read your post about the peanut butter cookies. We all need another good cookie recipe!! Since it’s coming from an Amish cookbook I’m sure it will be delicious.

  8. You really have been a quilt distributor lately. I’d like to hear why whopping pies are so popular in IOWA when my DD got married recently her fiancé insisted they have whopper pies. His GM made them she lives in IOWA!

  9. I would love the blocks you are looking for a home for that are Hawaiian applique. My sister lived in Hawaii for 38 years prior to her passing away with colon cancer 4 years ago. She and her daughter sent me a quilt book with patterns to make a quilt from blocks like that. I have not gotten to it due to my sisters death. But, her daughter is alive and well and it would give me a boost to make a quilt for her from the blocks and I have the patterns to make more blocks to go with them if need be. Let me know what you think.

    Thank you,

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