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Before I get to today’s post I had an email from a blog reader, Debra.  She writes, “Could you ask your followers for me if they have the Civil War Tribute sampler pattern available for me to purchase? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much Jo. Love your blog and read it daily. You are an inspiration to me. Oh, my email address is if someone has one for sale.”

Debra’s email along with others got buried.  Since I’ve had Kalissa’s boys here so much (she’s a nurse and covid is raging plus Carver is on quarantine and no one else can take care of him) I haven’t had a chance to dig into emails.  I promise I will when time allows.  Right now I’m just trying to keep up with the new stuff that comes in.

Anyway, Debra sent a second email so rather than wait for an “Ask Jo” post where I usually but these requests, I’m bumping in and putting it here.

This is the quilt she’s looking for a pattern for.

If you have a kit or the pattern and you’re willing to part with it,  please contact Debra at the email above.

Now to today’s post…

Mail Call…Mall Call!!

My first box came from Katy.  She was wondering if the goodies she was sending were something that I was interested in.  The answer is YES!!  These are awesome!!

Aren’t these wonderful!!

Coordinating fabrics were included that can be used for backings or bindings.

This was a fun top that was included.

Here is a quilt with a design that is great for a donation quilt.  Remember I have that dog fabric that I want to make a quilt with.  This would be a cute design as I don’t want to cut that fabric into really small pieces.

This next one would be fine as is but would also be great to add to it to make a larger Quilt of Valor.

The prints in these next two were SO CUTE!!

Several of these smaller ones were sent to a church friend of mine.  She has a friend she quilts with and her daughter works in the neonatal unit.  Their group was thinking they wanted to start giving quilts to the unit.  My friend said they would happily finish these for them and donate them on.

This next one was really nice too.  What a lot of work…  It’s so pretty.
Katy, you can send goodies like this anytime.  I will find a home for it all!!  What you sent was perfect.

Cheryl in Dallas sent …a card….THANKS Cheryl!!

This box came in the mail one day all by itself.  It said “Box 1 of 2”.  Hmm.  Where is the partner box?  It came two days later.  That always amazes me!!

The two boxes were from Sue in IL.  What a lot of goodies all packed in a single box!!

I unloaded the box…just look at it all!!

There were lots of charm packs and goodies.  There is Carver’s hand in the photo ready to grab something.  He thinks charm packs are so cute!  I am saving the plaid fabrics for cross stitch finishes or just to go with my shirt fabrics.

There were flannels and fleece.  I asked the Cresco ladies if they do anything with fleece and the answer was a quick YES.  They use it for backings regularly.

Here were notions…and other goodies including jeans cut into rectangles.

There were LOTS of patterns.  I haven’t seen many of them.  What a treat to check them all out.  There were two eagle patterns that caught my eye.

Here are a couple larger pieces of fabric and a started wall hanging.

There were scraps…always my favorite.

All of that was in box #1…then on to box #2.

Here is what was in that box….

The bag on the right was all flannels.  They all match wonderfully.

The next bag had lots of different fabrics from homespun to 30s to novelty prints.  What a variety!!

The last package was all panels for making things…from vests to rabbits.

WOW!  What a variety of things all in one box.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies my way.  It’s so sweet of you to think of me!

7 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Hi Jo, FYI, the panels to make things from I have, in the past cut them up in strips & used the directions as neutrals, It’s all fabric cut it up & use it as a color!

  2. Hi Jo, I am catching up on the blogs and had a couple comments. I can’t read blogs everyday. I know, everyone’s story :) I want to say: don’t think Kramer’s Social Security (called RSDI by the SSA office) has slipped away from you. He has saved it up so it will be ready for you when you are eligible to retire. :) Same as it was for my mom when my dad died before he started to collect. Your post of the other day regarding COVID. In some odd way your story on COVID in Iowa makes me feel better when I turn down so many invitations to places where I know COVID can spread. My family is lucky that it doesn’t have to go anywhere) other then a weekly trip to the grocery store). We go nowhere because we have too many friends and relatives who work at the hospital (doctors/nurses and others) or have health conditions. It is no sacrifice on our part to protect the lives of others. We have no other way to be heroes during COVID

  3. I have done the same as Joey with panels to make things. I especially like the instructions — I LOVE text fabric! :)

  4. I agree with Joey and mvp about the panel pieces. They make such interesting neutrals. I also cut up cloth bags that some food and products are packed in.

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