In My Mail….

I had an anonymous donor strike.  See all of these boxes??  They were all from the same blog reader and all were sent annonymously.

You can see on the package that my address is also the return address.  I know people don’t want me to know who sent it when they do that.

There were so many goodies in the boxes.  This is box #1.

All of this was flannel fabrics.

There were a lot of bright scraps.  It was more than scraps but some weren’t as big as fat quarters so I guess somewhere in between.

There was a big chunck of flannel.  All of that is going to the Cresco ladies.

There were scrap bags too.  One was entirely batiks.

This is what was in the next box….

Magazines!!  I’ve never read Quilter’s Home before so that will be interesting.

There was lots more flannel and batting scraps.  I’m guessing this quilter was on a rag quilt kick as that’s what it looks like to me with all of the flannel and batting scraps but who knows.  It’s just a guess.

The next box had bags of fabrics and scraps.

Check out all of the batiks.

… and here is the other bag of fabric all laid out.

One of the scrap bags was batiks.  The other was regular scraps.

This is the last box….

Fun scraps.  Many matched some of the fabrics from the first box.

There were quilt books too.

Here are the fabrics that were packaged in the bag.  I picked a couple of these out to add to my taupe collection.  I’ve made a couple quilts with that collection and it’s getting low.

I have a wedding on New Years Eve and I was thinking a taupe quilt might be just what I should make.  We’ll see.  I have time yet before I have to worry about it too much.

Can you believe all that was sent to me??  WOW.  It was so sweet of someone to take the time and the expense to send it my way.  I’m thrilled to be able to pass along some flannels to the Cresco ladies.  They always make such nice things with them!!

To whomever sent these packages, thanks so, so, so much!!  Your kindness is so appreciated.

10 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. I bet the sender knew you’d put all of that to good use!! And looks like she’s been doing some of what I’ve been doing–clearing out old magazines. I’d go through each one and see if there was anything I still wanted to make and, if not, tossed them in one pile. If our guild was meeting, I could drop the magazines off as they always had a table with the magazines for 25 cents. Not a lot of money, but every little bit helps in a quilt guild!

  2. That’s quite a load of fabric, etc. there. As for the magazine Quilter’s Home, that was my favorite magazine. There is only one, maybe two quilt patterns included. It’s the only magazine that I read cover to cover. I hope you enjoy the magazines. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! What a blessing to receive. I never new flannel could come in such lovely colors. Those batics are so pretty . Thank you anonymous and thanks Jo for sharing. I’ll be looking at flannels on.

  4. Looks like you hit the fabric jackpot! Lots of beautiful pieces that will turn into some great quilts for people in need.

  5. What a blessing! Between you, the Cresco ladies, and others, there will be a lot of quilts and happy people!
    Love and prayers

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