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Before I get to tonights post:
Quilted Twins had sold out of the kit for our quilt Azure Skies. They are back in stock but there is only a limited quantity. If you missed out the first time, order quickly while they still have some in stock. Here’s the link.…/Azure-Skies—Designed…

First off a funny…
I ordered this pattern from Stash Unload back in June.

It didn’t come and didn’t come and didn’t come.  I checked tracking and it said was delivered to my door by USPS sometime around the 4th of July.  I don’t remember the exact date.

I went outside and looked and looked and looked.  I check the shrubs, everything.  No package.  I chalked it up to the wind blowing it away.  I hoped it would get to a neighbors house and they would give it to me.

Nope.  That never happened.  I was bummed but didn’t order a new pattern.  I just figured I wasn’t destined to stitch it.

Then a package came in the mail about a week ago.  I looked.  I figured one of you sent me something.  Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found the pattern and this note.

WOW.  Weird.  My pattern took a trip to the IRS before it came to me!!  I guess I am destined to stitch this!!  In fact, it might be my next stitch.  We’ll see.

I got more dog fabric in the mail.  Some time ago I had lamented that I wish I could find more of this fabric…
Many of you helped me out including June in NY who sent these two.  YAHOO!  I’m guessing I have enough to make a quilt now.   THANKS!!  Now to get some time to come up with a great design.

Lori was so sweet and sent postage dollars to reimburse me for the package I sent her recently.  That’s not necessary but really sweet.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

These blocks came to me from Colleen.  She also sent postage money.  I will be passing these along to a local quilt group from Decorah that has asked if I have anything to share.  THANKS Colleen.

The next box was from Sandy in UT.   She’s a newer blog reader and wanted to jump in and support the charity quilt project by donating fabric.  Oh my, a lot was packed into this box!!

Here it all is…WOW!

This was cute…I love that fabric.

I try to sort the fabric that comes in a bit.  I thought these could all be used together.

I think that would make a great quilt…

As would this…  Hmm, I can’t wait to see what the Cresco ladies come up with.

This is all scraps…I’m sure they will all find a home in a quilt.

These all coordinate….

..and they coordinate with these panels.

This is such a fun print.  It would look so cute surrounding a quilt.

There was a collection of fabrics that had “words” on them.  I love that style of fabric.

This was a fun print with these cute little Asian girls on it!

Last, there were fabrics that really didn’t coordinate with anything.  I’m sure the Cresco ladies will find something in their stash to go with it.
WOW…See what I mean when I said the box was PACKED!!

The next box came from Joann in the San Francisco Bay area.  She sent quilt tops…lots of them.  She also wrote a note that said, she was wondering if I knew anyone in the San Fransico Bay that finished quilt tops.  I don’t…That got me thinking that I wish we had some type of database to connect quilters with finishers.  Hmmm.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I’m going to talk to Kayla about it and see if there is anything we can come up with.

I know many quilters prefer to donate to their local area and I completely understand that.

Joann’s work is fabulous!  This is a “one charm pack top”.

Here is another quilt that could be made with a charm pack.

This one was fun.  The rectangle blocks all have a “shadow” to them.

This one was made with Downton Abbey fabric.  You can see the design is four patches teamed up with hourglass blocks.

This one was bigger…It looks like it could have been a block of the month.

I put it in a mailer and sent it off to Lori who finishes quilts for Sharehouse, a drug rehab center.

This one was fun!!

The last in the bunch was giant.  I sent this one to Cheryl in Dallas.  She needs large quilts and always does such a wonderful job.

I’m guessing this is a Fig Tree fabric line but not positive.  So pretty.

Thanks for the tops, Joann.  These are going to be loved for sure!!

If anyone is in the SF Bay area, and you enjoy finishing quilt tops for donation, please leave a message in the comments and we’ll try to get you hooked up with Joann.  THANKS!

I thought I was all caught up but there came the mail….another box.  I’ll save that one for the next mail call post.

Thank you for considering a donation to cover charity quilt shipping costs.

8 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. So many donations! Love the cute dog fabric gifted to you, Jo. I like to see when you make a collection of coordinating fabrics. Many will benefit from these donations. What a funny story about your mail, too.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The IRS no less.
    Saw the yellows, oranges browns and tans and thought Autumn splendor. What a fabulous quilt it will be.

  3. Wonderful fabrics and quilt tops! I like the fabrics you put together to give people ideas of what would coordinate.

    Anyone would be lucky to receive these quilts.

  4. Love all that fabric – I know the Cresco ladies will do wonderful things.
    I had to smile at the package from the IRS, of a places. We were to have 2 boxes waiting for us when we arrived at the campground in Branson., MO. One showed up the day after we left (we were there for a week) and the other was lost. The first one was forwarded by the campground (so sweet) to where we were, the other showed up at the end of the month. We had put a claim in for it. She wrote our final destination on it to be delivered to us and they returned to sender. Ugh. That’s not all the happened with that box but you get the picture. There’s always something, isn’t there?
    Love and prayers

  5. Again great mail and how generous of quilters! Your lost mail is scary considering all the people voting by mail this year!!!

  6. Christine Jernigan

    Haha! Jo YOU are the database ! I see one quilt top has elephants fabric in it, and one scrap sent to you was green/white elephants…perhaps it could be the backing or binding for the quilt top depending on how much fabric there is?? Love all your blogs…so inspirational.

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