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My mailbox has been busy and I think it will be busy in the near future too.  I’ve had several boxes and letters come in besides what I am telling you about today and I’ve had several people ask for my address as they plan on sending something to me.

Before I get to the actual boxes I want to tell you about a few emails and phone calls I’ve gotten.  My blog friend Jean and others have contacted me with requests for my blog friend Nell’s email address.  Nell teaches on an Indian reservation and she teaches a quilting class.  I mentioned that in a blog post and many have contacted me wanting to send donations Nell’s way.

Jean shared her thank you card that Nell and her class sent.  How sweet.  I love that you all are helping Nell teach these kids valuable skills.

Today’s first package came from Elaine.  She was so sweet as she sent all of this as well as postage money.  I so appreciate it!!

Elaine’s box was full of great goodies.  Here is a kit to do a three yard quilt.

This UFO was in the box.  I haven’t decided for sure but I’m thinking about keeping this and finishing it myself.  I have a couple benefit quilts I need to do next year and this would make a great quilt.

There were coordinating scraps…and I think these cheater blocks need to go in the project too.

There were scraps too…

..and more scraps.  I snitched a couple of the greens as I have a quilt I’m saving greens for.

There were lots of these blocks.  They are scraps pieces randomly sewn together.  These will make a fun quilt.

Thanks so much for thinking of the charity quilt project Elaine!!  All of these are goodies are so appreciated.

The next box was…actually two boxes from the same blog reader, Nancy.

Nancy said she was destashing her sewing room.  WOW, she sent some great projects.

There were patterns…

There were UFOs.

When these came I got note in the mail from a reader in Houston, TX.  She makes baby quilts for Harris Health (the Harris County, TX indigent hospitals) and lap quilts for the residents of the Goldberg Towers, a subsidized residence for the elderly near my home.  She wrote, “I buy all my own fabric, batting, and supplies and bring boxes and bags of finished quilts to each site. I intend to continue doing this as long as I can afford to, but I’d really appreciate the opportunity to use some donated tops and/or supplies”.

These boxes came at the perfect time.  I have some projects I’ll be able to send to her.

This is almost finished. I think it’s meant to be wall hanging but a border could be added and it could be a nice kid quilt.

This was a Christmasy and cute.

From looking at the things that Nancy sent I’m guessing she did some programs through a quilt shop..the kind you get a block each month….

This looked like a fun project.  I don’t know if a charity quilt will want to do this quilt or if they’ll choose to use the fabric for something else.

There were tops in the box too.  This is a fun four patch.

I really loved this one too.  It’s an eye spy quilt.

Check out how the novelty prints were cut and sewn into four patches.

It was so cute.  I love it!!  I know a child will really love this.  I thought about keeping it for the benefit I need a quilt for.  It’s so cute.  We’ll see…

I really liked this quilt top too.

I’m a sucker for anything in the red, white and blue color scheme.

This quilt is fun..and how easy of a design!!  I am continually reminded the cute quilts don’t have to complicated.

This project I pulled and might send to LaNan if she is interested.  Isn’t it a fun setting??

I need someone to finish these…they would need to be donated for a fund raiser.  They are both really cute.  If there is an auction benefit, these would be perfect for that.  If you’re interested in finishing them, let me know.

What great goodies Nancy!!

This box came from Ila.  She’s always blessing me with goodies.  These Cashew Clusters have been a favorite of mine.  I have looked and haven’t found them in my area.  The problem now, when Kramer was living, he didn’t eat nuts so I had the bag to myself.  Now Karl’s here and he loves them as much as I do!!

There were other goodies in the box too.

Batiks!  I snatched them and put them in my batiks scrap boxes.

More fabric scraps.  The gray one went in my gray box.  I have a quilt I’ve been collecting grays for.

Magazines.  I love reading them before bed at night.  I don’t subscribe anymore so it’s a treat.  My favorite magazines are the old ones from the 80s and 90s.

Here was a walking foot for a Singer.  I’m going to check and see if it would work on my 15-91.

I’ve always admired those stars that are made with prairie points.  It’s a little putzy for me to make but I’ve so admired them.

These gray blocks were fun.

There were more scraps from those blocks in the goodies here.  I ended up sending them to the Cresco ladies.  I thought about keeping them…but I keep telling myself YOU CAN’T KEEP EVERYTHING.

I tell myself that the ladies should have some fun things too!!

Thanks so much Ila…you’re the best!!

I got my Instant Ink today too.  I’ve told you before but I love the program.  I pay a monthly fee and they send me the ink when I need it.  I was spending so much on ink when I was doing childcare and would run out mid printing. UGH.  I switched to this and it was perfect.

Now that I’m not doing as much childcare, I stepped my plan down.  I’ve heard from many people who have tried it and have loved it too.  I also love that I don’t pay a higher price if all of my copies were in color!!  HERE is a link if you want to give it a try.  The first month is free!

I will recommend this again and again.

That’s all for today’s mail.  I have more to write about so if you sent a package and it didn’t make this post, no worries…it’s coming.

13 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Oh how I covet your mailbox…. It’s so wonderful you are being blessed with so much to continue blessing others too. Love the old magazines too – it’s always a treat to see what you are given and then able to redistribute. Love the I spy quilt for the children. All those prints! And the prairie point star!

  2. Jo; You really provide a great service by accepting all these donations and moving them along. What a group you have developed for charity work. Your heart is really in the right place. The world needs more people like you. I love following your blog. Someone recently said to me, I don’t follow blogs, I read FB.

    I much rather hear what’s going on with you than scan Facebook. Keep up the good work. When my box for you is full, it will be sent along.

  3. What a mail call!! Today our mail held political ads but no bills so I guess that’s a plus. Yes I’d be happy to help you out. Looks like I’ll have a busy winter sewing away!! Maybe that means we will have a blizzard or two!! I donated three of the quilts to the camp. One sold right away and the other two are still in the ‘store’. I tried to send you pictures but iPad, computer and phone updated and I’m having a difficult time doing things the ‘old’ way!!! Thanks for thinking of me and looks like you will have some fun too!!

  4. So fun to see your mail. It looks like the walking foot is for a slant needle Singer. Do you have a 301 or one of those?
    Been working some on quilt magazines. I had too many. Now to get a handle on the scraps. My bottleneck to quilt completion is the layering and quilting. I have the tops. Working at figuring this out.
    We have had some blazing co lots in our trees this year. The yellows are glowing.
    Beth in NH.

  5. I’d love to get the extra UFO projects. My quilting group is earning money to build a Fiber Arts Center in our village. The group makes over 300 quilts and 400 surgical caps for children in one year and donates them all to charities in Mesa. Plus we have a knitting and crochet group that makes many baby hats for hospitals and lap afghans for senior resident centers. We have our own longarm machine housed in a tiny room but want a room that is large enough to house the longarm in its own space but also has a classroom and work room areas. We’ve been holding fundraiser raffles and quilt auctions to help fund the project. Anything you could send our way would help us raise money to build a building that would help us make even more quilts for those in need. This morning our group presented our building proposal to our HOA board. This is the fourth year we’ve worked on it and feel confident that it will proceed forward. Thank you for your consideration.

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