In My Mail…

I’m trying to get caught up with my mail again…(aren’t I always saying that??)  I have several things to show you.

Check out this box that came.

There was a card inside.  The goodies are from Doris.  Check out the wonderful card she made.  Oh my.  I love it.

Here is what was inside….

There were patterns for me to check out….

There were two quilt tops….  Rosie is checking this one out.

She was sniffing and sniffing.  I told her to sit and then she gave me this face.

Then she wouldn’t look at the camera.  Silly dog.

I think she was excited about this quilt as it is a dog-themed quilt.  Check out some of these…

Oh my…so cute!!

Dori said I could find a home for these…I already have a home for this one.  ME…I’m finishing it!!  The local Humane Society is having a fundraiser and they asked if I would make a quilt.  Well, I’ll be finishing this one and donating to them.  THANKS Dori.  I so appreciate your helping me help them.

Dori sent another awesome quilt top.  Check it out….

The colors are great and I love this neutral print.  It says, faith, love, hope, friendship on it.  This would be the perfect gift quilt for someone going through cancer treatment or a health struggle.

The colors are a wonderful softness.

There were other fabrics in the box too.

Thanks so much Dori.

This cute quilt top came from Monique in KY.  It’s simple and Christmasy…Simple can be so pleasing.

A blog reader sent me embroidery floss.  YAHOO!!  I have no idea who it was.  There was no note in the envelope.  I thank you for thinking about me.

Connie sent me a thank you and a great pattern and Moda Candy.  The Moda Candy is called “Crazy for Red”.  Bahahaha….I laughed right out loud.  Connie always teases me for my love of the color red!!  It was the perfect gift.  So sweet!!

I got a note from Nell.  She teaches a quilting class in a reservation school. They are always looking for fabric.  If you have some you want to donate…let me know and I’ll connect you up with Nell.  I helped get some fabric to her in the past.

I got a thank you card for from Jean….what a cute card!!

I got a memorial gift from Janet.  You might remember that I had intentions to buy planters for Kramer’s gravestone.  Janet contacted me and asked if she could gift that to me.  How sweet.  I have to admit, it made me tear up.  THANK YOU so much!

Thanks to the many people that sent goodies to my mailbox.  I so appreciate all the goodies, cards, notes, and memorials you sent my way.  I feel so blessed!!

11 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I like all the tops you showed us. I think my favorite is the one with the word of faith, peace and polka dots. That’s one I’d call nearly perfect. A d it’s red and creams yummy!

  2. I love it when you post about your mail you’ve received. It’s like Christmas when you get mail like that, huh?
    Bet it makes your whole day – it would mine! Also, I love that so many quilters are passing along the blessings, it makes my heart happy to see it. We see (on news) and read all the awful things in the world, we all need to see all the GOOD people do on a daily basis (that includes you, Jo!). Thanks for sharing all the ‘GOOD’ with us! Deb E

  3. There are 2 different addresses on the envelopes in this post. What is your correct address? I love all the wonderful things you do to help people in need. When I am going through my stash, I would like to send you some items.

  4. Jo, can you send me Nell’s address so I can send her some fabric? Does she take precuts as well as yardage? I’ve made a note of your address and will send you some embroidery thread. It won’t be neatly packaged in plastic bags like another reader sent you, but I have a lot of it and I don’t do much embroidery or cross stitch anymore with my arthritic hands. Hopefully you can use it.

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