In My Mail…

I have been keeping up with my mail.  GO ME!!  It’s something I always struggle with.  Packages come in when life is happening and then get set aside.  I’m making it a higher priority to work with them as they come.

I opened the first box…hmm.  No note.  I looked at the return address.  None.  I’m guessing  the person wants to be anonymous.   I opened the box.  Here’s what was inside.

I got everything out and sorted it.

There was a stack of precut flannels.

I’ll pass these on to the Cresco ladies.  They will used them for sure.  Here is everything else….

There was fabric…hmm.  Is that a Kaffe print?  It looks like one.

There were scraps and lots of charm packs.  I have a fun story to tell about them.  A local gal who is 13ish that I helped fix a sewing machine for asked me about fabric.  She came over and picked the solid charm packs along with a few that were here and plans to make her first quilt!  YAHOO.  Thanks to the person that sent the goodies.  I’m so excited for this new quilter.

There were these fun blocks.  I’m sending these on to the Cresco ladies too.  I’m sure they will get sewn into a quilt and will be a finished top soon.

What a fun box!!

Well I opened the next box and found this….Quilt tops?  Yes, I think it is. I slid my hand along the side…yep.  A whole box of quilt tops.  WOW!!

I looked for a note.  None.  I looked a return address.  None.  Wait.  This box looks like the other box.  I got them both and looked.  Hmmm.  That handwriting looks the same.

I think the same person sent both of the boxes.  WOW.

I apologize for the pictures.  Kalissa’s boys were here and I was trying to take picture discreetly so they didn’t try to lay on the quilt tops…it worked for a little bit.

Did you notice the cute birds in the corners?  Just precious.  I love this.

The number fabric is so cute.  I love fabric that has print on it.

Here is the next one…I love it too.  A chicken, tulips, what’s not to love.

This top was fun and have a bit of an ocean feel.  Quilted this be cute.

I am betting at one point and time there were more of those green charm packs….and they were made into this….I contacted Cheryl in Dallas and the larger tops are going to her.

The next one is simple but from personal experience I know these quilt up nicely and will be well loved.

This next one is seriously one of my favorite styles of quilts….a checkerboard pattern.  I think with white they looks so fresh and clean…kind of like a new start.  The quilts Cheryl finishes and donated to a halfway house.  Depending on the size, Cheryl might add a border..might not.  Whatever she does, I know I’ll love it.

I’m guessing these might mostly be American Jane fabrics…I love it.  Of course the red pops make me smile.

I have no idea who to thank for all the goodies but I surely do.  Good things are going to happen with all of these donated treasures.

Speaking of good things, Kim sent this…

It’s the floss I couldn’t find.  Seriously I contacted two shops “locally” and looked online all over.  I couldn’t find any Blue Corn.  Well thanks to Kim, I now have it!!  YAHOO!!  That was so sweet and totally made my day.

My next package came from Nancy in Birmingham.  It was a start for the next Mickey with some Minnie Mouses too quilt I’ll make for Lucy at some point.  I’ve been collecting….and Nancy’s print will be added to the collection.

One more thing came…

Ila sent me a gift of money.  She read about my saga with my cross stitch fabric and how I needed new linen.  She didn’t want me to have to wait to so she gifted me money to order it…Just like Ila.  Always extending a hand to help others.  Seriously, she’s been like a fairy godmother to me.  THANKS a bunch Ila.  Now I am waiting for linen to come in.  Did you all know it’s a little hard to find??

I so appreciate all who have thought of me and sent goodies my way.  I was all caught up and then….as it often happens, the mail lady came with more packages!!  I’m so blessed.  So watch for another post soon.

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