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Do you remember that Carver got “fan mail” the other day?  This package…

Well I was on quarantine from them as there was a Covid scare.  Someone from Kalissa’s family work though they were exposed to Covid and testing had to be done.  As a precaution, until the tests came back, we all stayed away from each other.  I’m seeing them again but we’re all super cautious in our time away from each other.  Anyway, when I saw Carver, I let him open his package.  He was so excited.

I’m not telling you what was in the package though…you’ll have to go over to Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces to read about that…HERE is the link.

I do have to say thanks and let you know, Carver was really excited.

More packages came…This one was from Jeanne.  It always amazes me how much can be in a small package!!

There was flannel. I’m not a flannel girl but the Cresco ladies are so I put that in the tote for them. They’ll be happy to get it!

The green leftover are something that quilters often throw but I’m sure the ladies will lay a triangle ruler on those pieces, trim them up and add a solid color to the other side to make some half square triangle blocks. They are so creative.
Things like the picture below are so appreciated by charity quilters.  This is a quick project to sew together and if there isn’t enough, they can often find something that will match or coordinate.   I think I might keep the bottom one and sew that together as a leader and ender project then donate that on to a worth cause.

Here’s what I pulled as my favorites…of course the dog print…then the white with black small scraps in the upper right in the picture below…then the map fabric.  It’s a little more canvas like.  I can see me using that on the back of a pincushion of something like that.  There are two pieces of it about 10″ square…so cute for the right project.

Thanks so much Jeanne.

The next box came from…
Jeanne too!!  This mail post is a lot of things that Jeanne sent my way.  The package I just told you about came one week and the two more packages came the next.

There were a ton of knitting needles in one box.  I’m saving these for Kayla to check out.  She often teaches students to crochet using donated crochet hooks and yarn then she lets them keep the hooks.  I’m thinking she’d do that with knitting needles too.  WOW what a bunch!!

What a lot of needles!!!

The box also came from Jeanne. It’s a box of all scraps and bits. I’ll be sorting it later. There is so much jammed into the box!!

Including yarn….

…and these two cute little panels. I love the little dogs the ladies are carrying.

Thanks so much Jeanne…I’m going to have fun digging in this box!!

The next box came from Beth.  Being I had been cleaning my sewing room, she was inspired to do a little cleaning too.  There were three quilt tops in the box.  This one is was so soft.  It’s a nice lap sized.

The next one is smaller..I’d call it a small throw sized.

This next one is HUGE.  I have an email in for Cheryl in Dallas to see if she want to finish this one for the charity group she is working with.  I’ve yet to hear Cheryl say no so I’m guessing this one will go her way.

The best part of all of these…they have backings.  We gladly take tops without them but it’s so much quicker to get the quilt tops finished if we already have a backing!!  No hunting looking and measuring…just piece it up and finish the top.

There was more in the box…

A fun United States panel, some farm fabric and some selvages for me to pass on to Jean a blog reader who I save them for!!  Perfect.

…that’s the end of my mail for now.  I’m caught up again.  YAHOO!!  I always feel better once I get the mail caught up.  Now I have to package all these quilt tops up and find people to finish them.  It’s a never ending job.  Good thing I like it!!

Thanks to everyone for blessing my mailbox and passing along a little kindness.

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  1. I will tell my friend to go over to the Pink Shoelace. Did you notice the return address was not covered or at least on my computer??? oops oops Happy Creating and visiting with family.

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