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My mailbox has really slowed down.  I think it’s partly because readers are sending quilt tops directly to the volunteer longarmers.  That’s so awesome as it saves me a lot of postage money….but I’ll happily accept any tops that get sent to me too.  Whatever it takes to help people clean out their space and feel better and to help the charities and people that benefit from the donated tops.  I’m so happy to hear that even though groups aren’t always formally getting together because of covid that people are still working on charity projects independently.

I got this in the mail….

Oh my…isn’t it yummy?  I just loved the fabric line so much that I designed a quilt with it.  The line is Cider.  It comes out in November….seriously…I love it so much and am thrilled that American Patchwork and Quilting took the design I submitted using it!!  YAHOO.  Watch for the issue to come sometime around Christmas or so maybe.  Whatever you do, grab some of the fabric if you get the chance.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging lots about this in the future.

Seriously…I just love this line. The colors are soft but not pastel at all!!

Look…Carver got fan mail. How cute. I haven’t opened it…and we’re trying to stay away from each other. I plan to social distance style stop over this week, completely staying away from him but giving him the package. Whatever it is, I know he’ll be excited. He loves mail!! THANKS. I’m sure this will make his day!!

I got a big pile of cards….see??
Everything from cards wishing me well with my health issues, to thank yous, to a gift card to Kwik Trip for gas money to travel back and forth, to postage fund money for the charity project too. I just love knowing people are thinking of me. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.

I had goodies in my email too. This picture came from blog reader Julia in NM. She made our latest project, Yankee Doodle, from the Quilts and More magazine. Thanks so much for sharing with us.  Knowing people make the projects we design is the biggest compliment to us. We just love seeing pictures of our projects. THANKS…

It’s in the summer issue of Quilts and More.  If you’re looking for the project you can find out more about it HERE.

My next box came from Karen.  She was thinking about Kayla and I.  She went through her stationary drawer and sent greeting cards our way.  Kayla uses them in the classroom as an effort to teach kids about writing thank you notes so any cards that say thank your or are blank inside, she snaps up.  Thanks for thinking of us and sending them.

I have one more box to tell you about…and then I’m completely caught up on mail.  I can say that as I’m writing this one Sunday and the mail lady isn’t coming today.  HA!!

This box came from, I think,…Elley in GA.  There was no note.  The return address wasn’t really clear…so this is my best guess.

There was a lot in the box….

This isn’t all of it.

These Christmas fabrics were in there to.  I’ll be passing these on to the Cresco quilting ladies.  They make lots of nice Christmas tops that are often wheelchair sized.  They give them back to me and I pass the tops onto my friend Lana who finishes them and donates the to the VA hospital at Christmas time.  It works out splendidly.

Look how fun this is….take a great bold print and use that as an inspiration piece and build a quilt around it. Fun right?? There several pieces of read and blue fabric. I put them together and will be passing them along to a lady that does Quilt of Valor quilts. I haven’t gotten any red, white and blue fabric for a bit so it’s been quite awhile since I have donated some to her. She’ll be so happy!! It’s nice as several of these pieces are more than a yard big. That’s great as they can be used for borders then.

I thought that would be it for this blog post…but wait.  As I was writing this email came from Sandra of the Cresco Lady quilters fame.

Sandra writes:
I got this in the mail today from my 12 year old granddaughter.  She is on a traveling girls hockey team in Eden Prairie, MN.  Since most games are postponed due to CV-19, Jordan asked for some material.  She and her teammates decided to work on a service project.  Last year I sent her a mini Singer Pixie sewing machine to make scrunchies on… she has gotten better at sewing.   

Anyway a few weeks ago, I sent some of the donation material to her.  It had some “princess” prints.  The girls looked up on Youtube a pattern, and each made 1-2 blocks.  Then they sewed the quilt together.  It is a bit wonky, but I think they did a pretty good job.  (I have made worse looking quilts myself).

Here is a picture of the quilt….

Aren’t you impressed with Sandra’s granddaughter??  I know I sure am.  It’s a great reminder that if we want our children and grandchildren to grow up and be good people, we ourselves need to model how to be a good person.  12 year old Jordan has seen her grandma doing lots of good with her quilting….I look for many more great things from Jordan in the years to come!!

And…that my friends is some happy news…our world needs lots of happy news!!  Thanks for being good people and giving me the happy news to share.

7 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Reading your blogs are happy times for me! What a great quilt Jordan and her friends made. Yes, we all need to model for the younger generations how to be helpful to others and be good people. You received many beautiful fabrics and many will benefit from them.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Please tell Sandra to pass on my congratulations to her granddaughter and her granddaughter’s team mates on a job well done.
    The materials you received were gorgeous. That huge print plus materials got me trying to figure out how to make it work. Thank you for stirring my think tank☺️

  3. Happy to see that Carver got his fan mail. His fan’s address is showing on the blog. Oops. Enjoy the social distance and quick visit with him.

  4. Arlene Kohlwey

    Which issue of Quilts and More magazine was “Yankee Doodle” shown it. I really like this pattern.
    Thanks Jo!

  5. What a delicious box of Moda! And wonderful fabrics and cards. Jordan’s quilt is awesome! I struggle with the square-in-a-square block.

  6. That’s quite the haul of goodies in your mail. The first fat quarters fabric is so nice. Nice projects shown that other people have done.
    I don’t show my address over the internet. I just put something over address. Good way for house being robbed etc. Or just show what I for from friend.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. What a lovely surprise for Carver! I’m so glad that you mentioned the Cresco ladies can use Christmas fabrics, I have some to send them also. I started a box of batting pieces and added some children remnants to it. I love seeing the quilts they make.

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