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My mailbox has been busy.  I thought that box deliveries to my house would slow down over the Christmas time as everyone is busy with the holidays, but it hasn’t at all!

Two boxes came from Kathi in Austin, TX.  Kathi wrote that she is a quilter and has made a couple Civil War quilts, but has found that Civil War prints aren’t her style.  She decided to pass them on to me.


I AM THRILLED!  I love Civil War reproduction prints.  They are my favorite.  I don’t always make quilts with them though as I know, like Kathi knows, that everyone has a different preference.  So many of the quilts I make, I give as gifts.  I try to guess people’s style when I make them a quilt.

Most of these are fat quarters…some fat eighths.  ALL BEAUTIFUL!  I’ve made so many Civil War quilts that I’ve had several of these prints before…some I feel like they are old friends.  There were quite a few that I haven’t seen before.  It was so fun petting and sorting.  The perfect thing to do after winding down after work.

Kathi had other goodies in the box too.  This is yardage.  This is a huge blessing to me.  I have fabric in my stash but seldom to I have anything in YARDAGE.


There was this in the box too….SQUEAL…..mailbox-3

It’s all that’s needed to make Bonnie Hunter’s Blue Ridge Beauty and the magazine pattern to make it.  FUN.  I’ve already made one.  I asked Ronda one of my charity quilters if she’d be interested in making it.  She’s already made one too.  If she doesn’t want to make it, I’m tempted to make Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Lady of Lake Erie.  That was published in a magazine and I have the copy here somewhere.  That might be fun.

There was also a charity quilt with a backing in the box.  WOW.  I’m keeping the quilt a secret for now.  I opened it up and showed it to the childcare kiddos and they were so excited.  They loved it.


I of course love the red polka dot fabric that Kathi sent for the backing.  It’s going to be a fun simple quilt that is sure to brighten a child’s face.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU Kathi.  I so appreciate your thinking of me and the charity quilt project.

2 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. What a wonderful box of goodies, tis the season! Love the Blue Ridge Beauty fabric and pattern, I don’t recall every seeing it in a magazine. Enjoy all those civil war lovelies.

  2. I have been saving dupionni silks in blues/whites and greys for Lady of Lake Erie. I was born and raised 1/2 a block from lake Erie in Euclid, OH. If you make yours, I might make one with you. I feel for ur hubby. What a freak accident.

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