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I have had so many packages in lately.  It’s been fun getting my mail.  Some of the boxes I’m talking about today had quilt tops in them.  Rosie, my beagle pup, thinks she has to lay on every quilt so I ended up having to put her in the kennel for a bit so I could take pictures.  If I’m doing it, Rosie thinks she should be too.

This package came from Ann Dee in Georgia.

I laughed when I read her note…She included a quilt top and said she made it “during her brown phase”.

I think all of us quilters have phases.  I didn’t sew a batik quilt for YEARS.  I completely resisted and then next thing you knew…I was in a batik phase.  I think my current phase is “making something from nothing”…and “clean it up phase”.  It’s so fun to see how our quilting tastes come and go.

I am passing this on to Cheryl in Dallas.  You might remember that Cheryl did a lot of charity quilting for House of Hope in Florida.  They have changed management and things didn’t go as expected.  Cheryl now has a new group, a residential facility, that she quilts for in Kentucky.  They need quilts for both men and women.  I thought this would be perfect for a guy.  It’s 66 x 85.  If it’s not quite as big as Cheryl wants, it’s close and could easily have another brown border added to it.  Cheryl is super handy like that.

I haven’t talked to Cheryl much lately as I haven’t gotten in many twin size quilts.  It was great to catch up with her family a bit as we exchanged emails.

There were lots of other goodies too…

Cute little sticker and stencil books…

and FABRIC!!

If I didn’t know better, I would think AnnDee went out and shopped for me.  That fabrics are perfect, I’ve been collecting Kaffe prints, always neutrals, newsprints, and 30’s.  I love the paper clips in the center of the piles.  How fun.

But…that’s not all.  These…Goodness knows I like all things patriotic.

(Yes Connie more red-blog reader and friend Connie always teases me about my love of red)

What fun prints.  Ann Dee also sent a check to help with postage costs.  It’s perfect timing.  I have her top and tops in the next package I’m going to show you that I need to ship out…and the Cresco ladies brought tops that will need to be mailed out.  THANKS so much Ann Dee.

The next box came from Joann in CA.  She sent lots of tops…the bigger ones I’m sending on to Cheryl.  If they aren’t quite big enough, she’ll work her magic…  WOW…six tops were in the box!!

I like this color combo below.  There is some intense piecing in those blocks.

This one is a soft floral.  So pretty.

I had to examine this block to see how it was put together.
Here is the block…

..perfect for a jelly roll.

These two are the same quilt only different color for finishing.

This one is all Mickey Mouse…how cute!!

Here’s a close up.  You can’t see how cute it is from a distance.

Also in the box was this Mickey and Minnie panel.

and scraps!!  What a cute panel.

I’m sad to report that I got an email from Julie in TX.  She said she sent a package and it was delivered to my house on May 12th.  She asked if I have it…I don’t.  It says it was delivered to my house in my garage on May 12th via UPS.  Our UPS guy is awesome so I don’t think it’s a UPS problem, but I don’t remember a box here…I’ve looked and at the time of writing this, there are no packages here.  I went through my phone to see if I took pictures and thought I had blogged about it and then deleted the photos but I’ve already deleted photos from that time.  So, I’m asking anyone that I have sent quilts out to, do you have quilt tops from Julie in TX?  Taking pictures and then not uploading them is the only thing I can think of that could have happened.  I’ve asked my kids…no one remembers a box.

I implement a much better plan to coordinate all the mail that comes in and it had seemed to be working.  UGH.

I am just sick about this and had trouble sleeping last night over it.  I want the tops to get out and get finished.  I want to acknowledge Julie’s gift.  I just don’t know what else to do except reach out and ask the longarmers if they have any quilts from Julie.   If you have one, email me at

I am so sorry Julie…

I do want to thank everyone who sent packages today.  I truly appreciate it!!

7 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Did Julie take pictures of what she sent you? Maybe you’d remember seeing what she sent to you if you see a picture of it.

  2. Cheryl in Dallas

    Perfect timing on this post, Jo. I received the quilt tops from you today that were pieced by Ann Dee and Joann. These quilt tops are so pretty, and the pictures don’t do them justice. Thanks to Ann Dee, Joann, and Jo for making and forwarding these tops to me. I will have to get busy with the quilting part of this process so the folks at the residential program in Kentucky can enjoy their future heirloom treasures. Stay tuned!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh those tops are intriguing. The tops that have the spinning wheel look are super. I’m going to have to play with that pattern. Such lovely stuff to receive.

  4. Thank you for mentioning us. We have enjoyed working with all the materials you send our way. If anyone has the home address for Becky McNeely, please send it to my email address Our group would love to send her a card and letter of appreciation for her donation. Thanks again – Sandy Wright-Moore

  5. do your UPS drivers photograph where they leave their packages ? we have found that quite helpful. a pkg went to a wrong location and was tracked down that way. just switched pkg for person a went to person b and pkg for person b went to person a. seems the delivery folks are really working a holiday traffic during the stay at home period.

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