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Mail Call!!  It’s a mail day again.  Each time I write a post, I think I’m caught up and then the mail lady comes and I have more packages.  It’s a great “problem” to have.

I got a fun package from a fellow thrifter, Donna.  She was thrifting and found a piece of fabric.  She said it wasn’t her style and passed on it.  Then as she was sorting, she saw it was my style!  She was so right.

Check it out…It’s a SEVEN yard piece.  It’s a Kaffe print!  You all know I’ve been collecting them.

I love the other little star print too.  What a fun piece.

It sure made me smile when Donna said she got the fabric while thrifting.  People always ask how I find so many things thrifting…the answer is I shop for others while I’m shopping for myself…just like Donna did.  THANKS fellow thrifter!!

My box of Instant Ink came in the mail….Oh my. I’ve told you about Instant Ink before.  I so love it.  I don’t worry a drop about remembering the cartridge number….I don’t have to have cartridges on hand, then end up with a new printer and waste the old cartridges.  I don’t have to panic in the middle of printing when I find out I’m out of ink with no extra cartridges here.  
I pay a monthly fee of $2.99 a month for fifty printed pages a month.  When I was doing childcare, I paid the $4.99 for 100 pages.  I’ve found I don’t need as many now and adjusted my plan down.  If you’re interested HERE is the link.  It’s not hard to set up at all and I love it!  I always smile when a box of ink comes.  I’m happy I delegated the task of ink management to someone else.

The next package came from…
..Minnesota.  There wasn’t a note.  At least that’s the clue I got from the label on the box.  It was a small box but loaded….
There were a few bigger cuts of fabric including these…
There were a whole bunch of green fabrics.  Many ranging from Hunter green to a drab green.  It was just like a person could pick them up and have all the colors for their next quilt.  FUN.

There were a bunch of St. Patty fabric and clover fabrics.

My favorite in the bunch were Mickey and Minnie Mouse fabrics.  Buck’s kids are crazy about Mickey and Minnie so I’ve had it in mind to make all three of them Mickey and Minnie themed quilts.  I already started one for Scotty and it’s all in blues and greens.

I thought Lucy’s would be in red, white and black for many of these are perfect.  YAHOO!!

I also got a box from Ila…You all know blog reader, Ila, treats me so good.  She knew I was back on the diet for my full body scan…so what does she do?  She treats me with fruit!!

I’m so happy to have some good fruit as fruit and veggies is my diet mainstay.

I love the little note on the package too….

Oh Ila…THANKS SO MUCH for thinking of me.  I really do feel like you’re my fairy godmother!!

Speaking of good deeds. I got a nice card from my friend Jean.  She is so thoughtful too.  She takes her quilts to my friend Carla so she can do the longarming.  When she is picking up or dropping off she often stops to see me.  She did last week and dropped off a card when she did.

She enclosed a gift of money that I’ll used to cover gas expense back and forth to Rochester next week for my appointments.  I really appreciate it!!  So good things come to my door and to my mailbox.  I am so very blessed.

Another good thing in my mailbox…this…
This came from my cousin Annie.  It was at her wedding.  This is my mom in white on the left.  We have so few pictures of her so this is a treasure.  She has her exact same look and impression.  It was good to see her…even if only in a picture.  Thanks so much for sending it Annie.  It was an awesome pick me up!!

Thanks so much all…I still have more mail to get to so if you sent a package and haven’t seen it featured, I’m still working on it!

4 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. What a sweet pix of your Mom! Fun to get surprise pix from the past, we just got some from our neighbor who was going thru her 100 year old uncle’s home, several pix of our kids that he had taken of them at various neighborhood events. HUGS… and stitches

  2. Do you need covid testing before your appointments at Mayo? My friend had to have a covid test 48 hours before her appointment there. Just wondering since you have to travel back and forth from home which might require another trip.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the friends you get when you reach out to others. One very enjoyable blog. The picture of your Mother is beautiful.
    That Kaffe print is yummy. But I like those stars. Have a great week. I know special diets are a royal pain. Praying all goes well with you during this time.

  4. Wonderful goodies you got in your mail, Jo! The picture of your Mother is so sweet. I am sure it is a treasure. Good things come back to those that send out awesomeness out into the world, and you definitely do that, Jo. Have an awesome week and thanks for a inspiring blog!

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