In My Mail….

I had a little lull and then a flood of mail.  I love it!!  Well I love most of it.  This first piece of mail I didn’t love one bit.  It came like this….
I didn’t know what it was.  Wait, that’s my handwriting on the orange envelope.  What’s going on?
I flipped it over and read all about how my piece of mail was damaged when it was sent and is not longer.  The person I sent it to never recieved it.  Hmm.

Okay…so the mystery begins.  Was this a graduation card I sent out?  Was this a letter to Kramer’s Uncle that I send notes to?  Was this a letter to my aunt?  Was it a thank you I sent?  Was this a note to Connie?  UGH.  I send quite a few cards and notes and I’ve really stepped up my game since Covid.  I know so many people are more isolated, especially mine and Kramer’s aunts and uncles so I’ve tried to send cards more often.  I know I sent out some graduation cards as I knew I likely wouldn’t be attending parties.  UGH.  Who did I send this to???  Seriously, I have no idea.  That frustrates me.  There is a stamp that says it made it to Waterloo but that tells me nothing as all of our mail is routed that direction before going on to it’s real destination.  Blah.  I guess I need to just quit fretting about it.  I can’t do anything about it now.

My biggest worry is that it is a graduation card.  I didn’t have any regular graduation cards here and decided to just write a note in one of my blank notecards and send money.  UGH.  I feel terrible if they didn’t get it….but now what do I do?  Do I message all of the graduates and say “Hey, did you get a card from me?”  That feels weird too.  Suggestions please…

Now onto some happier mail.

I got this in the mail from an anonymous blog reader….

It’s lots of leftover Frolic (Mystery from Bonnie Hunter) parts.
From the labels on the bags it looks like the person bought their kit from Quilted Twins.  Cool.

Here is my Frolic quilt I made…(read more about it HERE)

I went on and used similar colors for Bonnie Hunter’s Unity Quilt.  (read more about mine HERE)  There were LOTS of leftover pieces after the mystery quilt was finished and I was able to incorporate many into this quilt.  Another blog reader also sent me their scraps so they went into the Unity quilt too.  I guess “unity” was the perfect name for this quilt.

I still have scraps leftover and now I’ll add these scraps to it.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with them all…but someday something will come to mind.  THANKS so much for the extra pieces.  Playing and making something from “nothing” is always a favorite of mine.

I opened the next box…I knew before I opened it that it was likely yarn as on the outside of the box it said, “for you knitting daughter”.  Check it out and see what is inside….

I took a picture and immediately sent it to Kayla.  She squealed!!  Kayla loves to knit and crochet but often won’t use her money to buy the good stuff…this yarn was the “good stuff”.

I ended up facetiming her and showed her, flipping the camera so she could see everything in the box.  She was so thrilled.

The yarn was from blog reader Donna.  She wrote, “I don’t knit.  Couldn’t leave this in the thrift store.”  Oh my word…Donna I think we could be best friends.  I have trouble leaving things in the thrift store too!!  You really made Kayla’s day.  I can’t wait to see what she knits with it.

I have more mail – three more boxes- but I think I’ll close this post here as there is too much for one blog post.

Thanks so much for sending goodies to me and to Kayla.  We both appreciate it so much.  If you sent something recently, I’ll show that in the next “in the mail” post.  THANKS.

8 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my, that messed up envelope is just worrisome. You are handling right. Oh that yarn is so pretty I wanted to dive through the picture just to feel it. Enjoy the fur of planning your next sometime quilt. And Kayla’s new projects

  2. My family had that problem with the post office too. One of us mailed gift cards for Christmas to another member of the family in a RED envelope. It didn’t arrive until 6 months later, with only the front half of the envelope showing address who it was to, inside a plastic post office sorry envelope; no greeting card and no gift cards ($75 worth). I have since heard it’s not a good idea to use color envelopes as it usually includes cash or gift card.. I now send cards in either white business privacy envelopes or 6”x 9” manila envelopes.

  3. I am so sorry about your graduation card and possibly $$ inside. Hopefully it made it to the recipient as intended. Oh, I just love Knit Picks yarn. It is fabulous to knit with. I am sure Kayla is going to love it and I can’t wait to see what she knits with it. I love to knit as well, but my eyes just don’t cooperate as well so I use good magnifier glass’s.
    Love the Unity squares. Wish I could have joined in on that QAL, but I am still too much of a newbie for that, but I did save the pattern for “Someday”. I love Bonnie Hunter quilts.
    You always have such GREAT mail from your readers and I look forward to your next post Jo. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from SC.

  4. What a wonderful box of yarn and I look forward to what Kayla uses it for, she is so talented with yarn projects. What a bummer about the envelope, with all the mail that gets processed its surprising it doesn’t happen more often. I know some of there machines have a hard time reading the colored envelopes and that can cause a problem. Its so nice of you to send cards to the Aunts and Uncles during these hard times, what a thoughtful idea.

  5. That’s too bad about the card. Assuming thank-yous will be sent (or has that gone on line with a generic blanket message now?) if you know who you sent to, you might be able to figure out who may have missed out by who you don’t get a thank-you from??

    Another reason to stay away from color envelopes, especially darker colors like red, is that teh automatic sorting machines have issues reading them. Not enough contrast between ink and paper I guess.

    That was a great yarn find for a thrift store.

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