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My mailbox is busy again.  I had to laugh when Dee dropped some things off last week.  She said- You said you were having a war on your sewing room, does that mean you don’t want things?

No, I’m always happy to get things.  Remember, I pass on much to others..most actually.  I’ll still be doing that and am happy to be part of that chain.

This box came from Amy in NH.  She said she was cleaning out fabric as she was digging for fabric to make masks with.  She sent this fabric and goodies my way.
Lots of fun prints…I love that farm fabric.  The sheets will be passed on to charity quilters.  They LOVE sheets for backings.  They are big and easy to deal with…plus, they don’t have to worry about seaming them together.

They pieces in the back are….big enough for backings.  I was talking to Kelli on the phone when I was opening the box and I happen to say something about purple floral backing and Kelli squealed, “I call dibs on that one!”  Um, okay.  They she reminded me that she has Bonnie Hunter’s Floribunda quilt in process.  That quilt has lots of yellows, florals and purples so the backing would be perfect.

The fabric along the bottom of the picture looks like they are all from a fabric line.  They are so cute.

Amy was nice enough to send along some money for the postage fund too.  I so appreciate it.

Postage is a monthly budget item for me.  I don’t mind.  I know so much good comes from the items I send out to charity quilters…but I do appreciate the help with postage too.

I got an AMAZING gift from Maxine.  I’ve had this for a bit but have waited to blog about it hoping I could do it justice.  Well with everything being closed, I really can’t.  Let me explain.  Maxine stitched me this…

I’ll admit, it made me cry.

Well I want to find the right place for it in the house.  I have an idea but I want to find a perfect frame to with a picture of Ruby in it to go with it.  Well to do that I’d want to take this with and go to Hobby Lobby….but we know that can’t happen either.  UGH.  So…I decided to blog about it now as I don’t want Maxine for one second to think I don’t love it.  I truly do.  What a special gift!!  Thank you so much.  This means so much to me.

The next box came from Leigh Ann.  WOW…doesn’t this look fun.

Of course I checked out the toys first.  I am a HUGE Fisher Price Little People lover.  I have quite a few but didn’t have either of these sets.

The car is so cute.  It comes with a mom and daughter and the driver “talks”.  This is sure to be loved.  The second set that came in the “lunch box” looking container is a nativity set.  I already have a nativity that comes with a stable so this I will pass on to Georgia.  So cute.  I love it!

There was yarn…I’ll check my yarn supply for the kiddos.  They use a lot crafting.  Being I’ve been off I don’t remember where I am sitting with that. If I have enough I’ll pass it on to the gal that does Samaritan Quilt boxes.   She makes stocking caps with it and puts one in each box.

There was also this surprise….It’s a cut out Jamestown Landing quilt.  
Leigh Ann believed everything was there.  If you aren’t familiar with the quilt, I’ve made one…(Read about it HERE)

The quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  The version is done in rusty reds.  
Is there anyone interested in finishing this and passing it along to charity?  It doesn’t appear to have the border but a pieced border isn’t necessary.  A solid border would work just fine but the person volunteering to complete this would have to provide that.  Those of you not wanting to do string piecing, no worries.  The string piecing is already finished.

I really think this would make a great benefit auction quilt.  If you’re interested in completing this, donating to a charity or benefit and taking pictures and sending them to me about the project, can email me at

Thanks so much for all the goodies ladies.  I really appreciate your thinking of me.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. I would love Jamestown and donate to austin community first for the homeless that now have a home.

  2. No- if no one has volunteered to complete the Jamestown Landing quilt, I will gladly finish it, and donate it when I’m done.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I really like the the fusty red of the Jamestown landing quilt. Since some one else volunteered to do it I’ll get the material and the pattern and do the quilt. Most of my quilts are gifts anyway.

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