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I really thought with Covid hanging around that my mailbox would slow down.  That hasn’t happened.  There might be a little less but still a lot.

Ila, my friend and blog reader hit again…She is the sweetest to me.

One thing that I love that she does is package up her leftovers from quilt projects and passes them along to me.  I so appreciate it.  She cuts of the bonus parts of triangles and sends them.  In all seriousness, most of the the triangles I used for my Pineapple Crazy quilt came from her.  
The bag of Cashew Clusters is WONDERFUL.  As I was taking pictures I opened them and that was a mistake.  I kept eating them.  Then Karl came in as he heard me rustling a bag and just like that, he was eating them too.  We both looked at eat other wondering who was going to have to hide the bag from the other.  Neither one of us wanted the responsibility of hiding them as we both knew we’d be eating them all!!  Yes, that good. 
Ila sent some reading material too…magazines and book that looks really good…my kind of book for sure.

This cute snoopy emblem I passed on to Kelli.  She is all about beagle memorabilia and I’m sure she’ll do something with it for Georgia.
She sent a minted coin set for Lilly and Jasper our 2020 born grandbabies.  How sweet to think of them!

There were twist ties.  YAHOO.  I’ll be so happy to have them if I need to make another set of masks.  So far so good but I hate to speak too loud.  
There were fun fabrics.  Check out the Kaffee prints on the left…On the right on the bottom of the stack is cherry tomato fabric.  PERFECT for my collection.  Sewing machine needles.  I haven’t used the micro needles so this is perfect to give them a try.  THANKS.

Ila did something else super sweet.  She sent a card with money and wrote “do something for yourself”.  You have no idea what that means to me…SO MUCH!!  I’m the gal that puts myself last too often.  So right now, I’ve been on such a spending freeze that I have no idea what I’ll do.  I think wait it out until I go out again….then it will be an extra special treat.  You are the sweetest Ila.  I hope you know I truly mean that.

Donna my blog reading RVer sent a box.  She said the RV is too small to hold so much.  That made me smile.  Here’s what was in her box…

There were all sorts of great fabrics.  I claimed the one with birds right away.  There tones of the colors in it are wonderful.  I hope I can set aside some play time just for it.

The flannels I am passing on to my friend who does layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  She will be thrilled.

There were LOTS of charm squares.  I picked out a few novelty one in the bunch but will be passing some of these on to the ladies.  I’m sure they are going to squeal when they see already cut squares.

There were lots of novelty prints.  How fun.  The dinosaur one was my favorite.  I’ve had lots of Thomas the Tank fans over the years as a childcare provider.  Me, I love Thomas.

That was so sweet of you to think of me Donna.  THANKS!!

Dee from the neighboring town of New Hampton did a drive by and dropped off goodies at my garage.  It was so silly.  We were talking on the phone.  Me inside looking out the window and her in her car just outside my window.  Who would have dreamed that this is where we would be?

The bags were full of goodies including some polyester batting.  I’ll be passing that on to a local group.  They are thrilled to get any kind of batting including scrap pieces!!

Look at the treasure trove of goodies.

When stuff comes in like this I try to sort according to like fabrics and what I’ll keep or send on to which groups.
I kept the plaids for finishing cross stitch…and two shirts are already cut up and will be going in my next(ish) quilt.
I kept the calicos….I still don’t know what I’m going to do with them.

The novelty prints I saved out too….
I had a great time sorting…thanks so much Dee.  I appreciate you thinking of me.

So that was some fun in my mailbox don’t you think??

4 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. You’re very welcome. Let me know when you get though the scraps in the bag – hope you can use the hangers.
    I’m so glad many people will be able to use the fabric.
    Love and prayers

  2. Katherine Gourley

    You will love microtex needles. They seem to last a long time and they are so sharp that they ensure lovely consistent stitches.

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