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Activity at my mailbox has slowed.  I still get a package now and then but now nearly what I was getting for a while.  That’s great though as that means you all are staying home and safe…and that is my wish for you all to be safe.

My first package came from Jody.  She remembered that I was looking for something to make to gift babies besides quilts.  I have so many “finge” people in my life…you know, a friend of my daughter’s that I want to give a gift to but I’m not so close to anymore…I’m sure all of you have people like that in your life.  Anyway Jody was so kind and sent me a pattern to make an “overall bib”.  CUTE idea.

I know my grandkids could sure use one of these.  We have all laughed at Gannon saying he’s at just the age he HAS to HAVE a bath every night as he’s such a messy eater (Yes, leg coverage would be nice)

Jody even sent a made bib.  How sweet.  I’m going to be testing this one out here with the childcare kids once we’re all together again.

If you’d like to give the pattern a try it’s by Pieceful Expressions and the pattern name is Overall Bib.  I do think I will try making one of these…so cute.  THANKS Jody.

The next package came anonymously.  It’s filled with cards.  I’ll be passing these on to our daughter Kayla who used blank and thank you cards in her classroom.  Thank you!!

The next box came from…
Jeanne in Tucson.  She has sent goodies to me before.  This one was a fun box that had a little of everything.

There were a couple started projects that I set aside just for fun.  I might do something with them.  I really get a bang out of making somethings from nothings…Not that the started projects aren’t cute, I just love taking something someone discarded and making into something desirable.

Check out the cute Dumbo print…

I saved out a few novelty prints.  A friend of mine asked me if I would.  I have to check to find out the size she was looking for.

…and batiks.  How fun!!  I hope Jeanne doesn’t mind but I saved these out and the blues and pink is going to go in my Bonnie Hunter Unity Sew Along Quilt.

Seriously, a box of bit and pieces like this is my absolute favorite!!

There was one more box….This one I believe was sent anonymously.  I can’t be completely sure.  I didn’t find a note but the top of the box had this all over it when I got it.

Gee, was a note in there and it came out when the package was damaged?  I can’t help but wonder. Thanks so much to whoever you are.

The box was bursting with goodies….So much fabric.

Most pieces were a yard or two’s worth.

I debated about passing some of this on but my perspective on that has changed a bit.  I love it all and want to share but, I’m cleaning my sewing room and can’t keep it all…BUT, what if I need to sew more masks?  AH, what’s a girl to do.  For now, I’m keeping a few of my favorites and putting the rest in a box to share when the time is right.    I can totally see the black print with the cherries on it as a fun fabric for masks.  Hmm.  If I cut in and start a new batch, that will be the fabric I start with.
Speaking of masks, I did grab one of the fabric last week and did make it into masks…this fabric.

I’ve struggled to find good mask fabric for guys.  Both of these below would be great.  They would be nice for other things too but I’ve been making masks so long that my brain is still on masks.  HA!!  I’m finding it hard to look at fabric as quilting fabric and not as mask fabric.  Oh dear.

I adore these prints.  I think they are intended to be Christmassy but I don’t really think they are.  I love the tone of color.

This pile was awesome.  I’ve told you I never have yardage of fabric.  I just have fat quarters and quarter yard cuts.  Well these I’d love to keep so the next time there’s a quilt along and we’re in the middle of a quarantine, I’d have fabric for a mystery quilt.  HA!!  Let’s hope we aren’t in the middle of a quarantine again.  That’s what happened with the Quilted Twins Mystery though….I ended up making it out of whatever fabric I had!!  Luckily I found something I liked.

This was in the mix too.  The blocks are all made.  I’m going to get in touch with my Quilt of Valor friend Doreen.  I wonder if these blocks could get made up into a Quilt of Valor.  They have blue and white…maybe some red borders would work to make it fit in for a Quilt of Valor.
I had lots of fun digging through this box.  I am thrilled that I’ve already put one of the fabrics to good use my making masks with it.  I’ll keep you posted in case this UFO project becomes available.

A huge shout out to the people who sent goodies my way.  It makes me happy finding goodies in the mailbox.  You’re so sweet.

7 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Wow! So many fun fabrics! Just so you know–Quilts of Valor don’t have to be red, white and blue. Happy Quilting!

  2. You do so much for others, there is no reason why you can’t put aside some of the fabric for yourself. Just think of all of the postage you kick in over the year. This is a good pay back:-) :-)

    1. Lori. I used some mens shirts for backing. I needed a fabric that looked more “male”. They worked up beautifully. I made sure not to pick one with a loose woven fabric. I could get 6-7 masks for one shirt. SCORE!!

  3. Lori,
    I used men’s shirt fabric to make a bandana, because we can use those instead of masks here. It is very dense thread wise and worked great.

  4. Angie in SoCal

    Wow – what goodies! I love that first grouping you pulled that has the Christmasy look. Those blacks are gorgeous!

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