In My Mail….

I got mail…It’s just three boxes but there are lots of pictures so grab a drink and read on.

Joann C sent me LOTS of quilt tops.  LOTS.  Aren’t these trucks cute??
This is a fun little quilt too.  It has Ninjas on it.
Joann is a fabulous piecer.  Isn’t this pretty?  I found a home for the quilt tops.  I have a new volunteer, Ray in Florida.

I gave permission that any tops could have a border added to them if needed.
So often places have specific requirements for quilt sizes so borders need to be added to reach the size requirements.

What a fun easy way to use a charm pack…
Check out the sock monkeys…

This is a disappearing nine patch pattern.  What a great way to use florals.

…and more florals.
This baby sized one if fun.
…and I think this one is my favorite.  I love 30s prints.  I don’t know why I don’t sew with them more.
This is simple snowball block with narrow sashing.  I love it.  This is one of those “simple is awesome” quilts.

My new longarmer, Ray, could use your help.  Does anyone have backing fabric to send their way??  I know many of you have been cleaning while this is all going on.  Here is Ray’s email….  If you have something shoot a note and they will pass on their address.

THANKS…it’s a many hands make light work situation for sure.

More mail came…I’m not sure who sent this….
I know the pen was running out of ink.  I know her first name starts with a “C” and her last name is Sakaguchi…the first name, I’m not sure.  Carry maybe…Caryn maybe…Either way, I love this things she sent.

I put the envelopes and stickers away for the childcare kids.  The yarn Kayla asked for so I’m sending it her way.  She was excited about it.

Thanks so much for sending goodies.  We all love it.  I’m sure Kayla will be showing off what she makes with it.

The next bunch of goodies came from Mari  (I think)  People sign their names and I’m often not sure.  Then I feel terrible writing the post and getting names wrong.  It could be Marni.  (I am so sorry)

There were lots of goodies…

I snapped up the thank you notes and put them in a box for Kayla.  When she has guest speakers come to her classroom, she has the kids write thank you notes.  The other things I kept for the kids to play post office.

I had some lunch time reading material with the quilt books….
This is quilt leftovers I’m guessing.  I have an email out to someone to see if they want to finish this.  There are 7 or so 12″ blocks.  More blocks could easily be added to make a sampler quilt.

These next blocks are looking for a home….Mari said she is doing “death cleaning” trying to get rid as much stuff as she can.  Mary from Country Threads has been doing that.  She knows she doesn’t want to finish these.  
If you are interested drop me a note and I’ll send them your way.  There are 9 of these blocks.

There is also this set.  There blocks aren’t complete so some embroidery would have to happen with this.  The thread is all there….
If someone is interested in these last two projects, drop me an email, I will send them your way.

Thanks so much to all the people who sent me packages.  They really are a bright spot in my day.  THANKS!!

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  1. I have enjoyed seeing your mail box items. I think I need to think about death cleaning…..
    I will have to shoot Ray and email, I may be able to send some backing fabric his way.

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