In My Mail…

I’ve been working to get caught up on my mail but it’s hard when I got SIX boxes in one day!!  Seriously, SIX.

Well after checking them out, one box was something I ordered from Amazon…but five were from blog readers.

I got to looking more closely at the packages and Hmmm….I started to suspect that they were all from the same person.  The handwriting all looked the same.  
All of them had this for a return address.  Well that makes me know not to look for a note.  This gifter wants to be anonymous because the return address is my address.
I had a few things going on and was determined that I wouldn’t open all the boxes but I would open one…Hmm.  Which on first?  Well the biggest one first-of course.  WOW.  It was chock full of cut strips.  WOW!!

I so wanted to open the other boxes but told myself no.  Wait until you have time to sort it all…It was going to be a big job but one I’d love to do.  I’m happy to report I had strong will power and didn’t open them until the next day.

Can you believe someone sent all of this? AMAZING!!

That box on the table…it was SERIOUSLY PACKED!!  See what I mean?  The fabric isn’t thrown in there randomly, it’s packed in there.

The box it came in was an Accuquilt box so it made me wonder if the person who gifted the fabric had cut them all with an Accuquilt.   The scraps were stacked in the box this tight.

The next box had fabric on top and strip underneath…There were some recycled shirt pieces in there too.  This blog reader knows the key to my heart…I love recycled shirts.  I set them aside to save for me.

Here are all of the scraps that were in the bottom…oh my word.

I opened the next box and started sorting…this one had it all….The tallest stack, shirt parts again.  You can bet I was smiling.

I turned to get another box and look what I saw…Oh Rosie.  You do keep life interesting.  I shooed her out and grabbed another box.  She had a great idea though.  It did look comfy.

WOW…fabric and fabric.  I was still in shock that someone had sent so much.  Seriously, this is a lot of fabric.

This was the last box.  Fabric on top and more strings.

Picked through and saved a little bit.  The shirt pieces I claimed.  I have more shirt quilts in me yet.  They are so fun to make.

I saved the black piece of fabric in the front on the right.  I’m planning a red white and black quilt so this might be the binding.  It’s a big enough piece to work for binding.

I found a piece or two of gray and added that to my collection.

I recently found out a couple of the ladies from church started a quilting group making tops for Lutheran World Relief.  She had it on Facebook that she was making a quilt top with her grandsons.  I ended up contacting her and she said they could definitely use fabric.  I told her to come on over quick and take some of this before we got locked down with a stay at home order.  At least then, if we get put on lock down, she could have something to do…sort fabric.  I had thought I might keep the cut strips but then when I was talking to her I mentioned them.  When I did her eyes lit up and she said that she has a group of ladies that were called the the 60s Strippers (I think that’s the right name)  They make strip quilts and then donate them for benefits.  They are an organized group that has even worked to get a grant for their group.  She said the last quilt they made went for $1600 on the benefit auction.  Well that stopped me in my tracks.  I knew where this fabric needed to go.  It needed to go to these ladies.  How awesome.

I so love when things come together and good things can happen.  I love that she needed strips and thanks to a wonderful blog reader, I could help them by gifting them on to her group.  Thanks so much for making me a part of that.  It truly warms my heart.  So readers…if you have fabric strips, I have the perfect place for them go!!

This really made my day.  Thanks so much to the anonymous blog reader.  Your gift will do a lot of good!!  I am still in shock…five boxes from one reader.  THANK YOU!!

13 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I sew a lot of charity quilts for 2 different groups and am lucky to receive lot of fabric when my friends
    de-stash. It does my heart good when I pass it on to others who are making charity groups. I like to share pictures of the finished quilts with the gals who have given me fabric. They are so happy to see their fabric being used for good causes.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh I was drooling over this yellows. I want to make a spring sunshine quilt. I have never found the right yellows for it. So I keep day i’ll be at the right place and time with the money to get the yellows I want. It happened for my Autumn and summer quilts.
    You do have generous blog friends. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a Blessing to receive and give. Love that key print fabric- it’s different – and Rosie she is just too cute. Have to love her innocence and how you are breaking her into a hound dog stasher.

  4. Sweet little Rosie must have thought the box of strips were a folded quilt ready for her “pose of approval” . What a wonderful gift of so much fabric from a blog reader. There truly are wonderful people left in this world. I’m so happy that a good portion of them are your blog readers. God bless you and yours Jo.

  5. Wow – what a real blessing to receive and then to give! Someone else will be blessed by what the ladies (and you) will be making with all that fabric! And what fun to go through – it’s like Christmas!
    Love and prayers

  6. Bless this anonymous quilter! She knew you’d find the best place for her donation, and you have! What a happy mail post today.

  7. Loved the picture of Rosie – do you think she associates the strips of fabric with a finished quilt – that is one smart dog !! What fun to sort through all that fabric!

  8. Oh my! You could make String blocks…..FOREVER!!! String blocks bring me JOY! I am so glad they will be used and loved.

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