In My Mail…

Can you believe I have more mail??  I do have more…so much in fact that I’m going to bombard you with mailbox posts over the next week or so.

I’m thankful for the little bits of joy that come my way via the mailbox.  It’s a bright spot in my day.

The first box came from Cindy in Texas…Oh my word.  What a fun box!

There were puzzles for the kids and stickers too.  Once they come back to childcare they are going to be so excited to see some new toys.  It’s like Christmas to them.

My heart skipped a beat to see my favorite.  Can you guess what it is??…WHITE BASED NEUTRALS.  Be still my heart.  I looked and petted the looked and petted some more.  Seriously, I would have bought everyone of these if I was at a quilt shop.  I love them ALL!

This one was my favorite.  It’s s’mores.  So cute.  
She included grays for my collection and lemons for my food collection.
Oh my does Cindy ever know me!  She sent alphabet panels too.  I love all things alphabet.  I think it’s the teacher in me.

I’m imagining what I can do with them….Oh my.  Now all I need it TIME!

Thanks so much Cindy.  You package made my day!!

I got a package from another blog reader, Karen in Utah.  She gifted me some lovely homespuns.  I have been collecting homespuns to use to finish some of my cross stitch pieces which I hope to get to at some point.  Oh, even being off of work, I wish there were more hours in a day.

The books were awesome.  They are working with Gannon trying to give some words so I’m going to be using them a lot with him.  They are perfect for what he needs.

Now, look at the homespuns.  The colors are fabulous!
I can see some of the prints working with some of the fall themed stitchies I have.  THANKS so much Karen these will be put to good use.

The next box got TOTALLY smashed in the mailbox.  TOTALLY.  The package was to big for the mailbox but the mail person shoved it in there anyway.  I’m sure it wasn’t my regular mail lady.

The box came from Carla in Odessa.  She has sent me boxes before.  They are always the best boxes.  They are totally full of scrappy goodness.  I’m guessing Carla must make crafts and sell them at crafts shows or gift them.

The scraps are often novelty prints and often are cut in the same shape meaning I looks like an apron or something like that was cut from the pieces.  The scraps are great and I just love digging through them.

I did grab some of the fabric from the box and made masks.  I so appreciate your thinking of me.

I so appreciate the goodies ladies.  You are all so kind.  I’m anxious to get some sewing time in…and planning time and dreaming time so I can dream up something to make with some of these scraps.  You’re the best.

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  1. Such a blessing! A a big shout out to the mail people who have to handle all that mail right now – plus helping people stay in contact!
    Love and prayers

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