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I am behind on my “in the mail” posts….  It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for the goodies.  It means I’ve been busy.  Kalissa worked a lot of hours last week so I had Carver later in the evening and when he’s here, I don’t sew…at least not productive sewing…and it’s hard to write blog posts too as he wants to touch the keyboard.  I’m not complaining.  I love having him….I’m just explaining.  Anyway…there is no good excuse why I’m behind…

This goody box came from Cheryl in Dallas.  Cheryl is so nice to me.  I live a little bit vicariously through her.  She goes to fun quilt shows..I stay home but I still end up with goodies from the show.  How fun is that???  Cheryl is blog reader so she knows just what to get me too.  She read that I’m collecting grays and grays is what she got…along with some John Deere fabric.  I’m eagerly awaiting Bonnie Hunter’s new book so I can cut into these grays.


Bette sent a big envelope full of fabrics that were passed on to her and she told me to keep something if I would use it or to pass the fabric along to someone who could use it.  The fabric that is in the upper right is so cute and there is a community helper panel that can be made into a book..How FUN!


The last box is from Kim in Tennessee.  She was thinking of the childcare kiddos for sure.  The box is filled with games and stickers for the kiddos.  They are so spoiled.  They love the stickers that look like stamps the best.  They are always wanting envelopes to make letters.


There was fabric in the box too.  How cute is that frog fabric??I think it will be the back of a quilt.  I need to measure how much is there.  It’s a good sized chunk so maybe I can use it as backing for one of the many quilts Marion in Tennessee sent to me.


I had to hide the Frozen stickers until I could cut a page apart into pieces as the girls will be CRAZY about them….anything Frozen is popular here!!

Thanks so much to all of you for thinking of me and the childcare kiddos.  You make the mailbox a fun place to be!!

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  1. Glad the box made it, and I’m also glad that you spend the time with Carver or your family don’t stress over not writing about it, the tracker # said it arrived. I think hugging that sweet boy is much more important. Enjoy

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