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I thought my mailbox would slow down with COVID-19 but so far, it’s hasn’t.  I can’t help but wonder if many of you are getting cleaning time and shipping things out.

I am always amazed at what comes my way…always in a good way.  Check this out.  This is an AMAZING cross stitch piece that isn’t finished yet….Oh my, it’s so beautiful.

Kareee from Utah sent it my way.  She was cleaning out a closet and decided that she isn’t interested in finishing it.  She thought I might or might be able to find someone interested in finishing it.

The chart and the thread are all included.

As much as I’d love to finish it, I have my own stash of projects kitted up and wanting my attention so I’m passing on this incredible project.  Is there anyone out there interested in finishing it?  If you are, drop me a note at  I can send it to you and you can finish it up.  It really is a wonderful piece.  I think everything it there to finish it…  I so hope we can find a home for it.  The work done it already is very nice.  It would be a shame to not find a home for it.  THE CROSS STITCH BRIDE HAS FOUND A HOME.  THANKS FOR CONTACTING ME.  (It was actually SUPER popular.  I had many offers)

The next box came from Jeanne in Tucson along with a long note.

The scraps were so fun.  I did some sorting and ended up with this…There is a stack of solid scraps…some bright prints..some grays I’ve been collecting…some batiks…some Mickey and some John Deere.  It was so fun to pet and sort.I trimmed some selvages off a few of the prints that had long ones and will be putting them in my selvage jar that I save for a blog reader.

It was so fun…I do have plans to make a John Deere quilt for one of my childcare boys so I started a collection with it.  I’m going to make it all scrappy with all different greens, yellows and John Deere prints.  I don’t know if I’ll figure out more a pattern or not, but for now, I know I’m collecting John Deere fabric.

Best news though…Jeanne said she’d take some quilt tops and finish them.  YAHOO!!  I have another longarmer on board.  PERFECT.

The next package came from Colleen.  Check it out…you can bet I squealed….It was more John Deere fabric!!  WOW..  I was so happy.

Colleen said she had a friend that gifted her fabric and she was gifting some along to me.  The yellow on top of the pile on the left is actually a bag her friend made.  I’ll be keeping that and use it for toys to go in.  That was so sweet.

The last box I’m telling you about today came from Ellie.  Who wouldn’t be excited whey they opened the box and saw this??

I don’t own a copy of The Quiltmaker’s Gift so this was so sweet.
The box was big and it was full!!  Ellie said that she was “generously gifted with mountains”…HA!!  She was passing things on.  That was so sweet.

There was a quilt top that I will be looking for a home for.  Anyone interested in finishing it.  It’s a bigger baby sized…perfect for a wheelchair lap quilt.
Rosie is getting so good at posing.  I laid the quilt top down and she went immediately there to pose.  
..just look at those eyes.

I’ve gotten so much fabric in that I’m bound and determined to limit what I keep.  I try to pick things that will get used sooner than later and things that are harder for other groups to use.  
Can you see the little piles I made?  There was Kaffe prints, a batik, some reds that I’ve been collecting, a bug novelty print, Dr. Seuss novelty print, scarps, grays I’m collecting and a smaller piece of Minke….

..and then I grabbed the calicos too.  Still not sure what I want to do with them…It will come to me. There were things for the kiddos.  We were in need of markers.  I’ve started cleaning a few things here.  The art supply things I had gone through and planned to buy more markers but hadn’t gotten that far so the timing was perfect.

There were 3 medium shirts in the mix.  I’ll pass those on the Craig.  He’ll be happy to get them.

Not only was the book The Quiltmaker’s Gift in the box…so was the book with the quilts from the book and patterns.  FUN.  There were cross stitch goodies that I’m holding on to.  Check out the cross stitch book with quilt blocks…I love it.  This is going to be my nightly bedtime reading material for a bit.  THANKS Ellie!

WOW…what a fun bunch of stuff!!

I can’t thank you all enough for brightening my mailbox with some fun goodies.  Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.

9 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I don’t know if you are aware that French General helps out with quilting supplies on the Navajo Reservation. They have a list of women who quilt blankets for their families, it’s called The Navajo Project on their website. They need supplies and have listed items they are short on. I went through some of my stuff last year and mailed boxes of quilt tops and fabrics plus needles and thread. This year in August hubby and I are going there in person to deliver much more supplies including bolts of batting. I received several lovely thank you letters from some of the women, they are so grateful. Just wanted you to know about the native Americans who need help too.

  2. What a nice group to bring to our attention, hedy. Hey Jo. Is that a pack of sewing machine needles in with the ti shirts? It caught my eye and now I’m curious what it is lol

  3. I absolutely love the book, The Quiltmaket’s Gift. You remind me of the main character in the book because you are so generous and kind. My humble opinion. ❤

  4. LaNan Eldridge

    I made all the little quilts featured in the Quiltmaker book for my daughter in law and she made it into a little play for her kindergartner class and each child had a quilt to hold up as she read the book. It was very cute. And then one little sweet girl asked me if i was really the quilt maker!!! Good memories!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    So many goodies I can understand your squealing when you opened a box with all the John. Deere prints. It looks like you’re going to have enough for an Awesome quilt to make some little boy or boys very happy. I’m so glad you share the fun and spread the goodies too.

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Just a marker hint – if you supply a glass of water the kiddos can dip markers that don’t work in the water and color for a while longer – it is surprising how much longer they work – not forever but the kids will like that experience too.

  7. Thank you for the link on the Navajo Project, I’m going to send them some items that need a new home. I do love how your blog brings us all full circle. Thank you Jo

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