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I had to laugh.  When I wrote my last “in the mail” post saying that I hadn’t gotten many packages as of late.  I pushed the button to schedule the post and guess what?  There was the mail lady with three boxes and the next day I got more.  Bahahaha….so much for being caught up.  That’s okay…I love it.

I got two boxes from Vicki.  They were mark box 1 and box 2.  I was a good girl and opened box #1 first.

Vicki’s card said that the first box was flannels and backings.  She was right….  I loved the hot pepper fabric.  I was calling it the flannel fiesta.

This came with perfect timing.  I was putting a flannel box together for my friend that does layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  The flannel is going on and will become diapers or receiving blankets.   My friend will be so happy.

What great backing fabric too!!

The second box…it was mostly CALICOS!!  Oh my word.  I think I’m going to need a bigger tote for my calico collection.  This is a lot of calico!!
Oh my…my life needs to settle down.  I need to retire.  I need time to get to these.  The fabrics are totally awesome.  THANKS so much.

There is a cute little print in there that says Raggedy Ann and Andy on it.  I was thinking of making the girl grandbabies dolls for Christmas.  If I do, I’m using that fabric for the aprons.  Oh my word Vicki, you were so right when you said you thought the second box was more exciting.

I really need to get serious about calicos!!

There were more packages…I feel like the infomercial that says, “But wait, there is more!!”

I can’t find a note with this.    It didn’t have a name in the return address so I’ve quit looking for a card and believe it to be anonymous.

There were fun novelty prints…

…and quilt tops.   How fun with the stripes and polka dots!!

This one shocked me…AMAZING!!

To really appreciate it you have to see it up close.

Yes, those are curved seams.  Impressive, right?

This next one is impressive too.    I laid it on the floor and Rosie came right over.  She already knows her job.
This is all baskets and flower blocks.  
Check them out close up.  How pretty.
These are already shipped off to a volunteer finisher.  She messaged me and said she was interested in some tops so I packaged these up they day they came in and off the went.

The next box came from Linda.  She was so sweet and even sent some money to help cover postage.  It is not necessary but so appreciated.

There was fabric in the box….

and QUILT TOPS!!  These are all looking for a volunteer to finish them.  This one has more green fabric with it.  I’m guessing another border could be added or use it for binding.

This is a baby quilt….super scrappy and fun.  
This one is a lap sized.  There is more of the green background fabric so if you wanted you could make more spider web blocks and make it bigger if your charity had specific size needs.  They are all lovely as they are but I do know some groups who are sewing for charity have to meet size guidelines.

WOW…thanks so much Linda.

If you are interested in finishing the quilts Linda sent, drop me an email at .   I’ll happily send them your way as long as you promise to send back pictures of the finished quilt, the name of the person who made the top and some info on where the quilt was donated to.

I can’t believe all the mail that came in over just the span of a couple days.  Watch for a post next week on the rest of the mail…WOW!!

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  1. They are Awesome makes me want to pull out machine and make someone happy. Hope you’re feeling good and Rosie is certainly doing a great job.
    God Bless you my friend,

  2. You are indeed fortunate. My guess is that you have at least a dozen calico quilts in your future. That is a lot of yardage.

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