In My Mail….

Remember last week I said I got a bunch of packages all at once.  This is the second helping of packages from then.

I got some wonderful packages….

The maker of this top is Paulette Horn.  She suggested it might be a Quilt of Valor.  I messaged my friend Doreen and asked her if her group would like it and Doreen quickly said she would.

I had laid it out when the childcare kids were here and they all oohed and awed over it.  They asked me who it was for and I told them someone who was a soldier will get it.  It is fantastic and it will do well to honor a veteran.

Paulette said she used a pattern from Quilted Twins.  Becky there has offered so many free patterns.  It’s wonderful.  This is a link to the specific pattern only.  This is a link to all of the free patterns.  If you haven’t been there before, grab a cup of coffee, you’ll be there a long time.

Stunning quilt Paulette…thank you.

Paulette also sent some blank greeting cards for my daughter Kayla  She is a teacher and has her students write thank you cards when a guest speaker comes for a visit.  She’ll always take blank and thank you cards.

The next box came from…Chris from MN…it was a FUN box filled with all sorts of goodies that I can add to my collections…see?

The box seemed little on the outside but once opened, it exploded into a lot!
There were African prints, Noah’s Ark prints…some nice browns to mix with them.
There were batiks, white based neutrals and other fun scraps….
My favorites…the Kaffe prints.  Floral ones are on the left and stripes on the right.  I’m collecting both so this was really appreciated.

It’s so sweet when people send me goodies…I think I’m going to end up with a Kaffe print quilt and I won’t have even purchased any fabric.  You guys rock!

The next box I couldn’t find a note.  I’m guessing none was included as there was no name in the return address.  This is a big box.

The box came from Michigan.  I started sorting all the things out and seriously…there was too much to sort for now and most of it is all novelty prints.  Looks like there will be novelty print quilts in the future!!

I got the note cards sorted out and the goodies but there really was no sorting to the fabric unless I knew a pattern to make.  Besides what was on the table, all of this was still in the box!!
I never know when things are sent to me if I can keep some or if it’s all meant to be passed on.  I’m guessing this I could keep as I said I was working on collecting novelty prints and then SURPRISE!!  A box shows up at my house.  I hoping I get a grandchild that likes to quilt with me.  This would be so fun for them to pick prints out of and play.

I did pull these things out right away…and the notecards.  I’m passing the notecards on to Kayla too.

The pins are awesome.  I’ve been needing to buy some.  I need to replace most of the long flat head ones I use with the longarm.  The heads break off so easily.  The color wheel…I love.  I’ve wanted something like that.

The fabric I have no idea what I’ll do with.  It’s all farm and cow fabric.  It’s really cute.  I’ll have to think on that.

There’s another box…WOW, can you believe all the mail?  This one I’m going to need some help with.  The package came from Omaha.

There were lots of things in the box.  There are nine of these blocks…so cute..hand stitched.  Oh they would made a cute little wall hanging or doll blanket.  I saved these back and will likely offer them up for auction here on the blog.  I know there are many of you who collect beauties like these…it’s win-win for us all, you get something you want and I get money to help cover postage.  I hope that’s okay with whoever sent them.

There were lots of cards and papers.  There is origami papers in there.  I have one girl here that is going to be thrilled with it.

The thing I need help with…this.  This bag.  I opened it up to see this….

…looked a little more to see this….

Dug a little deeper and found this….It is so pretty.  So pretty.

(look how good Rosie did.  This was the first picture I took.)

I looked some more in the bag to find this.  Oh my.  It’s a started quilt kit.

Isn’t it lovely?  Oh my word.  What a wonderful thing to be sending on.  It’s called Harriet’s Legacy.  The finished top is 99 x 99.  I believe everything is there to finish if and if for some reason it’s short a fabric or two, it’s so scrappy that most any Civil War reproduction print could be substituted in.

It would be a lot of work but is anyone willing to take this project on?  I will send it to you for free but you would need to finish it and donate on to charity.  If you don’t have a longarmer, I might be able to talk Cheryl in Dallas to take it on and donate it through her charity giving.  If you have someone that could long arm it you could donate it to a local fundraiser, a benefit or anywhere else that is a worthy cause.  This would great for a fundraiser.  I can see it making lots of money.  Okay.  I have to quit talking about it or I’m going to talk myself into finishing it!!  It’s really an awesome quilt.

I would ask that anyone tackling this send picture back to me of the finished quilt and tell us a little about it.  We are all curious what happens to these projects.

If you are interested, drop me a note at  I’ll happily send it out to someone.  I’m really wanting to see this finished.  If no one takes it…I’ll have to do it myself.  This is too pretty of a quilt to go to the wayside.

Thanks to everyone who sent goodies.  That was so very sweet of you.  It’s such fun opening boxes and sorting through the boxes.  There is always such a wide variety from novelty prints to UFOs to fabrics I collect.  I really appreciate your thinking of me.

8 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Stephani in N. TX

    Lots of fun fabrics and then goodies for the kiddos as well. Bravo for Rosie, she’s just so cute and right “at attention” to quilt duties. Love the Harriet’s Legacy, believe I might have the book this is in. Thanks for processing all these fabrics and possibilities. I did that for a few years for my guild with lots of “incoming” to be organized and then sent back out for quilt making.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The brown and tan quilt squares are they part of Harriet’s legacy of isit a different quilt. I made a sampler quilt with that kind of square plus a lot of others would live to finish a road to Oklahoma quilt I have some similar browns. It would be great for a boy.
    Oh yes I started making masks this week the ladies at church who see have gotten working together to make masks. A local hospital bought and kitted the supplies.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Hi Jo!

    Of course Cheryl in Dallas will gladly longarm the Harriet’s Legacy quilt if someone volunteers to finish the top. You KNOW me. I am currently working on quilts for a residential drug treatment program in Kentucky where 8 men and 8 women live for approximately one year. Alternately, I can longarm the quilt and return it to the piecer so she can donate it to a charity of her choosing. Maybe a fundraiser?!

    As of two days ago, Dallas County is on mandatory stay-at-home orders so I am in quilting heaven while this quarantine lasts.

    Hoping you and all your blog readers stay safe!

  4. What fun mail! Love all the fabrics and the quilt tops! You can tell everyone is using their home time to purge and organize! Rosie is definitely a cute model!

  5. What a haul! That quilt kit is awesome. I would love to say I could take it and get it done, but sadly, it would have to go on “the List” I have a couple quilts I am trying to get done for weddings this summer, if we’re even able to go to them. We are still going to work, apparently we are still essential.

  6. I think when people send you things, they want you to use for yourself what you want to use for yourself, and pass the other things on where they can be useful.

    Thanks for sharing your mail pictures — it’s always fun to see what people send!

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