In My Mail….

My mailbox has slowed down a bit….One week I got 6 packages!!  This week I got one.

That’s okay.  Maybe I can do better at keep track of things.  The box that came was big…and full.  No note was included so I can’t tell you anything more than that.

The box was packed!! Check out the goods.  I did my best to sort them….
Here’s a lot of blueish based ones…
This was interesting…a table runner kit.

There were browns, pastels, and the fabric in the bottom right seems to be all from a same fabric line.

Yellows and background prints….

I wondered if the stripe in the middle might be a Kaffe print.  I’ve been collecting strip Kaffe prints.  
There was a lot of fabric packed into those boxes.  I saved out the green princess fabric on the lower left thinking it will be pillowcases for the childcare kiddos.
I am so appreciative of the gift.  It was fun to get a package in the mail filled with goodies.

I do have to tell you how crazily my mind flies around when I get a box of goodies in.  It ping pongs all around.  I think things like:
-I should take that fabric I think is from a fabric line and quick makeup another baby quilt for Kalissa to take to the Ronald McDonald house when they go in April.
-I should use that green print and make pillowcases.
-I should take the print that’s by the green print and use that for a baby quilt backing.
-I should take that table runner kit and sew that up for a charity fundraiser…

The list goes on and on and then I have to reign myself in telling myself….SERIOUSLY, what can you REALLY get done.  Lately, not nearly as much as I used to which is a little sad and then I remember the happy faces of the people who I can pass some of this onto…then I remember the happy faces of the people who will get finished projects from it all..then I smile and happily pack some up to pass on.  Then I remember how happy I am to get a email with a finished project to share with all of you and I remember how much you all love to read about the charity quilts that are being made, finished and donated on.

I seriously do this EVERY TIME a package of fabric comes.

Although I didn’t get a lot of packages in the mail, I did get some letters and some a special delivery.  My friend Jean from Manchester Iowa was this way.  She gets her quilts machine quilted by friend Carla from Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  She had made a beautiful Quilt of Valor for her father and a fruit and veggie quilt that she was picking up from Carla.  She stopped by to show them off.  I should have gotten a picture as they were gorgeous but it was lunch time here and the kiddos where wanting to touch the quilts.  It was all I could do to keep them away from the quilts.

When Jean came, she brought flowers…see?

How cute are those??  I love the vase and the flowers are perfect.  I love shorter bouquets like this.  Sometimes tall bouquets I have a harder time finding a place for.  This was perfect and the kiddos loved it too.

As Jean left the kids were yelling buy and Carver yelled, “Thanks for showing your beautiful quilts to us”.  Boy, I do have a quilter lover in him.  I don’t know if Jean heard him.  It was completely unprompted.  PRECIOUS.

I’ve gotten some cards in the mail.

These came after I told you all that my cancer things are flaring up again.  I do have appointments on March 20th so hopefully we will know a little more after that.  I’ll keep you posted.

I so appreciate the cards and support.  I’m thankful that I’m not having terrible pain or issues that keep me from working and enjoying life.  If I have to have cancer, this is the way to do it….

It was so sweet of you to send cards and gifts.  It’s nice to know that people care.

The pink card came from the daughter of one of the farmers whose land that my husband Kramer used to work.  She told a fun story about Kramer eating vegetarian hot dogs one day when the family was gathering at the farm.  It was precious….and so sweet for me to read.  It’s sweet to know that his memory is part of the lives of other people, not just me and the kids.

So thanks to all who blessed my mailbox or my kitchen table with goodies.  It’s so sweet of you to think of me.

3 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Yep you have a quilter in the family. I was looking at the pictures of material (before I finished reading the blog) going this is cool those browns would make a great fun quilt, those yellows could be a baby quilt. I so enjoy seeing the things you get. Then you said that’s what you are doing. Such fun. Flowers are such a joy to give and receive. Thanks for posting all this.

  2. This one was from me – I sent you a follow up email because I found the nice note I wrote on the kitchen counter after I’d sent the box! Feel free to pass any of it on to people you think could use it!

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