In My Mail…

My mailbox continues to be a popular place…as is my doorstep.

I got a fun box from Deb in Owatonna, MN.  She lives close to my old stomping grounds.  I grew up in New Richland, MN and Owatonna was the shopping spot of us if we were going to a “bigger” town.  They had a Woolworth’s and I remember getting a pop at the eat shop they had.  When I got older that had shut down and I remember going to the movies there once I could drive.  I have lots of memories of Owatonna.  In fact as I kid I remember going Christmas shopping at the farm store in town.  Seriously, the only presents we got often came from the farm store.  It was all good though.

Anyway…back to the box that Deb sent.  I LOVE this bag.  I’ve finally made the switch and have been using reusable bags so this is perfect.  I have to admit, I won’t take a nice one like this to the grocery store though.  I love it!!

…and did you see there is a Kona card.  Oh my.  That’s PERFECT.  Kelli is going to want me to be sharing that for sure.

Here’s the other things that were in the box.
Goodies.  I am religiously using the shea butter cream.  My hands are in such terrible shape.  I have 4 kids here in diapers and washing my hands all the time between diapers, nose wipes, food prep and working with the dog have my hands SCREAMING in pain from dryness.  
I’ve been using the shea butter lotion religiously.  It’s been WONDERFUL.  I LOVE it.  I’m not to smart and am slow to put things together but I am wondering if Deb makes it.  I liked the lotion so much that I decided to see if I could find more.  I ended up going to Google and google led me to Etsy and Etsy lead me to Namarya Soap.  That’s where the lotion is…then I looked and the owner is from Owatonna.  So…Deb might be Namarya Soap or it might be someone she knows.  Regardless, I ordered more.  I actually order several of the lotions.  I’m keeping them strategically around the house and putting it on where ever I am and and whenever I think of it.  I haven’t tried the soap yet….soon though and I tried the lip balm too.  I’m so excited to try the others…if they are as good as the lotion, I’ll be sold on them to.  You can find the shop on Etsy HERE.  I recommend the lotion!!

Rosie loves her toy.  Isn’t she getting good at posing.  I’m so proud of her.
There were orphan blocks?  Do I have any takers for these?  The 30s print ones are all different.  I think there are 12 of them.  The other blocks on the right are all the same.  I think there are 10 of those blocks.  I’d love to pass them on to someone who make charity baby quilts with them…or would make more blocks and make a different sized charity quilt them.  If you’re interested, drop me an email at  **UPDATE these have a home.
There were things for the kids….Did anyone else have a spirograph like this.  I had one in the exact same box.  Oh I loved mine.  I never did get the hang of making them as amazing as the designs on the cover of the box.  I can’t wait to share it with my kiddos.

CUTE socks…sewing themed.  They made me smile.

WOW…I was so excited to see these…do you recognize what it is?  It’s leftover parts and pieces from Frolic the mystery quilt.  I did mine in the same colored batiks so now I have a double amount to play with.  I am going to come up with something with these.

Deb wrote in her note that she thought I might like the tool fabric.  She said that she only had granddaughters and never used it.  I do like it.  It make me think of Carver immediately.  He is obsessed with tools right now.  I think he’ll need a pillowcase from the fabric.

I liked the brown monkey fabric too.  I set that aside.  It’s small but there are little monkeys on there.  Kayla collects sock monkeys so Jasper will someday need that for a pillowcase.

WOW…that was a treasure trove of goodies….

But the boxes that came didn’t stop there.  Beth sent goodies.  She is getting ready for a move.  She doesn’t want to move it all…I don’t blame her.  Moving is a great time to “get real” with the things you have.  I wish I could “think” that I’m moving but not move but “clean” like I’m moving.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Seriously…I’d happily clean, sort and organize.  I just need time.  Anyway…on to Beth’s goodies.

There were TWO boxes.  There were LOTS of solids and some flannel.  The flannel was easy.  I passed that on to the gal I have that does layettes.  She’ll take all the flannel I can get her.  She makes diapers, sleepers and receiving blankets with it.  Yep..diapers out of colored flannel as well as white.
The solids I ended up putting in my stash.  I debated for a long about what I should do with them…pass them on or keep them.  I ended up keeping them.  I’d love to make another quilt like I made Scotty…this one.

That was made with all solids.  I loved making it.  Also, solids are nice to have on hand for bindings and inner borders.  I already used on of the solids for an inner border.

There were two bags of scraps.  I was so excited.  I saved the bag to kit up a couple cross stitch projects.

…the scraps…if you know me, then you guess what I did with them..right??

More scraps…

There were several quilt tops.  

There are two here.  They are laid side by side.  So cute.  I will never stop being amazed at how cute simple nine patch block quilts can be.
I LOVEd this next one.  SO-SO cute.  It’s all scrappy.  
I know many of you are charity quilters and need patterns that are do-able and cute and used scraps efficiently.  I took a picture of the block so you can get a better idea of how the block comes together.

Aren’t those kitties so cute??

Here’s another quilt top…Batiks?  YES please.

Beth was cleaning out shirts too.  There are a couple orange ones in there.  My collection I think is complete to make the Oregon or Bust quilt.  Now I need time.

Thanks so much Beth..I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.  If anyone would like to finish Beth’s quilt tops, drop me a note at  They would need to be donated on to a charity or benefit fund raiser or to a person who is in need.

Thanks so much Deb and Beth.  You made my day with the goodie boxes.

11 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I get a coupl,e of quilting magazines each month , and in flipping thru them discovered that I liked a couple of designs that I was drawn to, and really liked. After reading further, and looking closer, I found they were you and Kelly’s designs. Way to go ladies!!! LOVE AMERICAN PATCHWORK & QUILTING,!!

  2. I also do daycare and my skin is usually destroyed by this time of the winter. However, I switched to goat milk soap and it has completely saved my skin this winter. No cracking at all. I am so thankful I finally figured it out. Best Wishes Jo!!

  3. Thanks for the idea of the soap and lotion. Moving around a lot from one climate to another can really dry out my skin along with hand washing dishes, our dog and cats, you name it. Will look into it.
    Love and prayers

  4. I love seeing your mail!! Wonderful surprises. I have to check into the lotions — as my husband’s hands are extremely dry (working in his wood shop). Thank You so much. Also, will have to check out the magazines with you patterns. Love it all Hugs and Prayers to you.

  5. Those are some pretty cute socks and I think that tool fabric is perfect for Carver. You get the best boxes in the mail.

  6. I would love to finish those quilt tops for Hand 2 Help coming up on Confessions of a Fabric Addict! Whether to donate to one of the chosen charities or right here in my area! It would save me having to make tops to load on the longarm to quilt. I will drop you an email, too.

  7. I am frequently thinking the same thought, “ I need to clean out as a f I were getting ready to move” even though I have no intention of moving anytime soon. By the looks of my storeroom, I have a ways to go.

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