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I did so good last week.  I didn’t mess up a thing with my mail and mailbox posts.  This week I hope I can do as good.  Carver was here, he knock my stack of boxes over.  We picked it all with the hope that it was all together in the right boxes and that the right notes were with the right boxes.  Here I go…wish me luck that I got it right.

This was one of two huge boxes from the same person,  “J”  well I think it’s a J…it could be an “L”…that is all the note was signed as.  There was no return address on the box either. She has send other things before.  Today she writes that she has been hitting up estate sales and cleaning out her own things.

This is how things look at my house when boxes come.  The kids are always looking on.  They were thrilled with this box.

There were puzzles…

..and learning games….

and more goodies….
and more goodies.  Seriously, the kids played with the new toys that were in the box for about 3 hours in the morning.  They took turns and everyone got to play them all.
It made for a wonderful morning for me!

…as the infomercials say…BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!

To the left are hand stitched blocks, beautifully done.  To the right is a quilt kit.  I think a block of the month.

There were these amazing blocks.  Included were the papers and more fabric.

Look at them…AMAZING!!

There was another stack of hand stitched flower garden blocks too.  Oh my.
I talked to Kelli and we both didn’t know what to do with the hand stitched blocks.  We ended up deciding that we’ll auction them off here on the blog in a couple weeks and use the proceeds to go towards charity quilt postage.    Neither one of us will finish them.  Our sitting time goes to cross stitch projects.

Also in the box were a wall hanging….
…and this fun quilt.  It’s all stripes.
I’m not sure where these will go yet but I’m sure we’ll find a good home for them.

WOW…all of that from one blog reader!!

The next box is the box I can’t find a note for.  The outside of the box says Roxie…but this is one of the boxes that got tipped over that Kalissa picked up.  There was an empty box with it and that box had no return address.  AHH..Please forgive me.  I can’t remember which box it goes in.

This box was lots of cross stitch and a few other goodies.

Floss including a quality hoop and floss…a fun fabric panel too!!
Check out this horse quilt block.  How fun.  
There were lots of towels for embroidery…  I love the green stripes….There were embroidery books…

My favorite was this…I looked at that and thought, “Oh my…as a teen when I was first cross stitching, I would have been over the moon for this”.  
That’s when it hit me.  I should pass some of these goodies onto my great nieces.  The other day their mom said they were embroidering.  These things would be great for them!  They also ride horse!!’s perfect.

I emailed the mom and she said the girls would love it.  They are really big into 4-H and this would be perfect for trying out a new project.  YES!!  
The girls are going to be so happy.  THANKS so much for sending this my way so I could send some things on their way.  I can’t possibly use it all!!

The box had so many goodies…I don’t think I even got pictures of everything.  
How very special to be blessed by wonderful blog readers so I can pass the blessings on to my childcare kids and nieces.  THANKS SO-SO much!!

2 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I love how well behaved the kids were. How well they are sitting, wanting to touch things (the first picture) but they knew to wait. Then it was time share and play. You are doing a great job. Enjoy the kids and all of the goodies.

  2. Hi this is Roxie
    yep the horses and cross stitch and other stuff was from me. the pieced horse block I made a quilt out of it and had an extra block. Some of this was given to me a long time ago. was time to pass along. Enjoy your posts. I have sent before. I live in Utah but raised an Iowa girl. Cant wait to get back that way in May.

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