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Oh my….Can you believe I got 7 packages over the course of two days?  I surely couldn’t!!

I’ll have to split it all up into several blog posts one for this week and one for next.

My first package came from our vet.  I LOVE our vet.  She is truly the best.  I’ve had two dogs that have required quite a lot of vet work and she’s been with us through it all.  I drive a ways to get there but I can’t recommend Sara and the Postville Vet clinic more.  I’ve only had very good experiences there.

Here is what she sent….

Don’t you love the card…it says, “Ruby’s Tribe”.  There were a whole lot of us who really loved her.  The card was sweet with a nice message.  She included a book that I can’t quite get through reading to the childcare kids without getting a little teary eyed.

This is the book.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.
I highly recommend it for anyone who has a child who has lost a pet.  Thanks Sara!!

The next package came anonymously…Well I think it is anonymously.  I can’t find a card or and address.

The package was filled with…
all things I love…RED fabric!!!  and Kaffe fabrics…and a piece of green to add to my collection.
The bright Kaffe fabrics I adore!!  I’m starting to feel a red quilt coming on.  I have a pattern drafted but who knows when I’ll ever get to to it!

A small package came from Betty…well actually via Missouri Star Quilt Company but from Betty.  She sent me a cute little charm pack of Island Batiks.  How fun.

She had sent a note a few days before the package arrived.  It said that she got me a “little something” and it would be coming from Missouri Star.

This was just perfect.  For now, it’s going in my basket with charm packs.  I really need to design a charm pack quilt.  THANKS!!

The next package came from Melissa in FL.  The outside of the package said to Jo and kids.  It had some great goodies inside.

I know my school aged kids are going to be so excited about this awesome paper.  It’s big and oversized.  It has a place at the top to draw a picture and lines on the bottom to write a story to go with it.  
They play school often.  They love drawing and spelling words so this is perfect for them.  I opened the package after they all left.  It’s a Friday as I write and now I have to wait until Monday to show them…bummer.  They will love it.

Also in the package were lots of things Mickey Mouse themed.  To the left is a set of washcloths that are Mickey…then Mickey fabric too!!  I lot the red.  I can imagine cutting the Mickey heads out and using them for the center of a block…Hmm…

There was also a fabric with peas.  I do want to make another food quilt at some point.  Wow, what fabulous things we are sure to put to good use.

More boxes…this one was from Karen in Indiana.  It was filled with fun!

Here are the non crafty goodies.  
Did you notice the purple cell phone.  I’m afraid to put the one out.  I think the girls will be a scuffle over who can have that one.  Purple is the favorite color around here even more than pink.

Check out these fun flannels and brushed cottons.  The trucks…CUTE.  The letters way cute too!!
These were all neutrals.  I have to say the top one is my favorite.  It says “twinkle twinkle little star” and “I love you to the moon and back”.
I loved this little print with the alphabet.  I pulled it out to give it a look.  It’s so-so cute.  Check out the “D is for Dog”.  Sadly, it doesn’t have the whole alphabet.  It’s so cute though that I don’t think it’s a big deal.

There was a nice variety of other fabric too.

The surprise at the bottom of the box…THESE!!
Remember the ABC panel from Quilted Twins?  Find that HERE if you missed it.Karen read about my drama and gifted me some more panels.  She says she hopes I come up with a good pattern to inspire her.  Oh no!  Now the pressure is on.

Best of all, Karen sent a note.  She got a Lenni APQS Longarm.  She volunteered to do a couple quilt tops for charity as she practices with her machine.  YAHOO!!  As I said, BEST NEWS OF ALL!!  Thanks Karen.  Watch for a package to be coming once I get everything all sorted.

Thanks everyone for sending all the goodies.  I continue to be surprised and amazed at all the  things that come in my mailbox.  What an amazing bunch of people you all are!!


3 thoughts on “In my Mail”

  1. I love the pea fabric. When my son was young, he always said that I put peas in everything I cooked! (He didn’t like peas!) When I got back to quilting several years ago, I had a bunch of pea fabric that showed up in almost all my quilts–I almost called the blog I began writing “Peas in Everything.” :)

    Enjoy all the goodies.

  2. What wonderful things you get, Jo. I remember that paper from grade school. Even down to the smell and feel of it! Isn’t it strange the things a picture can pry from our memories?
    And the fabric! I have a thing for words on fabric. They just call to me!

  3. I finished listening to this book today-The Last Year of the War by Susan Meissner today. I think you will enjoy it. I sure did while I was quiltng a quilt to send to Tanzania.

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