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My mailbox continues to be a place filled with more goodies than bills.  I love that.  Admittedly, I think it’s partly because I’ve gone paperless to autopay on as many things as possible.  I did that last spring as much as possible after Kramer got sick.  I didn’t want to risk any bills being late.  I’m so glad I took the time to do that….but onto what’s in my mailbox.

This wonderful package came from Marie.

There were goodies for the kiddos…
..and fabric for me.  Hmm.  There were lots of batik project leftovers.  They had me curious and I was going to start counting and seeing if I could come up with a project idea and then I had to stop myself.  I was writing blog posts and can’t take another project right now!!  Ah…so tempting though.

But speaking of tempting…that elephant fabric is fabulous.  I love, love, love it!!  Just precious.

There were white based neutrals in the box.  YAHOO!!  I love white based neutrals.  Marie included a note that said with the scraps, maybe I wouldn’t have to cut into my yardage so soon. She is absolutely right.  Any time anyone what to send white based neutrals, I’ll be a smiling girl.  I go through so many!!

These two caught my eye….  I definitely would have bought these in the store.  Both are a little creamy but that’s perfectly fine.  I love them.

The sweetest thing of all…Marie wrote a note and in it she said, “Your blog is such a treasure, like having a friend coming over to talk and visit”.  Aw…that was so special to me.  Thanks Marie!!

My next package came from Robin in LA.  It was a fun box for sure.  I opened in and was immediately excited.

Check this out.  This is all scraps and they are packaged according to color.  Oh my word.  I was thrilled!!  

These packages will immediately go in my totes that I’m used to save for specific quilts.  GRAY..YES!!  Greens…YES!  White based neutrals, any day and every day!

Scraps make me so happy.  Seriously.

Speaking of happy.  These are goodies for the kids.  I put some away immediately…
and others I left out.  I pulled an activity for the kids that will used some of them right away.  How fun.
HERE is a link for the craft in case any of you want to do it with the kids in your life.

The next box came from Carla in Odessa.  You might remember Carla has sent me so many boxes of goodies.  She must be on a cleaning streak which is fabulous.  One person’s trash is another ones treasure!!  Carla makes that statement so true for me.

When I opened the box I saw it was flannels on the top….

I dumped it out to discover the whole box was flannels.  The ladies in Cresco make lots of quilts with flannels so I think I’ll be passing these on to them.

What a big pile!!

Carver was here when the box came and he was all excited about the monster fabric.  What a cute picture!!
Connie sent a card I had to share with you and it made me really laugh!

Isn’t that funny…and so true for many of us!

Thanks everyone for being so sweet to me.  I tried a new system of keeping the packages straight and it worked.  Hopefully I can keep it up!!

7 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. Marie was so right, your blog is like a visit from a friend!!! I do love visiting you almost daily, you are such an inspiration!

  2. I agree with Marie and Paula… love reading your blog each day. It feels like you are sitting and talking with your friends. Thanks for including the llama craft. So cute! ❤

  3. Judith Fairchild

    In an earlier post you mentioned you have 2daughters wanting to get their Masters in nursing and wanted to know where to get scholarships. I have a niece with her master’s. So I asked my her mother and they got back to me for your girls to start with FAFSA that’s government grants. not loans! Also to check the schools they are planning to sign up with. There is generally a person. In human resources that has a list of scholarships and grants available who will work with your girls to get the help they need. I didn’t get past my L.P.N. as I wanted to work with people not paperworkbut I got the grants I needed for my schooling. Each semester.

  4. I agree with the others. I look forward a couple of times a day to see if you have posted a new blog post. Thanks for sharing and I got a belly laugh out of that card from Connie. Thank her for us.

  5. I wake every morning to have coffee with my friends. It is how I start my day!! Great mail ! And I love the card….so funny and so true!! Just 25 more to go!!! LOL

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