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I thought the mailbox rush I had was due to all of you heading to the post office to mail Christmas packages and you figured being you were going to the post office anyway, you’d take a box along for me or the kids, but the mailbox frenzy has continued into the new year.

I got a box of very nice baby quilt tops from a blog reader Maryanne in PA.  They are wonderful.

I didn’t take a picture of every one of them but I did a couple.  I know others of you who are charity quilters like to see so you can get ideas of patterns to make that aren’t complicated.  This is a charm pack quilt.
This next one is very nice but simple.  I think the colors kind of washed in the photo.  The backing for it is perfect.

This is a fun eye spy.

Do you see the tractor??
Thanks so much.  I forwarded these all on to Ronda so watch for them to be featured in the Thursday morning community quilt post.

I got goodies anonymously from a blog reader…or rather my childcare kids did.  I got one sticker filled envelope one day…

…and got another a day or two later.  I’m thinking it’s from the same blog reader.  The handwriting is so similar.

I think I’m going to do an eye spy activity with the kids with these stickers.  There are so many different ones!  THANKS!!

My mind crazily works that way…I see eye spy quilts and then I see stickers and then I’m making sticker eye spy projects with the kids.  Oh my.

I got a card from Patti.  She’s a local gal and has been so sweet to me…again.  It’s a card congratulating me on a new BFF…”Best Furry Friend”.  Ha!!  So cute.  She included a gift card to Wal-mart.  I’m going to get a couple of the chew bones for her.  Rosie needs something to entertain her when she’s in the kennel.That was so sweet Patti.  Thanks for thinking of me.

I got another box from Carla in Texas.  She’s the gal that has been sending me all the awesome scraps.  I shared some of those scraps with my friend Jean the other day.  She is making eye spy quilts and needed some fun novelty prints. It’s so expensive and time consuming to go to the fabric shop and get 1/6 of a yard cuts.  I told Jean to come and over and I’d share the bounty that Carla sent.  Seriously, Carla sends the best novelty prints.  Jean was so excited.  Thanks for making her day Carla.

Anyway, this time Carla sent this…batting scraps!  A box was jam packed FULL!!  I opened it and it POPPED up kind of like a Jack in the Box!!

How fun!!  It sure was a surprise!

I got a fun box from Jean S.  You might remember some time ago Jean made an awesome bag made from selvages for me.  The outside was made from selvages that were pieced together and the reversible side was made from orphan blocks.  I used the bag constantly when Kramer was back and forth to the hospital.  Now it’s the bag I take as my reusable bag when I am thrifting.

Since then I have been saving selvages and gifting them to Jean.  She was so sweet and made bags for my girls.  Here is Kalissa with her’s.

Jean’s pattern is so nice as they are reversible.  Kalissa has nurse fabric and pink fabric on the inside of hers for her ThePinkShoelaces Blog.

Kelli’s had nurse fabric on the reverse.

Kayla’s has food fabrics on the reverse.

Jean makes the handles the perfect length so it can still go over my shoulder with a coat on.  I love it.

Jean didn’t end there.  She included other goodies.  Check out the fun farmish fabrics.

Fun novelty prints….and more cow fabric!!
Calicos and princesses and Iowa Shop hop fabric.  I had some of the Iowa fabric and had used it all up.  I’m so happy to have more.  

She sent awesome bedtime reading magazines…They are Just Cross Stitch magazines.  PERFECT!

I’m putting all the crochet books in Kayla’s bag and taking them to her when she has the baby.  I’m sure she will love paging through them while she is adjusting to motherhood.

That was so sweet….THANKS so much.  If you’re a selvage collector but don’t use them, I can hook you up with Jean.

While I’m talking about my mail…I noticed in the comments Virginia said, “If you are all caught up, that’s too bad. It means the flat rate box I sent you got lost somewhere along the way. :-(

UGH.  I looked through all the boxes that were in my recycling and there is not a box from anyone named Virginia.  I’m not the most organized person in the world but boxes stay in my laundry room, or the dining room table if there is overflow, until I write a blog post about them.  That is a rule I’ve made with myself.  There are no boxes either place.  From time to time the boxes will be open on the kitchen table and one of the kids will come home and plop boxes on other boxes with no care as to whether they get mixed up or not.  But the boxes don’t leave those two areas.  I do not remember seeing the name Virginia on a box either.  I personally believe no box came here.  That stinks.

Donna wrote back to Virginia in the comments, “to Virginia: Jo did not comment on my gift either. We have to remember she said that things got a bit mixed up during the Holidays with everyone helping her with the mail. Maybe our goodies got into another box.
to Jo: thank-you for doing what I don’t have the time to do or I am not organized to do. Happy Creating.
Donna from Upstate NY

I do believe I did get Donna’s box…I believe I wrote about it in THIS blog post.  You’ll have to check it out Donna and let me know.

So sorry for all the confusion.  I really do try my best.  Thanks to all who sent goodies…and as of my writing this on Saturday, I am caught up again.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. Virginia Grenier

    Virginia here (the one whose flat rate box is MIA). I have a feeling that it never made it to Jo and that it got lost in the mail somewhere with the Christmas rush and all. Too bad.

  2. Virginia…Did you get a tracking number on your receipt when you paid for postage? I do when I send packages. Never had to use it though.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my , lost boxes aren’t fun at all check with your post office Virginia they may have an idea of what has happened to it. The baby quilts and materials are just fabulous. I’m getting caught up with the new babies in our family. And now two weddings coming up. The fun just keeps on growing.

  4. thank-you from Donna in NY. Thanks for looking. I was trying to help Virginia out a bit. I also checked. Yes, you commented about my box on 12-27 which was busy day with my mom and a MD appointment for her. All is good with her. It was just a busy day and post Christmas.
    Happy Creating.

  5. Have hope and faith-maybe it got stuck behind a counter or bin or seat or mis-delivered and the neighbor hasn’t figured it out yet (just saw a flosstube where the neighbor was out of town for 2 weeks and then the missing package was found). Your post makes me wish for a snow day or two to get some things finished up or organized in my basement sewing room. None in the next 10 day forecast. :)

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