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I’m working hard to get caught up on my mail posts.  I try to only do one a week but this week, I’m doing two…and then I might be caught up.  I know people who send things wonder if I got the packages if I don’t try to write in a timely fashion.  On the timely part, I often fail.  This time was especially not timely.  My apologies.

Melanie sent this package.  It wasn’t a huge box but oh my, it was packed with things.   Do you see what I see??  KAFFE!!

Like I said..the box was packed!

Here’s the goodies….Golf fabric even.  It always amazes me all the different themed fabrics that are made.  I love the green with the boxes and the stripes.  In my opinion, striped bindings are best!!
Check out this fun fabric.  It’s all quilting themed.  I think this is destin to be a pillowcase…There’s just enough of the diagonal stripe and the one in the background to make one.  PERFECT!
I’d love to gift one to Connie.  She make pillowcases for everyone.  Seriously, I don’t know of anyone who has made more pillowcases than Connie.  If I know her, she probably doesn’t keep one for herself either!!

Here’s more fun fabric.  I’m guessing the fabric on the fight was bought in a bundle.  It is all very similar prints but different shades.
Now check out the fabric that looks like British flags but colored differently.  The blue and yellow are panels with the same blocks but the blocks are different colored.  I’ve never seen fabric like that….seriously, FUN.
When I said the box was packed, I wasn’t teasing.  All this was in there too…See?
This was all number or letter fabric.  So fun.  You all know how much I love that!!
These prints are so fun.  I would never buy fabric like this at the quilt store but I’m starting to wonder WHY NOT??  It’s so cute.

Of course I had to swoon over the Kaffe fabrics.  I’m eager to really dig into these.

Megan also sent some money for the postage for the charity quilting project.  How sweet!  Thanks so much for thinking of the charity quilting project.

I got a package from Debbie…You might remember Debbie.  She is originally from Oelwein which is south of my house and we have met up for lunch a time or two when she’s home visiting her dad.

What a fun package!!

Do you see what I see??  CALICOS.  I started collecting them a while back.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to make with them but whatever it is, with those fun bright greens, it’s going to be something!  
I’ve thought about what I want to make several times.  I think my real goal is to make a fun quilt so people don’t look at fabric as “dated”…that it can still be used and make eye appealing quilts.  We’ll see.

In the bag were scraps…and goodies for the kids.  Notepads, stickers and envelopes.  They think it’s such a treat if I let them take a notepad home.

I love their excitement over little things.  It reminds me that I want to keep being excited about little things too.

The next box, it think, was sen to me by someone who went online and found me because I mentioned using novelty fabrics…she had collected novelty prints and made quilts for family but now is moving the novelty fabrics on.  I’m the lucky gal she sent them too.

Check out all of the novelty prints.  How fun!!
I have to tell you on the same day I opened this box, my friend Jean said to me that she was hoping to make a new style of novelty print quilt.  You might remember Jean is the one who came up with the idea for the cool food quilt.  (read about HERE if you missed that)

Well Jean has a goal to make several quilts to gift this year and has started shopping for more novelty prints.  Most of the time, a person only needs a small amount.  Jean said she was purchase 1/6 yard cut.  Well there is enough here to share so I set this aside and am going to see if Jean can use any.

Aren’t the old phones fun??
I’ve not shopped much for novelty prints so it’s a real treat for me to see all the different themed prints.
This was in the box too.  I’ve started collecting 30s prints.  I’ve loved them for a long time.  I’d love to make a quilt with them.  I also have been collecting thinking if I make doll clothes one day, these would be good prints for them.
I also LOVE the Christmas print on the left.  Those are colors that I really like.  I checked the selvage.  It’s from Basic Grey from Moda….of course.  I think she’s one of my favorite fabric designers.

There was room in the box and the gal that sent the fabric read the blog to know I do charity quilts…so she sent two.

So many quilts have gone on to Tanzania.  I think I’ll try to finish these two up and see if I can find someone to bind and donate them.

Aren’t they both so cute??  I sure think so.

Thanks to all of you ladies for sending goodies my way.  It’s so nice to be supported and appreciated.

13 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. I would love to finish the children’s quilts and donate them to my local chapter of Project Linus. We process at least 500 per month, so you can see there’s a great need locally. Thanks, love your blog.

  2. Virginia Grenier

    If you are all caught up, that’s too bad. It means the flat rate box I sent you got lost somewhere along the way. :-(

  3. Jo, these are beautiful fabrics! I love the little black cats. You didn’t mention the dark colored roll with the JoAnn remnant wrap around it at the bottom of the “flag” fabric photo. It’s the sixth picture from the top. I can see a PIG shape to the left of the wrapper!! I’m wondering what other shapes are hidden in those dark and flame colored markings.
    Enjoy dividing up your haul! It will go to good use.

  4. The fabrics on the right in the 5th picture are Fossil Ferns from Benartex, designed by the late Patricia Campbell of Jacobean Appliqué fame. It’s still being printed, a very popular fabric. I love it.

  5. to Virginia: Jo did not comment on my gift either. We have to remember she said that things got a bit mixed up during the Holidays with everyone helping her with the mail. Maybe our goodies got into another box.
    to Jo: thank-you for doing what I don’t have the time to do or I am not organized to do. Happy Creating.
    Donna from Upstate NY

  6. What a bunch of fun fabrics! I love to see the variety since a lot of these I would never even look at in the stores or online! Thanks for the eye candy!

  7. That looks like a wonderful bunch of fabric Jo! I would be doing the happy dance and my creative mind would be going crazy…LOL
    To all the ladies that are so generous, you are a bunch of fabric angels!! Big Hugs to all of you!!
    Have fun going through all the goodies and donating what you think others can use. Jo, you are such an inspiration to me every morning when I get up with my coffee to read your blog. Just wished I lived closer. Would love to meet for lunch one day.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. What wonderful boxes and I also impressed with how many themed fabrics there are! I’ve never seen watch fabrics and those telephones are super cute. Looking forward to what you decide to make with all those calicos.

  9. I guess they were cleaning out their sewing rooms for 2019! It is amazing the fabric we accumulate. And we know you will find a good use for it.

  10. So glad you like the calicos. I have had them forever and I’m happy to have you have some fun with them. Can’t wait to see what you create.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    What fun to read this blog we never know what’s going to show up. The materials you got were so good. Lots of upcoming fun. Thanks for posting the goodies.

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