In My Mail

The mail service has been busy dropping off goodies at my house.

I had gotten an email from the postal service saying a package was going to be delivered from Ila.  That always has me interested!  Then a short time after that came an email from Ila….and then came the box of cross stitch magazines!

Ila said that she had a friend cleaning out stuff and didn’t want these anymore.  Ila thought of me.  The box was full to the brim.


Some of the things in the magazines are dated…like this sweatshirt.


Other things are classic like the project below done in red.  WOW!


These came at the exact right time.  Hubby had been in the middle of chopping earlage.  For those of you don’t know, earlage is like silage only they use less of the corn stalk…and for those of you who don’t know what silage or earlage is, it’s when farmers harvests corn to feed cattle.  The stalk with the ear of corn intact is run through a chopper and cut into small pieces.  Farmers put it in silos, bags or bunkers and feed it over the course of the year.

Anyway….When Hubby starts harvest I’m always a little excited.  I don’t have to fix supper…I get more time to myself.  Then about the third day into it, I remember why I hate harvest.  I miss him.  The extra work I do to take care of him is well worth having him here.  All of you who live alone, how do you do it?!  It’s entirely too quiet for me.  Well the magazines came on the third day so I ate my supper while paging through magazines.  It made the time much less miserable….in fact, it was even tolerable.  I was able to laugh at some of the old styles and dream about stitching some of the classics.  THANKS Ila…as always you knew just what I needed.

Another box came in the mail…this one was from Sue M in Burl, Iowa.  Check out all the goodies….mail-53
The best part of all was that Sue wrote a note!  I had to really smile when I read it.  Sue was thrifting and after seeing some of the thrifted fabrics I’ve found she decided to check and see if she could find some thrifted fabric too.  She did.  She found the blue fabric in the photo on the bottom right.  How fun!  It’s a really big chunk and I’m hoping there might be enough for a charity quilt backing.  Now if the right top gets donated that would be perfect.  The other fabrics in the mix were given to her and she didn’t think she would use them.  I’ll certainly find a home for them!!

Thanks so much Sue.  I appreciate your thinking of me and the charity quilt project!!

I have another charity quilt loaded on the frame now.  I’m not setting the world on fire with my speed but slowly, I’m tackling them.  Getting help to provide backings makes it all easier.

I am a little behind on my mailbox related posts….another one will be written soon!  My mailbox really does run over with goodness.  THANKS!!

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  1. The dinosaur fabric and all those working trucks are super cute pieces, lucky you. I don’t seem to find much in the thrift stores for fabrics.

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