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Between some Christmas shopping, my ordering a few things as the sales this time of year are so good, and you all sending me goodies, my poor mail lady had a work out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In the rural area where I live our postal carriers are wonderful.  If my mail doesn’t fit in the mailbox, they bring it in my garage and set in on the step that goes into the house.  How cool is that for me??  The best part about it, she never has a grumpy face when she has to do it.  She’s the sweetest.

Anyway…onto my goodies.  This package came from Cheryl in Minnesota.  Cheryl has sent me things before….like Kaffe scraps.  She spoils me.  This was a fun package….
When I opened it a friend of mine was here.  She said what are you going to do with those cut triangles.  I smiled and said likely sew them into half square triangles.  It looks like they are matched together.  We’ll see.  These often get cut down into smaller triangles too.

Don’t you love the color combo of this next group of scraps?  I sure do.  The blue and orange look great together.  
A big bag of embroidery floss came from Jean in WI.

There was lots.

Kelli was here when this bag came.  She quietly said, “Mom, you got the last batch of floss.”  There was a question in her voice.  I did get the last batch so I passed this on to her.  She was so excited.  THANKS for making her day Jean!!

This fun box came from Cindy in Texas….check out the address.  I knew from that it was going to be so fun to open.

Oh my…goodies galore!

Fun little wooden sets for the kids.  They tore into the food set.  I’ve needed some food things so this was perfect.

STICKERS!!  I sorted through them and put some of the “out of season” ones it season totes I have and we’ll enjoy them later.  The Christmas ones stayed out.
I kept these out too!  In fact, the snowglobe ones came at perfect timing.   We made them  immediately and the kids are gifted them to their parents for Christmas.  THANKS so much.  This made my life so much easier with one less craft to organize.  It was so appreciated.
The reindeer masks we made right away too.  I saved the snowflakes to use in January as we didn’t have snow at Christmas time here.

A cookbook came for the girls.  Both Kelli and Kalissa have been trying to get a little more organized and cook more on their days off.  I think being a nurse working 12 hour shifts forces them to want to do that.

How cute the return address just said “Merry Christmas”.

I believe it says it’s from Jamie.

Inside of the cover it says “how to fix and freeze 12 meals in a day”.  I have to admit, I’m taking it to bed with me one night and paging through it before I pass it on.  Currently my freezer space is limited but once I get them cleaned out, maybe the girls and I can have a cooking day!!

Darlynn sent a package that was really fun….I never know what to expect opening packages and that’s what makes it all the more fun.

There were goodies for the kids…envelopes and a cell phone.  There was an orange shirt for me…YAHOO!!
There were fabrics including yardage of two batiks, a yellow and smaller cuts of the closed two.  
Darlynn also sent this really cute sweatshirt dress.  It’s super cute.  When the girls are home next we’re going to play fashion show and see who the lucky winner is.  I am guessing it will be Kayla.  It will be perfect to hide a post pregnancy tummy.

Jean delivered a gift.  You might remember Jean from Manchester.  She was up just before Christmas to pick up a quilt she had machine quilter by my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  She stopped by my house as she was so close.  She stopped by a little gift too.  The perfect gift for me…stationary and list pad.

It’s my first Rae Dunn item.  Kalissa squealed when I opened it.  She really wants to start collecting Rae Dunn.  If you don’t know, Rae Dunn makes items, lots of stoneware that has words on them.  All of them have the same “font” for the lettering.  We had to explain “Rae Dunn” to the guys and then Karl said, “All the hype over a font”.  Hmmm.  Yes, I guess so.

The gift was perfect for me.  How thoughtful…thanks so much.

You all were so sweet to think of me.  It always amazes me that you seem to know just what to send and gift.

4 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. What wonderful treasures for sure, I think making 12 meals all at once would be a fun mom/daughter day. Happy New Year to you and all the Kramer clan

  2. This is Jean, the lady who sent all the embroidery floss. I just wanted to say I live in Wisconsin not Texas. However the 10 inches of snow we got yesterday may make me think about moving there. Enjoy the floss.

    1. Oh my word…I’m so sorry Jean. I have had the worst time keeping the mail all straight. The kids were here over Christmas and everything go moved around. It is my resolution to get better about mail.

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